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Barzooka is a deep convolutional neural network that screens publication PDFs and checks for bar graphs of continuous data and other common graphing issues. Many different data distributions can lead to the same bar graph and the actual data may suggest different conclusions from the summary statistics alone. Barzooka also detects more informative alternatives to bar graphs, like dot plots, box plots and histograms. This website shows the detection of bar graphs for continuous data in bioRxiv preprints. A screening pipeline retrieves new preprints on a daily basis and screens them for bar graphs for continuous data. Preprints with bar graph detection are highlighted (column 'parse status') as well as the detected pages (click on 'View results'). Future interventions are planned to inform the authors of preprints about better alternatives for bar graphs.

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The role of the orbitofrontal cortex in creating cognitive maps 2022-01-26 Not yet
#PeerReview from @eLife of ???????? Eco1-dependent cohesin acetylation anchors chromatin loops and cohesion to define functional meiotic chromosome domains 2021-09-25
#PeerReview from @GigaScience of ???????? Morphometric analysis of Passiflora leaves I: the relationship between landmarks of the vasculature and elliptical Fourier descriptors of the blade 2016-10-24
#PeerReview from @GigaScience of ???????? Toward A Reproducible, Scalable Framework for Processing Large Neuroimaging Datasets 2019-04-22
#PeerReview from @eLife of ???????? Divergent functional and conformational outcomes in an ion channel-peptide interaction 2022-01-24
#PeerReview from @eLife of ???????? m6A modifications regulate intestinal immunity and rotavirus infection
Verification of extracellular vesicle-mediated functional mRNA delivery via RNA editing 2022-01-26 Not yet
The endoplasmic reticulum membrane protein complex (EMC) negatively regulates intestinal homeostasis through the Hippo signaling pathway 2022-01-26
Songbird parents coordinate offspring provisioning at fine spatio-temporal scales. 2022-01-26
Study on gene knockout mice and human mutant individual reveals absence of CEP78 causes photoreceptor and sperm flagella impairments 2022-01-26 Not yet
Cell size homeostasis under the circadian regulation of cell division in cyanobacteria 2022-01-26 Not yet
LET-dependence of radiation-induced makers of Immunogenic Cell Death in human cancer cell lines 2022-01-26 Not yet
Derlin Dfm1 Employs a Chaperone Function to Resolve Misfolded Membrane Protein Stress 2022-01-26
Multiple Ciliary Localization Signals Control INPP5E Ciliary Targeting 2022-01-26 Not yet
Transcriptomics informs design of a planar human enterocyte culture system that reveals metformin enhances fatty acid export 2022-01-26
Whole-brain in vivo base editing reverses autistic-like behaviors in mice 2022-01-25
Aβ/APP-induced hyperexcitability and dysregulation of homeostatic synaptic plasticity in models of Alzheimer's disease 2022-01-25
Orphan nuclear receptors Err2 and 3 promote a feature-specific terminal differentiationprogram underlying gamma motor neuron function and proprioceptive movement control 2022-01-25
Biomolecular Tau condensation is linked to Tau accumulation at the nuclear envelope 2022-01-25
Lesion environments direct transplanted neural progenitors towards a wound repair astroglial phenotype 2022-01-25
MX2 viral substrate breadth and inhibitory activity are regulated by protein phosphorylation 2022-01-25 Not yet
Reduced inflammatory response and promoted multiciliated cell differentiation in mice protected by defective interfering influenza virus 2022-01-25
Human NLRP1 is activated by ZAKa-driven ribotoxic stress response 2022-01-25
Preclinical Characterization of Relatlimab, a Human LAG-3-Blocking Antibody, Alone or in Combination With Nivolumab 2022-01-25 Not yet
MiR-1253 Potentiates Cisplatin Response in Pediatric Group 3 Medulloblastoma by Regulating Ferroptosis 2022-01-25
Observing noncovalent interactions in experimental electron density for macromolecular systems: A novel perspective for protein-ligand interaction research 2022-01-25 Not yet
Potentially prebiotic synthesis of aminoacyl-RNA via a bridging phosphoramidate-ester intermediate 2022-01-25
Functional and structural deficiencies of Gemin5 variants associated with neurological disease 2022-01-25 Not yet
Transcriptional, post-transcriptional, and post-translational mechanisms rewrite the tubulin code during cardiac hypertrophy and failure 2022-01-25
HNRNPK is retained in the cytoplasm by Keratin 19 to stabilize target mRNAs 2022-01-25 Not yet
Mouse Nuclear RNAi-defective 2 Promotes Splicing of Weak 5' Splice Sites 2022-01-25
An efficient CRISPR-Cas9 enrichment sequencing strategy for characterizing complex and highly duplicated genomic regions. A case study in the Prunus salicina LG3-MYB10 genes cluster. 2022-01-25 Not yet
Human sialomucin CD164 is an essential entry factor for lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus 2022-01-25 Not yet
Exit from lag phase in populations of Pseudomonas fluorescens is determined by strong interactions among cells 2022-01-25
Metabolic strategies shared by basement residents of the Lost City hydrothermal field 2022-01-25
Live biotherapeutic throat spray for respiratory virus inhibition and interferon pathway induction 2022-01-25 Not yet
Biogenic methane cycling is controlled by microbial cohorts 2022-01-25
P38 kinases mediate NLRP1 inflammasome activation after ribotoxic stress response and virus infection 2022-01-25 Not yet
Two AGO proteins with transposon-derived sRNA cargo mark the germline in Arabidopsis 2022-01-25
Structural insight into antibody evasion of SARS-CoV-2 omicron variant 2022-01-25 Not yet
Binding of Human ACE2 and RBD of Omicron Enhanced by Unique Interaction Patterns Among SARS-CoV-2 Variants of Concern 2022-01-25
Structural Ramifications of Spike Protein D614G Mutation in SARS-CoV-2 2022-01-25 Not yet
The Existence of At Least Three Genomic Signature Patterns and At Least Seven Subtypes of COVID-19 and the End of the Disease 2022-01-25
Converting non-neutralizing SARS-CoV-2 antibodies targeting conserved epitopes into broad-spectrum inhibitors through receptor blockade 2022-01-25 Not yet
Modeling the longitudinal changes of ancestry diversity in the Million Veteran Program 2022-01-25
Pleiotropic enhancers are ubiquitous regulatory elements in the human genome 2022-01-25
Ecosystem gross primary productivity after autumn snowfall and melt events in a mountain meadow 2022-01-25
Emergence of glycogen synthase kinase-3 interaction domain enhances phosphorylation of SARS-CoV-2 nucleocapsid protein 2022-01-25 Not yet
The effect of COVID-19 mRNA vaccine on respiratory system: human lung carcinoma cells by means of Raman spectroscopy and imaging. 2022-01-25 Not yet
PPMO-mediated exon skipping induces uniform sarcolemmal dystrophin rescue with dose-dependent restoration of circulating microRNA biomarkers and muscle biophysical properties 2022-01-25
Non-uniform dystrophin re-expression after CRISPR-mediated exon excision in the dystrophin/utrophin double-knockout mouse model of DMD 2022-01-25 Not yet
The tyrosine phosphatase PRL regulates attachment of Toxoplasma gondii to host cells and is essential for virulence 2022-01-25 Not yet
Norepinephrine and dopamine contribute to distinct repetitive behaviors induced by novel odorant stress in male and female mice 2022-01-25
Prior exposure to speech rapidly modulates cortical processing of high-level linguistic structure 2022-01-25 Not yet
The rates of adult neurogenesis and oligodendrogenesis are linked to cell cycle regulation through p27-dependent gene repression of SOX2 2022-01-25
Impacts of development and adult sex on brain cell numbers in the Black Soldier Fly, Hermetia illucens L. (Diptera: Stratiomyidae) 2022-01-25 Not yet
Inference and Uncertainty Quantification of Stochastic Gene Expression via Synthetic Models 2022-01-25
LPS-TLR4 pathway stimulating in acute-on-chronic liver failure by promote NETs formation 2022-01-25 Not yet
Exploring repeats in rice genomes: Identification, Characterization and its Applications 2022-01-25
The chromosome-scale genome assembly of Jasminum sambac var. unifoliatum provide insights into the formation of floral fragrance
Historical records of plant-insect interactions in subarctic Finland 2022-01-25
L-threonine mediated DAF-16/HSF-1 activation inhibits ferroptosis and increases healthspan 2022-01-25
Nonsynonymous mutations in fepR are associated with Listeria adaptation to low concentrations of benzalkonium chloride, but not increased survival in use level concentrations of benzalkonium chloride. 2022-01-25
Choice of 16S ribosomal RNA primers impacts urinary microbiota profiling 2022-01-25
Computationally efficient assembly of a Pseudomonas aeruginosa gene expression compendium 2022-01-25
Characterization and identification of a novel daidzein reductase involved in (S)-equol biosynthesis in Clostridium C1 2022-01-25 Not yet
Biodiversity of the Genus Trichoderma in the Rhizosphere of Coffee (Coffea arabica) Plants in Ethiopia and their Potential Use in Biocontrol of Coffee Wilt Disease 2022-01-25 Not yet
Towards the identification and optimization of the "dose-response" relationship of transcranial direct current stimulation 2022-01-25
Visual uncertainty unveils the distinct role of haptic cues in multisensory grasping 2022-01-25
Template-based design of peptides to inhibit SARS-CoV-2 RNA-dependent RNA polymerase complexation. 2022-01-25
Similarity bias from averaging signatures from the Connectivity Map 2022-01-25
Structural changes in the SARS-CoV-2 spike E406W mutant escaping a clinical monoclonal antibody cocktail 2022-01-25
Substantial immune response in Omicron infected breakthrough and unvaccinated individuals against SARS-CoV-2 variants of concerns 2022-01-25
Close relatives of MERS-CoV in bats use ACE2 as their functional receptors 2022-01-25
Mutations of SARS-CoV-2 variants of concern escaping Spike-specific T cells 2022-01-25
Design of immunogens for eliciting antibody responses that may protect against SARS-CoV-2 variants 2022-01-25
The scotopic band: primate detailed scotopic vision and perceptual uncertainty 2022-01-25
Defects in DNA double-strand break repair re-sensitise antibiotic-resistant Escherichia coli tomultiple bactericidal antibiotics 2022-01-25 Not yet
Single cell sequencing reveals microglia induced angiogenesis by specific subsets of endothelial cells following spinal cord injury
DisGUVery: a versatile open-source software for high-throughput image analysis of Giant Unilamellar Vesicles 2022-01-25
High throughput RNA sequencing discovers symptomatic and latent viruses: an example from ornamental Hibiscus
Types of cis- and trans-gene regulation of expression quantitative trait loci across human tissues
Decoding the IGF1 Signaling Gene Regulatory Network Behind Alveologenesis from A Mouse Model of Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia
Light-controlled phosphorylation in the TrkA-Y785 site by photosensitive UAAs activates the MAPK/ERK signaling pathway
Environmental change alters nitrogen fixation rates and microbial parameters in a subarctic biological soil crust 2022-01-25
DciA helicase operators exhibit diversity across bacterial phyla 2022-01-25 Not yet
The Temporal and Contextual Stability of Activity Levels in Hippocampal CA1 Cells 2022-01-25
Two roles for choice selective inhibition in decision-making circuits
Impaired glutamate reuptake induces synaptic mistuning in rat hippocampal slices, that can be counteracted by ketamine 2022-01-25
Theoretical Principles of Enhancer-Promoter Communication in Transcriptional Bursting
Rhythm of The Night (and Day): Predictive metabolic modeling of circadian growth in Chlamydomonas
miniTurbo-based interactomics of two plasma membrane-localized SNARE proteins in Marchantia polymorpha 2022-01-25
Increased parasite load is associated with reduced metabolic rates and escape responsiveness in pumpkinseed sunfish host 2022-01-25
The central clock suffices to drive the majority of circulatory metabolic rhythms 2022-01-25
Cannabidiol increases gramicidin current in human embryonic kidney cells: An observational study
Dissecting Mutational Allosteric Effects in Alkaline Phosphatases Associated with Different Hypophosphatasia Phenotypes: An Integrative Computational Investigation 2022-01-25
FMSClusterFinder: A new tool for detection and identification of clusters of sequential motifs with varying characteristics inside genomic sequences
Genomics-based annotations help unveil the molecular composition of edible plants 2022-01-25 Not yet
Self-rectifying magnetoelectric metamaterials enable precisely timed remote neural stimulation and restoration of sensory motor functions 2022-01-25
Transforming chemical proteomics enrichment into high throughput method using SP2E workflow.
Genetic regulation of human aortic smooth muscle cell gene expression and splicing predict causal coronary artery disease genes 2022-01-25
Functional wetland loss drives emerging risks to waterbird migration networks 2022-01-25
"Holey" niche! Finding holes in niche hypervolumesusing persistence homology 2022-01-25
Cullin-5 regulates nuclear positioning and reveals insights on the sensing of the nuclear-to-cytoplasmic ratio in Drosophila embryogenesis 2022-01-25
USH2A gene mutations in rabbits lead to progressive retinal degeneration and hearing loss 2022-01-25 Not yet
A system-wide quantitative map of RNA and protein subcellular localisation dynamics
Broad-Spectrum Antimicrobial Potential of Crassula ovata
Hippocampal delta oscillations entrain neuronal activity, modulate gamma amplitude and convey information about running speed on a treadmill
A sparse set of spikes corresponding to reliable correlations is highly informative of visual stimulus on single trials
Multilevel Development of Cognitive Abilities in an Artificial Neural Network
Hippocampal fear engrams modulate ethanol-induced maladaptive contextual generalization in mice. 2022-01-25
Variability in sampling of cortex-wide neural dynamics explains individual differences in functional connectivity and behavioral phenotype 2022-01-25
The geometry of hippocampal CA2 representations enables abstract coding of social familiarity and identity 2022-01-25
Post-embryonic maturation of the C. elegans motor circuit 2022-01-25
#PeerReview from @eLife of ???????? Does the evolution of division of labour require accelerating returns from individual specialisation? 2021-08-09
#PeerReview from @ReviewCommons of ???????? OXSR1 inhibits inflammasome activation by limiting potassium efflux during mycobacterial infection 2021-04-21
Rubisco forms a lattice inside alpha-carboxysomes 2022-01-25
Identification of putative reader proteins of 5-methylcytosine and its derivatives in Caenorhabditis elegans RNA 2022-01-25 Not yet
LMM-MQM time series mapping - An application in a murine advanced intercross line identifies novel growth QTLs 2022-01-25
Correction of the scientific production: publisher performance evaluation using a dataset of 4844 PubMed retractions. 2022-01-25
Manganese excess and deficiency affects photosynthesis and metabolism in Marchantia polymorpha
The m6A writer FIONA1 methylates the 3'UTR of FLC and controls flowering in Arabidopsis 2022-01-25
Harringtonine has the effects of double blocking SARS-CoV-2 membrane fusion 2022-01-25 Not yet
Structure of ATP synthase under strain during catalysis 2022-01-25
Investigating the entropic nature of membrane-mediated interactions driving the aggregation of peripheral proteins 2022-01-25
Structural and mechanistic basis of σ-dependent transcriptional pausing
A human DNA methylation atlas reveals principles of cell type-specific methylation and identifies thousands of cell type-specific regulatory elements 2022-01-25 Not yet
#PeerReview from @eLife of ???????? Macrophage network dynamics depend on haptokinesis for optimal local surveillance
#PeerReview from @eLife of ???????? The Digital Brain Bank: an open access platform for post-mortem datasets
Forecasted trends of the new COVID-19 epidemic due to the Omicron variant in Thailand, 2022 2022-01-24
Predictive coding in ASD: inflexible weighting of prediction errors when switching from stable to volatile environments 2022-01-25 Not yet
Morphological analysis of human and mouse dendritic spines reveals a morphological continuum and differences across ages and species 2022-01-25
Species-informative SNP markers for characterising freshwater prawns of genus Macrobrachium in Cameroon 2022-01-24
Assembly and comparative analysis of the complete mitochondrial genome of three Macadamia species (M. integrifolia, M. ternifolia and M. tetraphylla) 2022-01-24
Initial assessment of the spatial learning, reversal, and sequencing task capabilities of knock-in rats with humanizing mutations in the Ass-coding region of App 2022-01-24
The sowing date changed the temperature and light conditions in the field modified the cadmium content of brown rice (Oryza sativa L.) by regulating the expression of Cd-related genes 2022-01-24 Not yet
Reactive Oxygen Species-induced Protein Carbonylation Promotes Deterioration of Physiological Activity of Wheat Seeds 2022-01-24
Crystal structure of an RNA/DNA strand exchange junction 2022-01-24
Proteostasis is differentially modulated by inhibition of translation initiation or elongation 2022-01-24
Evolutionary conserved aspects of animal nutrient uptake and transport in sea anemone vitellogenesis 2022-01-24
Ligand-independent modulation of GIPR signaling by splice variants 2022-01-24
Nasally-delivered interferon-{lambda} protects mice against upper and lower respiratory tract infection of SARS-CoV-2 variants including Omicron 2022-01-24
A bite force database of 654 insect species 2022-01-24
Becoming metrics literate: An analysis of brief videos that teach about the h-index 2022-01-24
Differences in durability of PARP inhibition by clinically approved PARP inhibitors: implications for combinations and scheduling 2022-01-24 Not yet
Significance of the RBD mutations in the SARS-CoV-2 Omicron: from spike opening to antibody escape and cell attachment 2022-01-24
The N764K and N856K mutations in SARS-CoV-2 Omicron S protein generate potential cleavage sites for SKI-1/S1P protease 2022-01-24
ArtSeg: Rapid Artifact Segmentation and Removal in Brightfield Cell Microscopy Images 2022-01-24
Does the impact of cultivar mixtures on virulence dynamics in Zymoseptoria tritici populations persist after interseason sexual reproduction? 2022-01-24
Global success in oyster reef restoration despite ongoing recovery debt 2022-01-24
Bacteriophage-derived dsRNA exerts anti-SARS-CoV-2 activity in vitro and in Golden Syrian hamsters in vivo 2022-01-24
Chemical-induced degradation of PreS2 mutant surface antigen reverses HBV- mediated hepatocarcinogenesis 2022-01-24
Lack of Ronapreve (REGN-CoV; casirivimab and imdevimab) virological efficacy against the SARS-CoV 2 Omicron variant (B.1.1.529) in K18-hACE2 mice 2022-01-24
SARS-CoV-2 Omicron variant virus isolates are highly sensitive to interferon treatment 2022-01-24
Host Chitinase 3-like-1 is a Universal Therapeutic Target for the Delta, Omicron and Other SARS-CoV-2 Viral Variants in COVID 19 2022-01-24 Not yet
Impact of decision and action outcomes on subsequent decision and action behaviors 2022-01-24
A retroviral origin of vertebrate myelin 2022-01-24 Not yet
Lysophosphatidic acid, a CSF marker in posthemorrhagic hydrocephalus that drives CSF accumulation via TRPV4-induced hyperactivation of NKCC1 2022-01-24 Not yet
Mathematical Modeling of Thyroid Homeostasis: Implications for the Allan-Herndon-Dudley Syndrome 2022-01-24
Integrating Math Modeling, Coding, and Biology in aCURE Lab 2022-01-24
The Hyaloperanospora arabidopsidis effector HaRxL77 is hypermobile between cells and manipulates host defence 2022-01-24
The Effect of Ethanolic Extract of Acacia Seyal Bark on Induced Diabetic rats 2022-01-24
Multi-omics analysis combining pyroptosis-related signatures for building a prognosis prediction model in hepatocellular carcinoma 2022-01-24
GAGAM: a genomic annotation-based enrichment of scATAC-seq data for Gene Activity Matrix 2022-01-24
The monosialoganglioside GM1a protects trophoblasts, erythrocytes and endothelial cells against complement attack 2022-01-24
Inversion of a topological domain leads to restricted changes in its gene expression and affects inter-domain communication 2022-01-24
Genome-wide analysis identifies Homothorax and Extradenticle as regulators of insulin in Drosophila Insulin-Producing cells 2022-01-24
Genomic instability caused by Arp2/3 complex inactivation results in micronucleus biogenesis and cellular senescence 2022-01-24
Relation between the number of peaks and the number of reciprocal sign epistatic interactions 2022-01-24
Assessing flower-visiting arthropod diversity in apple orchards through environmental DNA flower metabarcoding and visual census 2022-01-24
Mechano-signaling feedback underlies precise inner hair cell patterning in the organ of Corti 2022-01-24
Analysis of non-coding RNAs in Methylorubrum extorquens reveals a novel small RNA specific to Methylobacteriaceae 2022-01-24
Impaired ERK MAPK activation in mature osteoblasts enhances bone formation via the mTOR pathway 2022-01-24
Type IV pili is a critical virulence factor in clinical isolates of Paenibacillus thiaminolyticus 2022-01-24
The first horse gut microbiome gene catalog reveals that rare microbiome ensures better cardiovascular fitness in endurance horses 2022-01-24
Vaccinia virus attenuation by codon deoptimization of the A24R gene for vaccine development 2022-01-24 Not yet
Diet outweighs genetics in shaping gut microbiomes in Asian honeybee 2022-01-24
Multiplexed strain phenotyping defines consequences of genetic diversity in Mycobacterium tuberculosis for infection and vaccination outcomes 2022-01-24
Single cell profiling reveals functional heterogeneity and serial killing in human peripheral and ex vivo-generated CD34+ progenitor derived Natural Killer cells 2022-01-24
A novel neuroelectrophysiological age index implicates brain health and sleep disorders 2022-01-24
Imprinted genes Cdkn1c and Igf2 interact to promote terminal differentiation of adult NSCs 2022-01-24
RNA-Targeting CRISPR/Cas13d System Eliminates Disease-Related Phenotypes in Pre-clinical Models of Huntington's Disease. 2022-01-24
Reduced resilience of functional state transitions in patients with anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis 2022-01-24
A brain atlas of the camouflaging dwarf cuttlefish, Sepia bandensis 2022-01-24
PyRodentTracks: flexible computer vision and RFID based system for multiple rodent tracking and behavioral assessment. 2022-01-24
Regional mutational signature activities in cancer genomes 2022-01-24 Not yet
Delineate clonal dynamics of ovarian cancer initiating cells during pre-malignant progression using a mouse genetic mosaic system 2022-01-24
Probabilistic Learning of Treatment Trees in Cancer
Pan-cancer analysis reveals the prognostic potential of THAP9/THAP9-AS1 Sense-Antisense gene pair in human cancer. 2022-01-24
FiMO: Inferring the Temporal Order of Mutations on Clonal Phylogeny under Finite-sites Models 2022-01-24
A metric and its derived protein similarity network to analyze function-oriented ortholog 2022-01-24
A robust and fast two-sample test of equal correlations with an application to differential co-expression 2022-01-24
plotsr: Visualising structural similarities and rearrangements between multiple genomes 2022-01-24
Augmenting Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Coil with Magnetic Material: An Optimization Approach 2022-01-24
Variant to function mapping at single-cell resolution through network propagation 2022-01-24
Marine invertebrate diversity and distribution; the evidence of human activities in Rommel Bay 2022-01-24
Structural basis for the neurotropic AAV9 and the engineered AAVPHP.eB recognition with cellular receptors 2022-01-24
Reversal of obesogenic feeding and hypometabolism by a bifurcating GABAergic neural circuit 2022-01-24
Latent circuit inference from heterogeneous neural responses during cognitive tasks 2022-01-24
Rapid Selectivity to Natural Images Across Layers of Primate V1 2022-01-24 Not yet
Single-molecule nanopore dielectrophoretic trapping of α-Synuclein with lipid membranes 2022-01-24
Nascent Polypeptide Associated Complex-alpha and Signal Recognition Particle are required for cardiac development and remodeling 2022-01-24 Not yet
Multi-color dSTORM microscopy in Hormad1-/- spermatocytes reveals alterations in meiotic recombination intermediates and synaptonemal complex structure 2022-01-24
Chondroitin sulfates enhances the barrier function of basement membrane assembled by heparan sulfates 2022-01-24
Cryo-EM structure of an active central apparatus 2022-01-24 Not yet
Ion transfer mechanisms in Mrp-type antiporters from high resolution cryoEM and molecular dynamics simulations 2022-01-24
Shelterin is a Dimeric Complex with Extensive Structural Heterogeneity 2022-01-24
Extracellular matrix deposition precedes muscle-tendon integration during murine forelimb morphogenesis 2022-01-24
The AAA-ATPase Atad1 and its partners promote degradation of desmin intermediate filaments in muscle 2022-01-24 Not yet
Severe acute respiratory disease in American mink (Neovison vison) experimentally infected with SARS-CoV-2 2022-01-24
#PeerReview from @GigaScience of ???????? CNVpytor: a tool for CNV/CNA detection and analysis from read depth and allele imbalance in whole genome sequencing 2021-01-27
#PeerReview from @GigaScience of ???????? Building the Mega Single Cell Transcriptome Ocular Meta-Atlas 2021-07-29
#PeerReview from @GigaScience of ???????? A chromosome-level genome assembly for the Eastern Fence Lizard (Sceloporus undulatus), a reptile model for physiological and evolutionary ecology 2020-06-06
A surface morphometrics toolkit to quantify organellar membrane ultrastructure using cryo-electron tomography 2022-01-24
#PeerReview from @GigaScience of ???????? ChronoRoot: High-throughput phenotyping by deep segmentation networks reveals novel temporal parameters of plant root system architecture 2021-07-13
#PeerReview from @GigaScience of ???????? Community composition and development of the post-weaning piglet gut microbiome 2020-07-20
#PeerReview from @ReviewCommons of ???????? Variant surface glycoprotein expression in human African trypanosomiasis patients 2021-09-15
#PeerReview from @GigaScience of ???????? The germline mutational process in rhesus macaque and its implications for phylogenetic dating 2020-09-01
#PeerReview from @GigaScience of ???????? BiSulfite Bolt: A BiSulfite Sequencing Analysis Platform
#PeerReview from @GigaScience of ???????? Fluorescence Microscopy Datasets for Training Deep Neural Networks 2020-06-18
#PeerReview from @GigaScience of ???????? Chromatin conformation capture (Hi-C) sequencing of patient-derived xenografts: analysis guidelines 2020-10-19
#PeerReview from @eLife of ???????? Resolving phylogenetic and biochemical barriers to functional expression of heterologous iron-sulphur cluster enzymes 2021-02-02
#PeerReview from @GigaScience of ???????? Global Analysis of Human mRNA Folding Disruptions in Synonymous Variants Demonstrates Significant Population Constraint 2019-12-23
#PeerReview from @GigaScience of ???????? A chromosome-level genome assembly for the Pacific oyster (Crassostrea gigas) 2020-09-25
#PeerReview from @GigaScience of ???????? Rapid development of cloud-native intelligent data pipelines for scientific data streams using the HASTE Toolkit 2020-09-14
#PeerReview from @GigaScience of ???????? Chromosome-level genome assemblies of the malaria vectors Anopheles coluzzii and Anopheles arabiensis 2021-02-02
#PeerReview from @GigaScience of ???????? Framework for determining accuracy of RNA sequencing data for gene expression profiling of single samples 2020-08-26
#PeerReview from @GigaScience of ???????? MB-GAN: Microbiome Simulation via Generative Adversarial Network 2019-12-04
#PeerReview from @GigaScience of ???????? HTSlib - C library for reading/writing high-throughput sequencing data 2021-02-01 Not yet
#PeerReview from @GigaScience of ???????? Lilikoi V2.0: a deep-learning enabled, personalized pathway-based R package for diagnosis and prognosis predictions using metabolomics data
#PeerReview from @GigaScience of ???????? Understanding the impact of preprocessing pipelines on neuroimaging cortical surface analyses 2020-07-08
#PeerReview from @GigaScience of ???????? Streamlining Data-Intensive Biology With Workflow Systems 2020-11-16
#PeerReview from @GigaScience of ???????? BiG-SLiCE: A Highly Scalable Tool Maps the Diversity of 1.2 Million Biosynthetic Gene Clusters 2020-08-19
#PeerReview from @GigaScience of ???????? Genome Diversity in Ukraine 2020-11-17
#PeerReview from @GigaScience of ???????? Tool recommender system in Galaxy using deep learning 2019-11-12
Comprehensive visualization of cell-cell interactions in single-cell and spatial transcriptomics with NICHES 2022-01-24
Trichodesmium Erythraeum produces a higher photocurrent than other cyanobacterial species in bio-photo electrochemical cells. 2022-01-24 Not yet
#PeerReview from @eLife of ???????? Modular, robust and extendible multicellular circuit design in yeast 2021-10-14
In vitro analysis of catalase and superoxide dismutase mimetic properties of blue tattoo ink 2022-01-24
#PeerReview from @eLife of ???????? The enteric nervous system of C. elegans is specified by the Sine Oculis-like homeobox gene ceh-34 2021-12-01
Alternative Assembly of Qβ Virus Like Particles 2022-01-24
On taming the effect of transcript level intra-condition count variation during differential expression analysis: a story of dogs, foxes and wolves 2022-01-24
Tracking Genomic Characteristics across Oceanic Provinces: Contrasting Early and Mature Plastic Biofilm Communities 2022-01-24
Cell type diversity in a developing octopus brain 2022-01-24
Optogenetic activation of the serotonergic neural circuit between dorsal raphe nucleus and the pre-Bötzinger complex contributes to inhibition of the seizure-induced respiratory arrest in the DBA/1 mouse SUDEP model 2022-01-24 Not yet
The amyloid precursor protein modulates the position and length of the axon initial segment offering a new perspective on Alzheimer's disease genetics 2022-01-24 Not yet
PRC2-mediated repression is essential to maintain identity and function of differentiated dopaminergic and serotonergic neurons 2022-01-24
Early transition in foraging mode promoted greater reproductive effort in widely foraging lizards 2022-01-24
#PeerReview from @GigaScience of ???????? SoupX removes ambient RNA contamination from droplet based single cell RNA sequencing data 2020-02-03
Gut Microbiome of Helminth Infected Indigenous Malaysians Is Context Dependent 2022-01-24
#PeerReview from @GigaScience of ???????? Long-reads assembly of the Brassica napus reference genome, Darmor-bzh 2020-07-22
#PeerReview from @GigaScience of ???????? DrivAER: Identification of driving transcriptional programs in single-cell RNA sequencing data 2019-12-05
#PeerReview from @GigaScience of ???????? Comparison of the two up-to-date sequencing technologies for genome assembly: HiFi reads of Pacbio Sequel II system and ultralong reads of Oxford Nanopore 2020-02-14
#PeerReview from @GigaScience of ???????? iGenomics: Comprehensive DNA Sequence Analysis on your Smartphone 2020-02-12
Dissecting the autism-associated 16p11.2 locus identifies multiple drivers in brain phenotypes and unveils a new role for the major vault protein 2022-01-24
#PeerReview from @GigaScience of ???????? Accurate assembly of the olive baboon (Papio anubis) genome using long-read and Hi-C data 2019-06-24
#PeerReview from @GigaScience of ???????? Efficiently processing amplicon sequencing data for microbial ecology with dadasnake, a DADA2 implementation in Snakemake 2020-10-18
#PeerReview from @GigaScience of ???????? GigaSOM.jl: High-perfomance clustering and visualization of huge cytometry datasets 2020-08-04
#PeerReview from @GigaScience of ???????? Correcting for experiment-specific variability in expression compendia can remove underlying signals 2020-05-03
#PeerReview from @GigaScience of ???????? A single-cell RNA-seq Training and Analysis Suite using the Galaxy Framework 2020-08-28
#PeerReview from @GigaScience of ???????? A MAP of tumor-host interactions in glioma at single cell resolution 2019-11-01
#PeerReview from @eLife of ???????? Constructing the hierarchy of predictive auditory sequences in the marmoset brain 2021-10-26
#PeerReview from @eLife of ???????? Microsaccades as a marker not a cause for attention-related modulation 2021-09-15
#PeerReview from @eLife of ???????? NBI-921352, a First-in-Class, Na V 1.6 Selective, Sodium Channel Inhibitor That Prevents Seizures in Scn8a Gain-of- Function Mice, and Wild-Type Mice and Rats 2021-08-31
#PeerReview from @eLife of ???????? Genetic variation in ALDH4A1 predicts muscle health over the lifespan and across species 2021-09-10
The demographic costs of sexually antagonistic selection in partially selfing populations 2022-01-23
#PeerReview from @GigaScience of ???????? Gene-Set Enrichment with Mathematical Biology (GEMB) 2020-01-11
#PeerReview from @GigaScience of ???????? Long-read only assembly of Drechmeria coniospora genomes reveals widespread chromosome plasticity and illustrates the limitations of current nanopore methods
#PeerReview from @GigaScience of ???????? Machado: open source genomics data integration framework 2020-05-10
Interpreting the Evolutionary Echoes of a Protein Complex Essential for Inner-Ear Mechanosensation 2022-01-23
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#PeerReview from @GigaScience of ???????? Multi-Dimensional Machine Learning Approaches for Fruit Shape Recognition and Phenotyping in Strawberry
How does the host community structure affect the epidemiological dynamics of emerging infectious diseases? 2022-01-23
SARS-CoV-2 Viral Genes Compromise Survival and Functions of Human Pluripotent Stem Cell-derived Cardiomyocytes via Reducing Cellular ATP Level 2022-01-23
Stochastic resonance and bifurcations in a heterogeneous neuronal population explain intrinsic oscillatory patterns in entorhinal cortical stellate cells 2022-01-23
Integrated analysis reveals FOXA1 and Ku70/Ku80 as direct targets of ivermectin in prostate cancer 2022-01-23 Not yet
D2BGAN: Dual Discriminator Bayesian Generative Adversarial Network for Deformable MR-Ultrasound Registration Applied to Brain Shift compensation 2022-01-23
Real-time precision opto-control of chemical processes in live cells 2022-01-23
Mechanical strain stimulates COPII-dependent trafficking via Rac1 2022-01-23
A highly attenuated Vesiculovax vaccine rapidly protects nonhuman primates against lethal Marburg virus challenge 2022-01-23 Not yet
Keystone species determine the productivity of synthetic microbial biofilm communities 2022-01-23 Not yet
Extraversion is associated with lower brain amyloid deposition in cognitively normal older adults. 2022-01-23
A scalp geometry parameter-space for optimization and implementation of conventional TMS coil placement 2022-01-23 Not yet
4R-Tobacco-Cembranoid is a Positive Allosteric Modulator of the Alpha7 Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptor that modulates inflammation-induced thermal hypersensitivity in mice 2022-01-23
Evaluation of Various Drugs' Influence on Alzheimer's Disease Progress Using a New Analytical Model Based on Cellular Automata 2022-01-23
Identification of Piperlongumine (PL) as an new E3 ligase ligand to induce targeted protein degradation 2022-01-23 Not yet
Human glioblastoma cell motility depends on the activity of the cysteine metabolism enzyme 3-Mercaptopyruvate sulfurtransferase 2022-01-23
Alphavirus nsP2 protease structure and cleavage prediction: Possible relevance to the pathogenesis of viral arthritis 2022-01-23
Lipid-polymer hybrid nanoparticles utilize B cells and dendritic cells to elicit distinct antigen-specific CD4+ and CD8+ T cell responses 2022-01-23
Context-aware information selection and model recommendation with ACCORDION 2022-01-23 Not yet
Evaluating the Phytotoxicity of Methanolic Extracts of Parthenium hysterophorus L. on Selected Crops and Weeds 2022-01-23
The interplay of active and passive mechanisms in slow axonal transport 2022-01-23
Time-resolved parameterization of aperiodic and periodic brain activity 2022-01-23
Universal guide for skull extraction and custom-fitting of implants to continuous and discontinuous skulls 2022-01-23
Common synaptic inputs are not distributed homogeneously among the motor neurons that innervate synergistic muscles 2022-01-23
The relaxin receptor RXFP1 signals through a mechanism of autoinhibition 2022-01-23 Not yet
Multi-curve fitting and tubulin-lattice signal removal for structure determination of large microtubule-based motors 2022-01-23
A reference single-cell regulomic and transcriptomic map of cynomolgus monkeys 2022-01-23
Non-Invasive classification of macrophage polarisation by 2P-FLIM and machine learning 2022-01-23
Alteration of myocardial structure and function in RAF1associated Noonan syndrome: Insights from cardiac disease modeling based on patient-derived iPSCs 2022-01-23
Amphibian mucus triggers a developmental transition in the frog-killing chytrid fungus 2022-01-23
Crosstalk of Histone Modifications in the Healthy Human Immune System 2022-01-23
Look-up and look-down neurons in the mouse visual thalamus during freely moving exploration 2022-01-23
Improved production and expanded application of CVS-N2c-ΔG virus for retrograde tracing 2022-01-23 Not yet
Amacrine cells shape retinal functions while dynamically preserving circuits for colour vision 2022-01-23
Targeting Noradrenergic Neurons of the Locus Coeruleus: A Comparison of Model Systems and Strategies 2022-01-23
An in vitro neuronal model replicating the in vivo maturation and heterogeneity of perineuronal nets 2022-01-23
The positive dimension of schizotypy is associated with a reduced attenuation and precision of self-generated touch 2022-01-23
Focusing perceptual attention in one modality constrains subsequent learning in another modality 2022-01-23
Reference-based comparison of adaptive immune receptor repertoires 2022-01-23
Impact of a native hemiparasite and mowing on performance of a major invasive weed, European blackberry 2022-01-23
Targeted photothrombotic stroke leads to disruptions in neurovascular coupling 2022-01-23
The effector protein CgNLP1 of Colletotrichum gloeosporioides from Hevea brasiliensis disrupts nuclear localization of necrosis-induced transcription factor HbMYB8-like to suppress plant defense signaling 2022-01-23 Not yet
Towards a structurally resolved cancer interactome 2022-01-23
FAME: Fragment-based Conditional Molecular Generation for Phenotypic Drug Discovery 2022-01-23
Immune-responsive biodegradable scaffolds for enhancing neutrophil regeneration 2022-01-23
#PeerReview from @GigaScience of ???????? Laniakea: an open solution to provide Galaxy \"on-demand\" instances over heterogeneous cloud infrastructures. 2018-12-04
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#PeerReview from @GigaScience of ???????? Binning unassembled short reads based on k-mer covariance in a sparse coding framework 2019-12-20
#PeerReview from @GigaScience of ???????? Multi-omics Visualization Platform: An extensible Galaxy plug-In for multi-omics data visualization and exploration 2020-02-13
Transcriptional mapping of the macaque retina and RPE-choroid reveals conserved inter-tissue transcription drivers and signaling pathways 2022-01-23
The spatial scale of adaptation in a native annual plant and its implications for responses to climate change 2022-01-23
Plant longevity, drought and island isolation favoured rampant evolutionary transitions towards insular woodiness 2022-01-23
Modified dN/dS for accounting transition and transversion frequency difference and non-sense substitution in genomes 2022-01-23
Single-Cell Transcriptomics reveals relaxed evolutionary constraint of spermatogenesis in two passerine birds as compared to mammals 2022-01-23
Characterizing Potential Tetrodotoxin Resistance in Domain IV of the Voltage-Gated Sodium Channel Nav1.4 of Pacific Chorus Frogs, Pseudacris regilla 2022-01-23
Brain temperature affects quantitative features of hippocampal sharp wave ripples 2022-01-23
White matter connections of high-level visual areas predict cytoarchitecture better than category-selectivity 2022-01-23
Brain-optimized neural networks learn non-hierarchical models of representation in human visual cortex 2022-01-23
Glaucoma and Alzheimer: Neurodegenerative disorders show an adrenergic dysbalance 2022-01-23 Not yet
Conserved mechanism for perception of root-active CLE peptides 2022-01-23
A Cyclisation and Docking Protocol for Cyclic Peptide-Protein Modelling using HADDOCK2.4 2022-01-23
#PeerReview from @GigaScience of ???????? Interpretable and accurate prediction models for metagenomics data 2018-09-07
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#PeerReview from @GigaScience of ???????? Inferring putative ancient whole genome duplications in the 1000 Plants (1KP) initiative: access to gene family phylogenies and age distributions 2019-08-14
Histochemical Examination of Changes In Testis After Vasectomy In Rats And Qualitative Analysis Of Tissue Zinc Content 2022-01-23
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Delayed Oligodendrocyte Progenitor Cell Recruitment and Maturation in Large Volume Demyelination 2022-01-23
Functional gradients in the human lateral prefrontal cortex revealed by a comprehensive coordinate-based meta-analysis 2022-01-23
#PeerReview from @GigaScience of ???????? Multifaceted Hi-C benchmarking: what makes a difference in chromosome-scale genome scaffolding? 2019-06-07
DelaySSAToolkit.jl: stochastic simulation of reaction systems with time delays in Julia 2022-01-23
Factors affecting post-breeding endometritis, pregnancy rate and embryonic/fetal death in sport mares in two French commercial stud farms: special focus on age, parity and lactating status effects 2022-01-23
A unified Method for assessing the Observability of Dynamic Complex Systems in Biology 2022-01-23
Computational Model of Heterogeneity in Melanoma: Designing Therapies and Predicting Outcomes 2022-01-23
Scale-Dependent Coherence of Terrestrial Vertebrate Biodiversity with Environment 2022-01-23
Probabilistic Edge Weights Fine-tune Boolean Network Dynamics 2022-01-23
A draft genome assembly for the heterozygous wild tomato Solanum habrochaites highlights haplotypic structural variations of intracellular immune receptors 2022-01-23
Conserved Structural Motifs in the Hammerhead Ribozyme of a Chloroplast Viroid Mimic tRNA Anticodon Structure to Hijack tRNA Ligase for Viroid Circularization 2022-01-23 Not yet
Ethylene augments root hypoxia tolerance through amelioration of reactive oxygen species and growth cessation 2022-01-23
Out of sight: Surveillance strategies for emerging vectored plant pathogens. 2022-01-23
Energetic decoupling of phycobilisomes from photosystem II involved in nonphotochemical quenching in red algae 2022-01-23 Not yet
#PeerReview from @GigaScience of ???????? The draft nuclear genome assembly of Eucalyptus pauciflora: new approaches to comparing de novo assemblies 2019-06-21
GM1 asymmetry in the membrane stabilizes pores 2022-01-23
#PeerReview from @GigaScience of ???????? High-throughput phenotyping with deep learning gives insight into the genetic architecture of flowering time in wheat 2019-01-23
#PeerReview from @GigaScience of ???????? Assessment of human diploid genome assembly with 10x Linked-Reads data 2019-08-08
#PeerReview from @GigaScience of ???????? RepeatFiller newly identifies megabases of aligning repetitive sequences and improves annotations of conserved non-exonic elements 2019-07-09
#PeerReview from @GigaScience of ???????? Trochodendron aralioides, the first chromosome-level draft genome in Trochodendrales and a valuable resource for basal eudicot research 2019-05-26
#PeerReview from @GigaScience of ???????? Evaluation of computational genotyping of Structural Variations for clinical diagnoses. 2019-02-24
#PeerReview from @GigaScience of ???????? RootNav 2.0: Deep Learning for Automatic Navigation of Complex Plant Root Architectures
Can double PPO mutations exist in a same allele and are such mutants functional? 2022-01-23
chromMAGMA: regulatory element-centric interrogation of risk variants 2022-01-23
Deciphering polymorphism in 61,157 Escherichia coli genomes via epistatic sequence landscapes 2022-01-23
Within and among population differences in cuticular hydrocarbons in the seabird tick Ixodes uriae. 2022-01-23 Not yet
The UBR box E3 ligases Poe and Hyd are required for efficient Pericentrin degradation 2022-01-23
Prostaglandin E1 as therapeutic molecule for Nephronophthisis and related ciliopathies 2022-01-23
Neuro-toxicogenomic mapping of TMT induced neurotoxicity using human minibrain reveals associated adverse outcome events 2022-01-23
REM sleep promotes bidirectional plasticity in developing visual cortex in vivo 2022-01-23
The flavonoid nobiletin exhibits differential effects on cell viability in keratinocytes exposed to UVA versus UVB radiation 2022-01-23 Not yet
Large-scale systematic feasibility study on the pan-cancer predictability of multi-omic biomarkers from whole slide images with deep learning 2022-01-23
NELL-1 regulates the matrisome to alter osteosarcoma disease progression 2022-01-23
SHARPIN serine 146 phosphorylation mediates ARP2/3 interaction, cancer cell invasion, and metastasis 2022-01-23
Benchmark of Differential Gene Expression Analysis Methods for Inter-species RNA-Seq Data using a Phylogenetic Simulation Framework 2022-01-23
Effects of Neonicotinoid Seed Treatments on Soil Microbial Gene Expression Vary with Time in an Agricultural Ecosystem 2022-01-23
Widespread transposon co-option in the Caenorhabditis germline regulatory network 2022-01-23
Tropical origin, global diversification and dispersal in the pond damselflies (Coenagrionoidea) revealed by a new molecular phylogeny 2022-01-23
Bee core venom genes predominantly originated before aculeate stingers evolved 2022-01-23
Delimiting the cryptic diversity and host preferences of Sycophila parasitoid wasps associated with oak galls using phylogenomic data 2022-01-23
Trichomes on female reproductive tract: rapid diversification and underlying gene regulatory network in Drosophila suzukii and its related species 2022-01-23
On the hormonal control of posterior regeneration in the annelid Platynereis dumerilii 2022-01-23 Not yet
The architecture of the actin network can balance the pushing forces produced by growing microtubules. 2022-01-23
A survey of neurophysiological differentiation across mouse visual brain areas and timescales 2022-01-23
Genetic control of neuronal activity enhances axonal growth only on permissive substrates 2022-01-23
Population dynamics of epithelial-mesenchymal heterogeneity in cancer cells 2022-01-23
Multivalent binding proteins can drive collapse and reswelling of chromatin in confinement 2022-01-23
Human genetic variations reveal Chromosomal Instability aiding Variants (CIVa) in kinetochore-microtubule associated proteins 2022-01-23
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#PeerReview from @GigaScience of ???????? Accumulating computational resource usage of genomic data analysis workflow to optimize cloud computing instance selection 2018-10-30
#PeerReview from @GigaScience of ???????? SciPipe - A workflow library for agile development of complex and dynamic bioinformatics pipelines 2018-10-06
#PeerReview from @GigaScience of ???????? A multi-omics data simulator for complex disease studies and its application to evaluate multi-omics data analysis methods for disease classification 2018-09-26
#PeerReview from @GigaScience of ???????? A critical comparison of technologies for a plant genome sequencing project 2017-10-11
CRISPR-based targeted haplotype-resolved assemblies of a megabase region 2022-01-23 Not yet
EFA6R suppresses ovarian cancer cell migration and invasion 2022-01-23 Not yet
Inflammasome-mediated glucose limitation induces antibiotic tolerance in Staphylococcus aureus 2022-01-23
Novel orthonairovirus in rodents and shrews, Gabon 2022-01-23
FOXO dictates initiation of B cell development and myeloid restriction in common lymphoid progenitors 2022-01-23
Chromatin reprogramming and transcriptional regulation orchestrate embryogenesis in hexaploid wheat 2022-01-23
Impact of neonatal activation of nuclear receptor CAR (Nr1i3) on Cyp2 gene expression in adult mouse liver 2022-01-23 Not yet
Dissociation protocols used for sarcoma tissues bias the transcriptome observed in single-cell and single-nucleus RNA sequencing 2022-01-22
Structure and function of BcpE2, the most promiscuous GH3-family beta-glucosidase for scavenging glucose from heterosides 2022-01-23
Pharmacological inhibition of HDAC6 downregulates TGF-β via Smad2/3 acetylation and improves dystrophin-deficient muscles. 2022-01-22 Not yet
A chemical biology toolbox to investigate in-cell target engagement and specificity of PRMT5-inhibitors 2022-01-22 Not yet
Heterosis counteracts hybrid breakdown to forestall speciation by parallel natural selection 2022-01-22
Mast cell-mediated inflammation relies on insulin-regulated aminopeptidase controlling cytokine export from the Golgi 2022-01-22
Microglia integration into human midbrain organoids leads to increased neuronal maturation and functionality. 2022-01-22
Iron Deficiency Induces Heart Failure with Ectopic Cardiac Calcification in Mice with Metabolic Syndrome 2022-01-22
scFeatures: Multi-view representations of single-cell and spatial data for disease outcome prediction 2022-01-22
Found in translation: Microproteins are a new class of potential host cell impurity in mAb drug products 2022-01-22
Butterfly wings exhibit spatial variation in chromatin accessibility 2022-01-22 Not yet
A monotone single index model for missing-at-random longitudinal proportion data 2022-01-22
#PeerReview from @GigaScience of ???????? Comparative Genomics and Genome Evolution in Birds-of-paradise 2018-05-16
#PeerReview from @GigaScience of ???????? Integrating genomic resources to present full gene and promoter capture probe sets for bread wheat 2018-07-06
#PeerReview from @GigaScience of ???????? Modelling genotypes in their physical microenvironment to predict single- and multi-cellular behaviour 2019-01-16 Not yet
Hsa-miR-31-5p controls a metabolic switch in psoriatic keratinocytes that identifies therapeutic intervention 2022-01-22
A snapshot of brain and cognition in healthy mid-life and older adults 2022-01-22
Characterizing Variability of Audiovisual Speech Perception Based on Periodic and Aperiodic Features of Prestimulus Brain Activity 2022-01-22
#PeerReview from @GigaScience of ???????? CropMonitor: a scalable open-source experiment management system for distributed plant phenotyping and IoT-based crop management 2018-10-30
Wildlife and Marine Mammal Spatial Observatory: Observation and automated detection of Southern Right Whales in multispectral satellite imagery 2022-01-22
Prospective Motion Correction and Automatic Segmentation of Penetrating Arteries in Phase Contrast MRI at 7 T 2022-01-22
Multiscale computer modeling of spreading depolarization in brain slices 2022-01-22
The Retinal Basis of Photoaversion in Neonatal Mice 2022-01-22
The Intestine is a Major Contributor to Circulating TCA Cycle Intermediates in Mice 2022-01-22
Single cell genotyping of matched bone marrow and peripheral blood cells in treatment naive and AZA-treated MDS and CMML 2022-01-22
GGDB: A Grameneae Genome Alignment Database of Homologous Genes Hierarchically Related to Evolutionary Events 2022-01-22
Predicting evolution in experimental range expansions of an aquatic model system 2022-01-22
Bacteria-mediated stabilization of murine norovirus 2022-01-22 Not yet
The Androgen Receptor: A Therapeutic Target in Desmoplastic Small Round Cell Sarcoma 2022-01-22
Spatial positioning and matrix programs of cancer-associated fibroblasts promote T cell exclusion in human lung tumors 2022-01-22
Overestimated Polygenic Prediction due to Overlapping Subjects in Genetic Datasets 2022-01-22
Metatranscriptomics reveals a shift in microbial community composition and function during summer months in a coastal marine environment 2022-01-22
IL-21 lowers the B cell receptor affinity threshold for participation in a T cell dependent immune response. 2022-01-22
Macrophage activation of cGAS and TRIM5 distinguish pandemic and non-pandemic HIV 2022-01-22 Not yet
Virus-assisted directed evolution of enhanced suppressor tRNAs in mammalian cells 2022-01-22 Not yet
Pairwise and higher-order epistatic effects among somatic cancer mutations across oncogenesis 2022-01-22
Development and characterization of a human arteriovenous malformation (AVM)-on-a-chip model 2022-01-22
VCF2Prot: An Efficient and Parallel Tool for Generating Personalized Proteomes from VCF Files 2022-01-22
ESCPE-1 Mediates Retrograde Endosomal Sorting of the SARS-CoV-2 Host Factor Neuropilin-1 2022-01-22 Not yet
A Genome-wide CRISPR Screen Identifies WDFY3 as a Novel Regulator of Macrophage Efferocytosis 2022-01-22
Structural basis for Parkinson's Disease-linked LRRK2's binding to microtubules 2022-01-22
GLH/VASA helicases promote germ granule formation to ensure the fidelity of piRNA-mediated transcriptome surveillance 2022-01-22
Molecular basis for allosteric agonism and G protein subtype selectivity of galanin receptors 2022-01-22
Neutralization of Omicron SARS-CoV-2 by 2 or 3 doses of BNT162b2 vaccine 2022-01-22
Metal cofactor stabilization by a partner protein is a widespread strategy employed for amidase activation 2022-01-22
Broadly-recognized, cross-reactive SARS-CoV-2 CD4 T cell epitopes are highly conserved across human coronaviruses and presented by common HLA alleles 2022-01-22
Ex vivo and in vivo evidence that cigarette smoke-exposed T regulatory cells impair host immunity against Mycobacterium tuberculosis 2022-01-22 Not yet
Rapid prototyping of metabolites detection by bacterial biosensors in human fecal samples. 2022-01-22
In Silico Analysis Of The Effects Of Omicron Spike Amino Acid Changes On The Interactions With Human ACE2 Receptor And Structurally Characterized Complexes With Human Antibodies 2022-01-22
Comprehensive Evaluation of ACE2-Fc Combination with Neutralization Antibody on Broad Protection against SARS-CoV-2 and Its Variants 2022-01-22 Not yet
A new demethylase gene OsDML4 involved in high temperature induced floury endosperm formation in rice 2022-01-22 Not yet
Triplet kinase-phosphatase targeting to overcome kinase inhibitor tolerance in brain tumor cells 2022-01-22 Not yet
Image-centric compression of protein structures improves space savings 2022-01-22
Comparison of Two Individual Identification Algorithms for Snow Leopards (Panthera uncia) after Automated Detection 2022-01-22
Interaction of surface topography and taper mismatch on head-stem modular junction contact mechanics during assembly in modern total hip replacement 2022-01-22
Poison frog dietary preference depends on prey type and alkaloid load 2022-01-22
Additive genetic effects in interacting species jointly determine the outcome of caterpillar herbivory 2022-01-22
Evolution of Daphnia population dynamics following invasion by a non-native predator 2022-01-22
Core Transcription Programs Controlling Injury-Induced Neurodegeneration of Retinal Ganglion Cells 2022-01-22
ECS1 and ECS2 regulate polyspermy and suppress the formation of haploid plants by promoting double fertilization 2022-01-22 Not yet
Tonic GluD1 channel current is independent of G protein activity in the dorsal raphe nucleus 2022-01-22
Development and validation of Arc nanobodies: new tools for probing Arc dynamics and function 2022-01-22
Genetic variation of human myokine signaling is dominated by biologic sex and sex hormones 2022-01-22
Cytocapsular tube network-tumor system is an integrated physical target for the highly effective and efficient pharmacotherapy of solid cancers 2022-01-22
Elucidating Collective Translocation of Nanoparticles Across the Skin Lipid Barrier: A Molecular Dynamics Study 2022-01-22
Computational modeling of the evolutionary transition from C3 to C4 photosynthesis 2022-01-22
Uncovering hidden assembly artifacts: when unitigs are not safe and bidirected graphs are not helpful 2022-01-22
Accurate self-assessment in 2D: protein contact map quality estimation by deep evolutionary reconciliation 2022-01-22
Neural Collective Matrix Factorization for Integrated Analysis of Heterogeneous Biomedical Data 2022-01-22
Organ Scaffold Characterizations Using Intravital Microscopy 2022-01-22 Not yet
Understanding immune-driven brain aging by human brain organoid microphysiological analysis platform 2022-01-22 Not yet
Automatically tracking feeding behavior in populations of foraging worms 2022-01-22
A quantitative, genome-wide analysis in Drosophila reveals transposable elements' influence on gene expression is species-specific 2022-01-22 Not yet
Complex genetics cause and constrain fungal persistence in different parts of the mammalian body 2022-01-22
Trophic ecology of deep-sea megafauna in the ultra-oligotrophic Southeastern Mediterranean Sea 2022-01-22
Parallels of quantum superposition in ecological models: from counterintuitive patterns to eco-evolutionary interpretations of cryptic species 2022-01-22
Brainstem somatostatin-expressing cells control the emotional regulation of pain behavior 2022-01-22 Not yet
Network architecture producing swing to stance transitions in an insect walking system 2022-01-22 Not yet
Sex differences in predictors and regional patterns of brain-age-gap estimates 2022-01-22
A Population Response Model of Ensemble Coding 2022-01-22
Selective activation of subthalamic nucleus output quantitatively scales movements 2022-01-22
Characterization of second-order mixing effects in reconstructed cross-spectra of random neural fields 2022-01-22
Wearing an Eye Mask During Overnight Sleep Improves Episodic Learning and Alertness 2022-01-22
Dopamine and ALK4 signaling synergize to induce PCBP1-mediated alternative splicing of FosB and sustained behavioral sensitization to cocaine 2022-01-22
Combined multiple transcriptional repression mechanisms generate ultrasensitivity and oscillations 2022-01-22 Not yet
Hyperglycemia in type 2 diabetes: physiological and clinical implications of a brain centered model. 2022-01-22
Epigenetic anti-cancer treatment with a stabilized carbocyclic Decitabine analogue 2022-01-22
Endogenous 1-deoxysphingolipid synthesis compromises anchorage-independent growth and plasma membrane endocytosis in cancer cells 2022-01-22
Framework for Denoising Monte Carlo Photon Transport Simulations Using Deep Learning 2022-01-22
Meta-analysis of Microbiome Association Networks Reveal Patterns of Dysbiosis in Diseased Microbiomes 2022-01-22
AbLang: An antibody language model for completing antibody sequences 2022-01-22 Not yet
mRNA expression explains metabolic and thermal physiology 2022-01-22
Automated assessment reveals extinction risk of reptiles is widely underestimated across space and phylogeny 2022-01-22
Visualizing Synaptic Dopamine Efflux with a 2D Nanofilm 2022-01-22
Structure and Protein-Protein Interactions of Ice Nucleation Proteins Drive Their Activity 2022-01-22 Not yet
Mutations in TIC100 impair and repair chloroplast protein import and impact retrograde signalling 2022-01-22 Not yet
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#PeerReview from @GigaScience of ???????? NanoAmpli-Seq: A workflow for amplicon sequencing from mixed microbial communities on the nanopore sequencing platform 2018-07-04
Staphylococcal protein A inhibits IgG-mediated phagocytosis by blocking the interaction of IgGs with FcγRs and FcRn 2022-01-22 Not yet
The Goldilocks Principle conferred by LDH isoenzymes controls murine T cell glycolysis and differentiation 2022-01-22
An atlas of plant full-length RNA reveals tissue-specific and evolutionarily-conserved regulation of poly(A) tail length 2022-01-22
PopB-PcrV Interactions are Essential for Pore Formation in the Pseudomonas aeruginosa Type III Secretion System Translocon 2022-01-22 Not yet
Imbalance of Neuregulin1-ErbB2/3 signaling underlies altered myelin homeostasis in models of Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease type 4H 2022-01-22
High efficiency multiplex biallelic heritable editing in Arabidopsis using an RNA virus 2022-01-22 Not yet
RET activation controlled by MAB21L4-CacyBP interaction drives squamous cell carcinoma 2022-01-22
XPD protects CTCF-Cohesin binding sites from somatic mutagenesis 2022-01-21
Tissue-Specific Control of Ribosomal RNA Synthesis Revealed by Transcription Factor Profiling 2022-01-22
CRISPR-Cas systems in Fusobacterium: An untapped genetic frontier 2022-01-21
An in vitro neurogenetics platform for precision disease modeling in the mouse 2022-01-21 Not yet
A proxy measure of striatal dopamine predicts individual differences in temporal precision. 2022-01-21
The evolution of BDNF is defined by strict purifying selection and prodomain spatial coevolution, but what does it mean for human brain disease? 2022-01-21
Molecular and connectomic vulnerability shape cross-disorder cortical abnormalities 2022-01-21
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#PeerReview from @GigaScience of ???????? PhenoMeNal: Processing and analysis of Metabolomics data in the Cloud 2018-09-13
Genomes of the extinct Sicilian wolf reveal a complex history of isolation and admixture with ancient dogs 2022-01-21
Multi-trait selection to build resilience in conifer forests: a case study on spruce-shoot weevil interactions 2022-01-21
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Recruitment of Corticotropin-releasing Hormone CRH Neurons in response ton Categorically Distinct Stress Challenges in the Mouse Brain 2022-01-21
Number neurons in the nidopallium of young domestic chicks 2022-01-21 Not yet
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RaMP-DB 2.0: a renovated knowledgebase for deriving biological and chemical insight from genes, proteins, and metabolites 2022-01-21
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#PeerReview from @GigaScience of ???????? Mammalian genomic regulatory regions predicted by utilizing human genomics, transcriptomics and epigenetics data 2018-01-01
ATLIGATOR: Editing protein interactions with an atlas-based approach 2022-01-21
Microenvironmental sensing by fibroblasts controls macrophage population size 2022-01-21
Synaptic and intrinsic potentiation in O-LM interneurons is induced by theta patterns of stimulation 2022-01-21
Environment constrains fitness advantages of division of labor in microbial consortia engineered for metabolite push or pull interactions 2022-01-21 Not yet
Phenotypic dissection of epithelial lineages and therapeutic manipulation of differentiation programs in human Adenoid Cystic Carcinomas 2022-01-21
Actin networks modulate heterogenous NF-κB dynamics in response to TNFα 2022-01-21
Pharmacometabolomics reveals urinary diacetylspermine as a biomarker of doxorubicin effectiveness in triple negative breast cancer 2022-01-21 Not yet
MOJITOO: a fast and universal method for integration of multimodal single cell data 2022-01-21
Pathogen Detection in RNA-Seq Data with Pathonoia 2022-01-21
Is single-step genomic REML with the algorithm for proven and young more computationally efficient when less generations of data are present? 2022-01-21
Bergmann's rule in Microlophus lizards: testing for latitudinal and climatic gradients of body size. 2022-01-21
Quantifying the effects of recent glacial history and future climate change on a unique population of mountain goats 2022-01-21
Mapping cherry blossoms from geotagged street-level photos 2022-01-21
Tree size drives diversity and community structure of microbial communities on the bark of beech (Fagus sylvatica) 2022-01-21
Reduced feedback barely slows down proprioceptive recalibration 2022-01-21
Behavioral and neurochemical effects of novel N-Benzyl-2-phenylethylamine derivatives in adult zebrafish 2022-01-21 Not yet
Tracking the dynamics of perisaccadic visual signals with magnetoencephalography 2022-01-21
Implicit adaptation is modulated by the relevance of feedback 2022-01-21
Ultra-flexible and Stretchable Intrafascicular Peripheral Nerve Recording Device with Axon-dimension, Cuff-less Microneedle Electrode Array 2022-01-21 Not yet
Adipose tissue dysfunction and visceral fat are associated to hepatic insulin resistance and severity of NASH even in lean individuals 2022-01-21 Not yet
mTOR is a Major Determinant of Chemosensitivity 2022-01-21 Not yet
Splicing factor BUD31 promotes ovarian cancer progression through sustaining the expression of anti-apoptotic BCL2L12 2022-01-21
Detecting Antibody Reactivities in Phage ImmunoPrecipitation Sequencing Data 2022-01-21
Predicting Mechanical Ventilation Effects on Six Human Tissue Transcriptomes 2022-01-21
Longitudinal Morphological and Functional Characterization of Human Heart Organoids Using Optical Coherence Tomography 2022-01-21
Improving the Identification Coverage of Protein Interactome by Enhancing the Click Chemistry-based Cross-linking Enrichment Efficiency 2022-01-21
Rice Pan-genome Array (RPGA): an efficient genotyping solution for pan-genome-based accelerated crop improvement in rice 2022-01-21 Not yet
Experimental Design and Power Calculation in Omics Circadian Rhythmicity Detection 2022-01-21
A natural fungal gene drive enacts killing through targeting DNA 2022-01-21
Spatially Aware Dimension Reduction for Spatial Transcriptomics 2022-01-21
Urban population structure and local movement ecology of a native Australian mosquito involved in disease transmission 2022-01-21
An early decline in ETPs reflects reduced pre-thymic progenitors and altered signals from the thymus microenvironment 2022-01-21
A GSVA based gene set synergizing with CD4+T cell bearing harmful factors yield risk signals in HBV related diseases via amalgamation of artificial intelligence 2022-01-21
Therapeutic Interruption of T Cell Development Generates High-Affinity T Cells That Escape Exhaustion and Improve Cancer Immunotherapy 2022-01-21 Not yet
Inhibition of the IL-17A axis Protects against Immune-related Adverse Events while Supporting Checkpoint Inhibitor Anti-tumor Efficacy 2022-01-21
Task-related changes in aperiodic activity are related to visual working memory capacity independent of event-related potentials and alpha oscillations 2022-01-21
Mosquito odorant receptor sensitive to natural spatial repellents and inhibitory compounds 2022-01-21 Not yet
Tissue volume estimation and age prediction using rapid structural brain scans 2022-01-21
Brain-wide continuous functional ultrasound imaging for real-time monitoring of hemodynamics during ischemic stroke 2022-01-21
A horizon for haptic perception 2022-01-21
Coupling a Live Cell Directed Evolution Assay with Coevolutionary Landscapes to Engineer an Improved Fluorescent Rhodopsin Chloride Sensor 2022-01-21
BOS1 is a positive regulator of wounding induced cell death and plant susceptibility to Botrytis 2022-01-21 Not yet
Genome-wide analysis of small RNA biogenesis proteins refine the evolution of Dicer-like and Argonaute gene families in flowering plants 2022-01-21
Heterosis and Combining Ability in Pumpkin Inbreds (Cucurbita moschata Duch. ex Poir.) 2022-01-21
Stabilization of E-cadherin adhesions by COX-2/GSK3β signaling is a targetable pathway in metastatic breast cancer 2022-01-21 Not yet
Immunotherapy of glioblastoma explants induces interferon-γ responses and immune cell rearrangements in tumor center, but not periphery 2022-01-21 Not yet
Single-Cell Transcriptomic Analyses of Tumor Ecosystems and Spatial Architectures in Human Small Cell Lung Cancers 2022-01-21
Lira: Rotational Invariant Shape and ElectrostaticDescriptors for Small Molecules and ProteinPockets based on Real Spherical Harmonics 2022-01-21
Exploring genomic data coupled with 3D chromatin structures using the WashU Epigenome Browser 2022-01-21
A novel, NADH-dependent acrylate reductase in Vibrio harveyi 2022-01-21
Xeno-monitoring of molecular drivers of artemisinin and partner drug resistance in P. falciparum populations in malaria vectors across Cameroon 2022-01-21
Oxygen availability drives blood traits and the cell number-size tradeoff across Andean hummingbirds 2022-01-21
Machine learning algorithms predict soil seed bank persistence from easily available traits 2022-01-21
Quantitative proteomics of the CDK9 interactome reveals a novel function of the HSP90-CDC37-P-TEFb complex for BETi-induced HIV-1 latency reactivation 2022-01-21 Not yet
The influence of resource overlap on bacterial reproductive success in the phyllosphere 2022-01-21
Insights into the Human Gut Virome by Sampling a Population from the Indian Subcontinent 2022-01-21 Not yet
Tissue-intrinsic γδ T cells critically regulate Tissue-Resident Memory CD8 T cells 2022-01-21
The effects of electroencephalogram feature-based transcranial alternating current stimulation on working memory and electrophysiology 2022-01-21
Engineered bacterial swarm patterns as spatial records of environmental inputs 2022-01-21
Regulation of balanced root fungal community of Vanda falcata (Orchidaceae) by partitioning its mycorrhizal fungi and ascomycetous fungi across growth and development 2022-01-21 Not yet
ReadItAndKeep: rapid decontamination of SARS-CoV-2 sequencing reads 2022-01-21
Deep learning based on multi-omics integration identifies potential therapeutic targets in breast cancer 2022-01-21 Not yet
Nanoformulated Remdesivir with Extremely Low Content of Poly(2-oxazoline) - Based Stabilizer for Aerosol Treatment of COVID-19 2022-01-21
Global analysis of biosynthetic gene clusters reveals conserved and unique natural products in entomopathogenic nematode-symbiotic bacteria 2022-01-21
PROTAC-mediated selective degradation of cytosolic soluble epoxide hydrolase enhances ER-stress reduction 2022-01-21 Not yet
Reconstitution of an active human CENP-E motor 2022-01-21
Developing all-in-one virus-like particles for Cas9 mRNA/single guide RNA co-delivery and aptamer-containing lentiviral vectors for improved gene expression 2022-01-21
Knockout of Bbs10 results in lack of cone electrical function and progressive retinal degeneration of rods and cones 2022-01-21 Not yet
Claspin is required for growth recovery from serum starvation through regulating the PI3K-PDK1-mTOR pathway 2022-01-21 Not yet
Promoting Fc-Fc interactions between anti-capsular antibodies provides strong complement-dependent immune protection against Streptococcus pneumoniae 2022-01-21 Not yet A standardized, searchable platform to discover and explore COVID-19 resources and data
High-resolution map of plastid encoded polymerase binding patterns demonstrates a major role of transcription in chloroplast gene expression 2022-01-21
Pareto-optimal trade-off for phenotypic switching of populations in a stochastic environment 2022-01-21
Optimus: a general purpose adaptive optimisation engine in R 2022-01-21
Ancient herpes simplex 1 genomes reveal recent viral structure in Eurasia 2022-01-21 Not yet
Complex genetic architecture underlying the plasticity of maize agronomic traits 2022-01-21
Alternative splicing changes are associated with pre-birth adaptation during lung development 2022-01-21
JWA deficiency accelerates aging through disrupting intestinal epithelial homeostasis via Notch1/PPARγ/Stat5 axis 2022-01-21
Sialic acid and fucose residues on the SARS-CoV-2 receptor binding domain modulate IgG reactivity 2022-01-21 Not yet
Effects of transcranial magnetic stimulation on the human brain recorded with intracranial electrocorticography: First-in-human study 2022-01-21 Not yet
The synaptic vesicle protein Mover/TPRG1L is associated with lipid droplets in astrocytes 2022-01-21
The Intrinsically Disordered Region of Coronins Fine-tunes Oligomerization and Actin Polymerization 2022-01-21 Not yet
Bone marrow age dictates clonality of smooth muscle-derived cells in the atherosclerotic plaque 2022-01-21 Not yet
An extended reservoir of class-D beta-lactamases in non-clinical bacterial strains 2022-01-21
Excessive self-grooming of Shank3 mutant mice is associated with gene dysregulation and imbalance between the striosome and matrix compartments in the striatum 2022-01-21
BrainStat: A toolbox for brain-wide statistics and neuroscientific contextualization 2022-01-21
#PeerReview from @eLife of ???????? Remodeling of dermal adipose tissue alleviates cutaneous toxicity induced by anti-EGFR therapy 2021-11-19
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#PeerReview from @eLife of ???????? Role of Nrp1 in controlling cortical interhemispheric circuits 2021-05-14
#PeerReview from @eLife of ???????? Diversification of multipotential postmitotic mouse retinal ganglion cell precursors into discrete types 2021-10-21
#PeerReview from @eLife of ???????? Inhibiting Host Protein Deposition on Urinary Catheters Reduces Urinary Tract Infections
An atlas of amyloid aggregation: the impact of substitutions, insertions, deletions and truncations on amyloid beta fibril nucleation 2022-01-21
Distinctive mechanisms of epilepsy-causing mutants discovered by measuring S4 movement in KCNQ2 channels 2022-01-21
GM1a functions as a coreceptor/ attachment factor for Dengue virus during infection in mammalian systems 2022-01-21 Not yet
#PeerReview from @GigaScience of ???????? Quantitative super-resolution single molecule microscopy dataset of YFP-tagged growth factor receptors 2018-01-11
#PeerReview from @eLife of ???????? Progressive enhancement of kinetic proofreading in T cell antigen discrimination from receptor activation to DAG generation 2021-11-13
Basal amygdala inputs to the medial prefrontal cortex mediate fear memory strengthening 2022-01-21
Astrocyte glutamate transport is modulated by motor learning and regulates neuronal correlations and movement encoding by motor cortex neurons 2022-01-21
Active Predictive Coding Networks: A Neural Solution to the Problem of Learning Reference Frames and Part-Whole Hierarchies 2022-01-21
Depletion of Scleraxis-lineage cells accelerates tendon ECM aging and promotes retention of a specialized remodeling tenocyte population that drives enhanced tendon healing 2022-01-21
Heterogeneity in Neuronal Dynamics is Learned by Gradient Descent for Temporal Processing Tasks 2022-01-21 Not yet
A genetically-defined population in the lateral and ventrolateral periaqueductal gray selectively promotes flight to safety 2022-01-21
Neurodevelopmental oscillatory basis of speech processing in noise 2022-01-21
A mixed generative model of auditory word repetition 2022-01-21
Caulobacter requires anionic sphingolipids and deactivation of fur to lose lipid A 2022-01-21 Not yet
Spatially coherent diffusion of human RNA Pol II depends on transcriptional state rather than chromatin motion 2022-01-21
m6A reader Pho92 is recruited co-transcriptionally and couples translation efficacy to mRNA decay to promote meiotic fitness in yeast 2022-01-21
Nulliparity affects the expression of a limited number of genes and pathways in Day 8 equine embryos 2022-01-21
Mutation of Vsx genes in zebrafish highlights the robustness of the retinal specification network. 2022-01-21
Myogenic regulatory factors MyoD and Myf5 are required for dorsal aorta formation and angiogenic sprouting 2022-01-21
A single, improbable B cell receptor mutation confers potent neutralization against cytomegalovirus 2022-01-21
Membrane-mediated interactions between hinge-like particles 2022-01-21
A molecular dynamics study of antimicrobial peptide translocation across the outer membrane of Gram-negative bacteria 2022-01-21
Dynamics and structural changes of calmodulin upon interaction with its potent antagonist calmidazolium 2022-01-21
Improving Small Molecule pKa Prediction Using Transfer Learning with Graph Neural Networks 2022-01-21
Phase separation driven by interchangeable properties in the intrinsically disordered regions of protein paralogs 2022-01-21 Not yet
Tethering designer short double-stranded RNA to mRNA for co-delivery of molecularly-targeted adjuvants and antigens towards cancer vaccination 2022-01-21 Not yet
Nucleosome topology and DNA sequence modulate the engagement of pioneer factors SOX2 and OCT4 2022-01-21
Genomic databanks and targeted assays help characterise mosquito incursions within Australia 2022-01-21
Research on the temporal evolution track and influence of green development in the last decade 2022-01-21
Lysosomes are Required for Early Dorsal Signaling in the Xenopus Embryo 2022-01-20 Not yet
Cell cycle dynamics controls fluidity of the developing mouse neuroepithelium 2022-01-20 Not yet
A key role for p60-Katanin in axon navigation is conditioned by the tubulin polyglutamylase TTLL6 2022-01-20
An ancient role for the Hippo pathway in axis formation and morphogenesis 2022-01-20
High Hedgehog signaling is transduced by a multikinase-dependent switch controling the apico-basal distribution of the GPCR Smoothened. 2022-01-20 Not yet
Identification and characterization of a dlx2b cis-regulatory element both sufficient and necessary for correct transcription during zebrafish tooth development 2022-01-21
Understanding the development of oral epithelial organs through single cell transcriptomic analysis 2022-01-21 Not yet
Multi-omic rejuvenation of naturally aged tissues by a single cycle of transient reprogramming 2022-01-21
Pore-C Simultaneously Captures Genome-wide Multi-way Chromatin Interaction and Associated DNA Methylation Status in Arabidopsis 2022-01-21
SARS-CoV-2 impairs interferon production via NSP2-induced repression of mRNA translation 2022-01-20 Not yet
Profiling of the human intestinal microbiome and bile acids under physiologic conditions using an ingestible sampling device 2022-01-20
Intra-granuloma accumulation and inflammatory differentiation of neutrophils underlie mycobacterial ESX-1-mediated immunopathology 2022-01-20
Pathogenicity of SARS-CoV-2 Omicron in Syrian hamsters and its neutralization with different Variants of Concern 2022-01-20
High-throughput suppressor screens unveil functional convergence of single-gene lysis proteins 2022-01-20
First detection of SARS-CoV-2 infection in Canadian wildlife identified in free-ranging white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus) from southern Quebec, Canada 2022-01-21
The CRISPR-Cas System differentially regulates surface-attached and pellicle-biofilm in Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium 2022-01-21 Not yet
Septin-Mediated Mechanobiological Reprogramming of T Cell Transmigration and 3D Motility 2022-01-20
Unveiling molecular interactions that stabilize bacterial adhesion pili 2022-01-20
Controlled adhesion, membrane pinning and vesicle transport by Janus particles 2022-01-20 Not yet
Targeting SARS-CoV-2 infection through CAR T cells and bispecific T cell engagers 2022-01-20 Not yet
Spatially resolved profiling of protein conformation and interactions by biocompatible chemical cross-linking in living cells 2022-01-20
Exo-Enzymatic Cell-Surface Glycan Labeling for Capturing Glycan-Protein Interactions through Photo-Crosslinking 2022-01-20 Not yet
Microtubule-Inspired Functionalization of Carbon Nanotubes: A Biomimetic Carrier Design 2022-01-20 Not yet
How a Formate Dehydrogenase Responds to Oxygen: Unexpected O2 Insensitivity of an Enzyme Harboring Tungstopterin, Selenocysteine, and [4Fe-4S] Clusters. 2022-01-20
Whole genome analysis sheds light on the genetic origin of Huns, Avars and conquering Hungarians 2022-01-20
Close kin dyads indicate intergenerational dispersal and barriers 2022-01-20 Not yet
FoodMicrobionet v4: a large, integrated, open and transparent database for food bacterial communities 2022-01-20
Omicron variant of SARS-CoV-2 exhibits an increased resilience to the antiviral type I interferon response 2022-01-20 Not yet
Genomic library of Bordetella 2022-01-20
High abundance of transcription regulators compacts the nucleoid in Escherichia coli 2022-01-20
Evidence of antibodies against SARS-CoV-2 in wild mustelids from Brittany (France) 2022-01-20
Hurricane Harvey Impacts on Water Quality and Microbial Communities in Houston, TX Waterbodies 2022-01-20
Longitudinal Assessment of SARS-CoV-2 Specific T Cell Cytokine-Producing Responses for 1 Year Reveals Persistence of Multi-Cytokine Proliferative Responses, with Greater Immunity Associated with Disease Severity 2022-01-20
AI-based graptolite identification improves shale gas exploration 2022-01-20
The kinase inhibitor Palbociclib is a potent and specific RNA-binding molecule 2022-01-20
MaxQuant and MSstats in Galaxy enable reproducible cloud-based analysis of quantitative proteomics experiments for everyone 2022-01-20 Not yet
Computation of Antigenicity Predicts SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine Breakthrough Variants 2022-01-20
Discovery of a SARS-CoV-2 Broadly-Acting Neutralizing Antibody with Activity against Omicron and Omicron + R346K Variants 2022-01-20
#PeerReview from @EMBOPress of ???????? Sensitive visualization of SARS-CoV-2 RNA with CoronaFISH 2021-03-15
#PeerReview from @EMBOPress of ???????? Rbfox1 is required for myofibril development and maintaining fiber-type specific isoform expression in Drosophila muscles 2021-05-10
#PeerReview from @EMBOPress of ???????? The SUMO Protease SENP3 Regulates Mitochondrial Autophagy Mediated by Fis1
#PeerReview from @EMBOPress of ???????? An exon junction complex-independent function of Barentsz in neuromuscular synapse growth 2021-02-13
#PeerReview from @EMBOPress of ???????? Trade-offs in adaptation to glycolysis and gluconeogenesis result in a preferential flux direction in central metabolism 2021-12-02
Overlapping transcriptional programs promote survival and axonal regeneration of injured retinal ganglion cells 2022-01-20
c-Fos protein shRNA blockade in the central amygdala nucleus interfere with rats emotional reactivity on behavioral and autonomic level 2022-01-20 Not yet
BIN1 regulates electrical activity and network synchronization in hiPSC-derived neurons 2022-01-20
Interplay between murine sex-biased gene expression and hepatic zonation revealed by single nucleus RNA sequencing 2022-01-20
Phenotypic Pliancy and the Breakdown of Epigenetic Polycomb Mechanisms 2022-01-20
Physiological responses of plants to in vivo XRF radiation damage: insights from elemental, histochemical, anatomical and ultrastructural analyses 2022-01-20
In Vitro and In Vivo Pathogenicity of A. alternata to Sugar beet and Assessment of Sensitivity to Fungicides 2022-01-20 Not yet
Curcumin and NCLX Inhibitors Share Anti-Tumoral Mechanisms in Microsatellite-Instability-Driven Colorectal Cancer 2022-01-20
Redefining the architecture of ferlin proteins: insights into multi-domain protein structure and function 2022-01-20 Not yet
SERM: a self-consistent deep learning solution forrapid and accurate gene expression recovery 2022-01-20
Identification of replication fork-associated proteins in Drosophila embryos and cultured cells using iPOND coupled to quantitative mass spectrometry 2022-01-20
SAIBR: A simple, platform-independent method for spectral autofluorescence correction 2022-01-20
Cell atlas of the human ocular anterior segment: Tissue-specific and shared cell types 2022-01-20
Denoising diffusion weighted imaging data using convolutional neural networks 2022-01-20 Not yet
Expansion and Adaptive Evolution of the mTERF Gene Family in Plants 2022-01-20
Using the UniFrac metric on Whole Genome Shotgun data 2022-01-20
Honey bee flights under ethanol-exposure show changes in body and wing kinematics 2022-01-20
STAT3 regulates cytokine production downstream of TNFR1 in part by inducing expression of TNFAIP3/A20 2022-01-20 Not yet
Mitigation of the age-dependent decline in mitochondrial genome integrity 2022-01-20
Biochemistry and nanomechanical properties of human colon cells upon simvastatin, lovastatin and mevastatin supplementations - Raman imaging and AFM studies 2022-01-20
A local translation program regulates centriole amplification in the airway epithelium 2022-01-20
CDKN1A is a target for phagocytosis-mediated cellular immunotherapy in acute leukemia 2022-01-20
A bivalent EBV vaccine induces neutralizing antibodies that block B and epithelial cell infection and confer immunity in humanized mice 2022-01-20 Not yet
Exploiting Color Space Geometry for Visual Stimulus Design across Animals 2022-01-20 Not yet
pyNeurode: a real-time neural signal processing framework 2022-01-20
Sensory system-specific associations between brain structure and balance 2022-01-20
The cross-domain functional organisation of posterior lateral temporal cortex: Insights from ALE meta-analyses of seven cognitive domains spanning 9515 participants 2022-01-20
Walking elicits global brain activity in Drosophila 2022-01-20
ABLE: Automated Brain Lines Extraction Based on Laplacian Surface Collapse 2022-01-20
Selective inhibition of goal-directed actions in the mesencephalic locomotor region 2022-01-20 Not yet
Specialization in somatostatin subnetworks in sensory and association cortex 2022-01-20 Not yet
Phenotypic deconvolution in heterogeneous cancer cell populations using drug screening data 2022-01-20
ScrepYard: an online resource for disulfide-stabilised tandem repeat peptides 2022-01-20
Resistor: an algorithm for predicting resistance mutations using Pareto optimization over multistate protein design and mutational signatures 2022-01-20
Encoding sensing functions into material interface for a rationally engineered integrated electrochemical liquid biopsy 2022-01-20
Validity and reliability of Kinect v2 for quantifying upper body kinematics during seated reaching 2022-01-20
Chronic social stress induces isolated deficits in reward anticipation on a neuroeconomic foraging task 2022-01-20
Machine learning guided signal enrichment for ultrasensitive plasma tumor burden monitoring 2022-01-20
Assessing the response to genomic selection by simulation 2022-01-20
Espalier: Efficient tree reconciliation and ARG reconstruction using maximum agreement forests 2022-01-20
Higher aboveground carbon stocks in mixed-species planted forests than monocultures - a meta-analysis 2022-01-20
Mitochondrial diversity in the ribbed mussel, Geukensia demissa, relative to high marsh plant diversity at the southern edge of the distribution 2022-01-20
Assessing the impact of roadkill on the persistence of wildlife populations: a case study on the giant anteater 2022-01-20
Olive mill wastewater extract as a potential mosquito larvicide 2022-01-20 Not yet
Fat2 polarizes the WAVE complex in trans to align cell protrusions for collective migration 2022-01-20
T cell response following anti COVID-19 BNT162b2 vaccination is maintained against the SARS-CoV-2 Omicron B.1.1.529 variant of concern 2022-01-20 Not yet
Region-specific CREB function regulates distinct forms of regret associated with resilience versus susceptibility to chronic stress 2022-01-20
A Multisite and Multimodal Comparative Study of Cerebellar Connectome Between Multiple Sclerosis and Neuromyelitis Optica Spectrum Disorders 2022-01-20
Membrane Stretch Gates NMDA Receptors 2022-01-20 Not yet
Modified viral-genetic mapping reveals local and global connectivity relationships of ventral tegmental area dopamine cells 2022-01-20
Xeno-free induced pluripotent stem cell-derived neural progenitor cells for in vivo applications 2022-01-20
Integration of heterogeneous biological data in multiscale mechanistic model calibration: application to lung adenocarcinoma 2022-01-20
CView: A network based tool for enhanced alignment visualization 2022-01-20
Sequencing of individual barcoded cDNAs on Pacific Biosciences and Oxford Nanopore reveals platform-specific error patterns 2022-01-20
Joint embedding of biological networks for cross-species functional alignment 2022-01-20
A deep CNN framework for neural drive estimation from HD-EMG across contraction intensities and joint angles 2022-01-20 Not yet
Serological screening suggests single SARS-CoV-2 spillover events to cattle 2022-01-20
Regulators of proteostasis are translationally repressed in fibroblasts from sporadic and LRRK2-G2019S Parkinson's patients 2022-01-20
The formal demography of kinship IV: Two-sex models 2022-01-20
Alveolar cell fate selection and lifelong maintenance of AT2 cells by FGF signaling 2022-01-20
Cell-Type Specific Profiling of Histone Post-Translational Modifications in the Adult Mouse Striatum 2022-01-20
A whole-brain 3D myeloarchitectonic atlas: mapping the Vogt-Vogt legacy to the cortical surface 2022-01-20
Improvements in estimating bioaccumulation metrics in the light of toxicokinetics models and Bayesian inference 2022-01-20
Contractility-induced self-organization of smooth muscle cells: from multilayer cell sheets to dynamic three-dimensional clusters 2022-01-20
Symbolic Kinetic Models in Python (SKiMpy): Intuitive modeling of large-scale biological kinetic models 2022-01-20
Combinatorial selection of biomarkers to optimize gene signatures in diagnostics and single cell applications 2022-01-20
Impact of ionizing radiation on the environmental microbiomes of Chernobyl wetlands 2022-01-20
Predator-prey interactions in a warming world: the critical role of cold tolerance 2022-01-20
Isolating perceptual biases caused by trial history during auditory categorization 2022-01-20
Re-routing metabolism by the mitochondrial pyruvate carrier inhibitor MSDC-0160 attenuates neurodegeneration in a rat model of Parkinson's disease 2022-01-20
Increasing discovery rates in preclinical research through optimised statistical decision criteria 2022-01-20
Matrix viscoelasticity controls spatio-temporal tissue organization 2022-01-20
An evolutionary algorithm for inverse RNA folding inspired by Levy flights 2022-01-20
SNP calling for the Illumina Infinium Omni5-4 SNP BeadChip kit using the butterfly method 2022-01-20
Identifying interactions in omics data for clinical biomarker discovery 2022-01-20
Probabilistic quotient's work and pharmacokinetics' contribution: countering size effect in metabolic time series measurements 2022-01-20
Plausible pathway for a host-parasite molecular replication network to increase its complexity through Darwinian evolution 2022-01-20 Not yet
Region Selective Cortical Control Of The Thalamic Reticular Nucleus 2022-01-20
Robust, long-term video EEG monitoring in a porcine model of post-traumatic epilepsy. 2022-01-20
Metastability, fractal scaling, and synergistic information processing: what phase relationships reveal about intrinsic brain activity 2022-01-20
Structural insights into the galanin receptors signaling 2022-01-20
Royal knifefish generate powerful suction feeding through large neurocranial elevation and high muscle power output 2022-01-20
Acclimation of phenology relieves leaf longevity constraints in deciduous forests 2022-01-20
Long dsRNA mediated RNA interference (dsRNAi) is antiviral in interferon competent mammalian cells 2022-01-20 Not yet
Structural changes after early life adversity in rodents: a systematic review with meta-analysis 2022-01-20
Evolutionary PTEN Gene Divergence Underpins the Remodeling of Plant Vacuolar Compartments 2022-01-20
Scale Bar of Aging Trajectories for Screening Personal Rejuvenation Treatments 2022-01-20
The two-component system ChvGI maintains cell envelope homeostasis in Caulobacter crescentus 2022-01-20 Not yet
Macroscopic chemical to electrical signal converter in microbial communities 2022-01-20
The accuracy of protein structures in solution determined by AlphaFold and NMR 2022-01-20
Ubiquitinome analysis of articular cartilage post mechanical injury reveals a differential ubiquitination pattern of a subset of DUBs and proteins linked to the ERAD cellular response 2022-01-20
Structural features of Dnase1L3 responsible for serum antigen clearance
Structural analysis of Red1 as a conserved scaffold of the RNA-targeting MTREC/PAXT complex 2022-01-20 Not yet
Polycistronic baculovirus expression of SUGT1 enables high-yield production of recombinantleucine-rich repeat proteins and protein complexes 2022-01-20
Probing the proton release by Photosystem II in the S1 to S2 high-spin transition 2022-01-20
Genetic control of KRAB-ZFP genes explains distal CpG-site methylation which associates with human disease phenotypes. 2022-01-20
Massively parallel genomic perturbations with multi-target CRISPR reveal new insights on Cas9 activity and DNA damage responses at endogenous sites 2022-01-20
Increased early sodium current provokes familial atrial fibrillation and reduces effectiveness of sodium channel block 2022-01-20
HuR-dependent expression of Wisp1 is necessary for TGF????-induced cardiac myofibroblast activity 2022-01-20
Lamin A/C phosphorylation at serine 22 is a conserved heat shock response to regulate nuclear adaptation during stress 2022-01-20 Not yet
Merkel cell polyomavirus regulates miR183 cluster and piR62011 in Merkel cell carcinoma 2022-01-20 Not yet
CDC50 orthologues in Plasmodium falciparum have distinct roles in merozoite egress and trophozoite maturation 2022-01-20 Not yet
Structural insights into G protein activation by D1 dopamine receptor 2022-01-20 Not yet
Linking Dynamic DNA Secondary Structures to Genome Instability 2022-01-20
RNF213 reshapes vascular transcriptome and epigenome; A potential role of Alternative splicing in Moyamoya pathology 2022-01-20
Proton-pumping rhodopsins in marine diatoms
Low diversity and instability of the sinus microbiota over time in adults with cystic fibrosis 2022-01-20
Identification of a biosynthetic gene cluster encoding a novel lanthanide chelator in Methylorubrum extorquens AM1 2022-01-20 Not yet
Genomic diversity of Helicobacter pylori populations from different regions of the human stomach. 2022-01-20
SARS-CoV-2 Omicron efficiently infects human airway, but not alveolar epithelium 2022-01-20 Not yet
Metagenomics revealing molecular profiling of microbial community structure and metabolic capacity in Bamucuo, Tibet 2022-01-20
Environmental and taxonomic drivers of bacterial extracellular vesicle production in marine ecosystems 2022-01-20
Inflammation in the COVID-19 airway is due to inhibition of CFTR signaling by the SARS-CoV-2 Spike protein 2022-01-20 Not yet
Ex Vivo Validation of Six FDA-Approved Non-Receptor Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors (NRTKIs) as Antivirals to Pandemic and Seasonal Influenza A Viruses 2022-01-20 Not yet
Novel Internalin P homologs in Listeria 2022-01-20
Enterococcus faecalis antagonizes Pseudomonas aeruginosa growth in polymicrobial biofilms 2022-01-20 Not yet
Molecular basis of broad neutralization against SARS-CoV-2 variants including Omicron by a human antibody 2022-01-20
NRP1 and furin as putative mediators of SARS-CoV-2 entry into human brain cells 2022-01-20
Broad-host-range mutagenesis with CRISPR-associated transposase 2022-01-20
Dopamine ameliorates hyperglycemic memory-induced vascular dysfunction in diabetic retinopathy 2022-01-20 Not yet
Tactical signalling by victims increases bystander consolation in bonobos 2022-01-20
Decoding the activated stem cell phenotype of the vividly maturing neonatal pituitary 2022-01-20
Unexpected growth of a classic yeast auxotroph 2022-01-20
Doderlin: Isolation and Characterization of a Broad-Spectrum Antimicrobial Peptide from Lactobacillus acidophilus 2022-01-20
Extended bacterial diversity of the urinary microbiome of reproductive-age healthy European women captured by culturomics and long-read amplicon sequencing 2022-01-20
SARS-CoV-2 infection results in lasting and systemic perturbations post recovery 2022-01-20
A potent alpaca-derived nanobody that neutralizes SARS-CoV-2 variants 2022-01-20
An excitatory-inhibitory fronto-cerebellar loop resolves the Stroop effect 2022-01-20
Seeing sounds: Neural mechanisms underlying auditory contributions to visual detection 2022-01-20
Probing the influence of SMA and vmPFC on the motor system with dual-site transcranial magnetic stimulation 2022-01-20
#PeerReview from @PeerCommunityIn of ???????? Machine learning models based on molecular descriptors to predict human and environmental toxicological factors in continental freshwater 2022-01-12
Elucidating gene expression patterns across multiple biological contexts through a large-scale investigation of transcriptomic datasets 2022-01-20 Not yet
Reconstructing the spatiotemporal patterns of admixture during the European Holocene using a novel genomic dating method 2022-01-20
The developmental origin and the specification of the adrenal cortex in humans and cynomolgus monkeys 2022-01-20
Hedgehog regulation of epithelial cell state and morphogenesis in the larynx 2022-01-20 Not yet
SARS-CoV-2 Delta variant induces enhanced pathology and inflammatory responses in K18-hACE2 mice 2022-01-19
Neural hyperactivity is a core pathophysiological change induced by deletion of an autism risk gene Ash1l in the mouse brain 2022-01-20
High-Throughput Screening for Myelination Promoting Compounds Using Human Stem Cell-derived Oligodendrocyte Progenitor Cells Identifies Novel Targets 2022-01-20
Changes in late frontal event-related potentials to self-produced foreign phonemes correlate with improvements in pronunciation 2022-01-20
High activity of an affinity-matured ACE2 decoy against Omicron SARS-CoV-2 and pre-emergent coronaviruses 2022-01-19
Differences in environmental stability among SARS-CoV-2 variants of concern: Omicron has higher stability 2022-01-19 Not yet
Nirmatrelvir, Molnupiravir, and Remdesivir maintain potent in vitro activity against the SARS-CoV-2 Omicron variant 2022-01-19
Prediction and validation of host cleavage targets of SARS-CoV-2 3C like protease 2022-01-19
#PeerReview from @EMBOPress of ???????? Bimodal fibrosis in a novel mouse model of bleomycin-induced usual interstitial pneumonia 2021-03-19
#PeerReview from @EMBOPress of ???????? Electron Cryo-Tomography Structure of Axonemal Doublet Microtubule from Tetrahymena thermophila 2021-07-14
The Life Span of the Great Black Wasp Sphex pensylvanicus L> (Hymenoptera: Sphecidae) and Other Observations from a Nesting Aggregation in Sioux City, Iowa, USA> 2003 -2017 2022-01-19
TGFβ receptor inhibition unleashes interferon-β production by tumor-associated macrophages and enhances radiotherapy efficacy 2022-01-19
Particle flow modulates growth dynamics and nanoscale-arrested growth of transcription factor condensates in living cells 2022-01-19
ccnWheat: A Database for Comparing Co-expression Networks Analysis of Allohexaploid Wheat and Its Progenitors
Nirmatrelvir, an orally active Mpro inhibitor, is a potent inhibitor of SARS-CoV-2 Variants of Concern 2022-01-19
Structural basis for Nirmatrelvir in vitro efficacy against the Omicron variant of SARS-CoV-2 2022-01-19
Pain-related learning signals in the human insula 2022-01-19
Transcriptomic and functional genetic evidence for distinct ecophysiological responses across complex life cycle stages 2022-01-19
Dogma and belief: the primary lesion in age-related hearing loss is old news 2022-01-19
Impaired iron recycling from erythrocytes is an early iron-dependent hallmark of aging 2022-01-19 Not yet
UbE3-APA: A Bioinformatic Strategy to Elucidate Ubiquitin E3 Ligase Activities in Quantitative Proteomics Study 2022-01-19
#PeerReview from @eLife of ???????? First-order visual interneurons distribute distinct contrast and luminance information across ON and OFF pathways to achieve stable behavior
#PeerReview from @ReviewCommons of ???????? Population-level survey of loss-of-function mutations revealed that background dependent fitness genes are rare and functionally related in yeast 2021-11-26
#PeerReview from @eLife of ???????? BrainPalmSeq: A curated RNA-seq database of palmitoylating and de-palmitoylating enzyme expression in the mouse brain 2021-12-06
#PeerReview from @eLife of ???????? Tonic engagement of nicotinic receptors bidirectionally controls striatal spiny projection neuron spike timing 2021-12-06
#PeerReview from @eLife of ???????? An essential role for a discrete parasubthalamic nucleus subpopulation in appetite suppression 2021-11-28
Conservation and divergence of myelin proteome and oligodendrocyte transcriptome profiles between humans and mice 2022-01-19 Not yet
NestedBD: Bayesian Inference of Phylogenetic Trees From Single-Cell DNA Copy Number Profile Data Under a Birth-Death Model 2022-01-19
Viability, task switching, and fall avoidance of the simplest dynamic walker 2022-01-19
A protocol for locating and counting transgenic sequences from laboratory animals using a map-then-capture (MapCap) sequencing workflow: procedure and application of results. 2022-01-19
CaPTrends: A global database of Carnivoran Population Trends 2022-01-19
Re-use of labware reduces CO2 equivalent footprint and running costs in laboratories 2022-01-19
Computed tomographic analysis of the dental system of three Jurassic ceratopsians: implications for the evolution of the tooth replacement pattern and diet in early-diverging ceratopsians 2022-01-19
Neuron-specific protein network mapping of autism risk genes identifies shared biological mechanisms and disease relevant pathologies 2022-01-19
Effect of habitual reading direction on saccadic eye movements 2022-01-18
Rethinking Statistical Learning as a Dynamic Stochastic Process, from The Motor Systems Perspective 2022-01-19
Algorithms for Estimating Time-Locked Neural Response Components in Cortical Processing of Continuous Speech 2022-01-19
Identification of differential hypothalamic DNA methylation and gene expression associated with sexual partner preferences in rams 2022-01-18
#PeerReview from @EMBOPress of ???????? Myosin VI regulates ciliogenesis by promoting the turnover of the centrosomal/satellite protein OFD1 2021-06-19
Impact of pre-breeding feeding practices on rabbit mammary gland development at mid-pregnancy. 2022-01-18 Not yet
Exposure to 1800 MHz LTE electromagnetic fields under proinflammatory conditions decreases the response strength and increases the acoustic threshold of auditory cortical neurons. 2022-01-18
Metabolic competition between lipid metabolism and histone methylation regulates sexual differentiation in human malaria parasites. 2022-01-18 Not yet
Video based phenotyping platform for the laboratory mouse 2022-01-18 Not yet
In vitro demonstration of broad host range mobile genetic elements transferring antibiotic resistance from the human microbiome 2022-01-18 Not yet
Selection analysis identifies unusual clustered mutational changes in Omicron lineage BA.1 that likely impact Spike function 2022-01-18
Assessing Myf5 and Lbx1 contribution to carapace development by reproducing their turtle-specific signatures in mouse embryos 2022-01-18
Distinct roles for SOX2 and SOX21 in differentiation, distribution and maturation of pulmonary neuroendocrine cells 2022-01-18 Not yet
A family of C. elegans VASA homologs control Argonaute pathway specificity and promote transgenerational silencing 2022-01-18 Not yet
Elevation of Clavibacter michiganensis subsp. californiensis to species level as Clavibacter californiensis sp. nov., merging and re-classification of Clavibacter michiganensis subsp. chilensis and Clavibacter ... 2022-01-18 Not yet
Genomic surveillance of Bacillus cereus sensu lato strains isolated from meat and poultry products in South Africa enables inter- and intra-national surveillance and source tracking 2022-01-18
Development of an HIV reporter virus that identifies latently infected CD4+ T cells 2022-01-18
Polyfunctional IL-17A+ MAIT cells are expanded in the peripheral blood of patients with HLA-B27+ axial spondyloarthritis 2022-01-18
Arresting microbiome development limits immune system maturation and resistance to infection. 2022-01-18
Fam49b dampens TCR signal strength to regulate survival of positively selected thymocytes 2022-01-18 Not yet
SUMO/deSUMOylation of the BRI1 brassinosteroid receptor modulates plant growth responses to temperature 2022-01-18
Single cell profiling of γδ hepatosplenic T-cell lymphoma unravels tumor cell heterogeneity associated with disease progression 2022-01-18
Activation of the Integrated Stress Response overcomes multidrug resistance in FBXW7-deficient cells 2022-01-18
Dual Targeting of FLT3 and LSD1 Disrupts the MYC Super-Enhancer Complex in Acute Myeloid Leukemia 2022-01-18
AXL-TBK1 driven nuclear AKT3 promotes metastasis 2022-01-18
Capturing non-local through-bond effects in molecular mechanics force fields: II. Using fractional bond orders to fit torsion parameters 2022-01-18
Ultra high diversity factorizable libraries for efficient therapeutic discovery 2022-01-18
De-tensioning of collagen fibers optimizes endometrial receptivity and improves the rate of embryo implantation 2022-01-18 Not yet
MicroRNA Detection in Biological Media Using a Split Aptamer Platform 2022-01-18 Not yet
How Glutamate Promotes Liquid-liquid Phase Separation and DNA Binding Cooperativity of E. coli SSB Protein 2022-01-18
Super-silencers regulated by chromatin interactions control apoptotic genes 2022-01-18
Parallel evolution of amphioxus and vertebrate small-scale gene duplications 2022-01-18
xia2.multiplex: a multi-crystal data analysis pipeline 2022-01-18
A genome-wide screen identifies SCAI as a modulator of the UV-induced replicative stress response in human cells 2022-01-18
Mucociliary Transport Deficiency and Disease Progression in Syrian Hamsters with SARS-CoV-2 Infection 2022-01-18
Trypanosoma brucei: A novel system for metacyclogenesis and complete cyclical development in vitro 2022-01-18
Evidence of increased Cathepsin B/L and decreased TMPRSS2 usage for cell entry by the SARS-CoV-2 Omicron variant
Infection strategy and biogeography distinguish cosmopolitan groups of marine jumbo bacteriophages 2022-01-18
ASGR1 is a candidate receptor for SARS-CoV-2 that promotes infection of liver cells 2022-01-18 Not yet
Obesity associated with attenuated tissue immune cell responses in COVID-19 2022-01-18
Chronic hyperglycemia drives alterations in macrophage effector function in pulmonary tuberculosis 2022-01-18
Central tolerance is impaired in the middle-aged thymic environment 2022-01-18
Mapping the developing human immune system across organs 2022-01-18
Genome-wide identification of preferentially located motifs in gene-proximal regions provides new insights into cis-regulatory sequences in plants 2022-01-18 Not yet
Supporting per-locus substitution rates improves the accuracy of species networks and avoids spurious reticulations 2022-01-18 Not yet
YAP restricts renal inflammation and mitigates kidney damage in nephronothisis related kidney disease. 2022-01-18 Not yet
Evolutionary conservation of A/T-ending codons reflects co-regulation of expression and complex formation. 2022-01-18
Bayesian stroke modeling details sex biases in the white matter substrates of aphasia 2022-01-18
Phylovar: Towards scalable phylogeny-aware inference of single-nucleotide variations from single-cell DNA sequencing data 2022-01-18
RASCL: Rapid Assessment Of SARS-CoV-2 Clades Through Molecular Sequence Analysis 2022-01-18
Immunokinetic Model for COVID-19 Patients 2022-01-18
Cell viability assessment associated with a contact of gas bubbles produced by femtosecond laser breakdown in cell culture media 2022-01-18
#PeerReview from @eLife of ???????? Parallel pathways for rapid odor processing in lateral entorhinal cortex: Rate and temporal coding by layer 2 subcircuits 2021-08-19
Capturing the signalling dynamics of the MAPK-AKT-mTOR pathway in a single targeted phosphoproteomics assay 2022-01-18
Avobenzone, Guaiazulene and Tioxolone identified as potent autophagy inducers in a high-throughput image based screen for autophagy flux 2022-01-18
The Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis-associated single nucleotide polymorphism rs35705950 is transcribed in a MUC5B PromoterAssociated Long Non-Coding RNA(AC061979.1) 2022-01-18
Differential UBE2H-CTLH E2-E3 ubiquitylation modules regulate erythroid maturation 2022-01-18 Not yet
Second Climate Survey of Biomedical PhD Students in the Time of Covid 2022-01-18
Differential Impact of Doxorubicin Dose on Cell Death and Autophagy Pathways during Acute Cardiotoxicity. 2022-01-18
MutSigCVsyn: Identification of Thirty Synonymous Cancer Drivers 2022-01-18
Single-sequence protein structure prediction using supervised transformer protein language models 2022-01-18
NIMAA: an R/CRAN package to accomplish NomInal data Mining AnAlysis 2022-01-18
scSampler: fast diversity-preserving subsampling of large-scale single-cell transcriptomic data 2022-01-18
MERIT: controlling Monte-Carlo error rate in large-scale Monte-Carlo hypothesis testing 2022-01-18
Engineering Rotating Apical-Out Airway Organoid for Assessing Respiratory Cilia Motility 2022-01-18
On the Edge: Identifying priority areas for conservation of Fishing Cat, a threatened wetland felid, amidst rapidly altering freshwater landscapes 2022-01-18
Entamoeba histolytica EHD1 is involved in mitosome-endosome contact 2022-01-18
Dual Specificity Phosphatase 7 Drives the Formation of Cardiac Mesoderm in Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells 2022-01-18 Not yet
Multiplexed imaging mass cytometry reveals distincttumor-immune microenvironments linked to immunotherapyresponses in melanoma 2022-01-18
Analog of the Hutchinson equation in biophysical neurodynamics: from the Morris-Lecar model to a delay differential equation 2022-01-18
Cell morphological profiling enables high-throughput screening for PROteolysis TArgeting Chimera (PROTAC) phenotypic signature 2022-01-18
A new method for the sampling and preservation of placental specimens in low-resource settings for histology and analysis of nucleic acids 2022-01-18
Hidden multiplicity in the analysis of variance (ANOVA): multiple contrast tests as an alternative 2022-01-18
Spatially resolved single-cell deconvolution of bulk RNA-seq using Bulk2Space 2022-01-18
3D MRI atlases of congenital aortic arch anomalies and normal fetal heart: application to automated multi-label segmentation 2022-01-18
Data-driven extraction of human kinase-substrate relationships from omics datasets 2022-01-18
Yeast biopanning for detecting antibody binding to site-specific phosphorylations in tau 2022-01-18
Wireless closed-loop smart bandage for chronic wound management and accelerated tissue regeneration 2022-01-18 Not yet
Topological supramolecular network enabled highly conductive and stretchable organic bioelectronics 2022-01-18
Strategies of invertebrate osmoregulation: an evolutionary blueprint for transmuting into fresh water from the sea 2022-01-18
Rapid and repeatable genome evolution across three hybrid ant populations 2022-01-18
Occurrence Of Avian Reovirus And Picobirnavirus In Wild Birds In An Environmental Protection Area In The Amazon Biome, Para, Brazil 2022-01-18
Dietary butyrate treatment enhances healthy metabolites by longitudinal untargeted metabolomic analysis in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis mice 2022-01-18
The secreted metabolome of HeLa cells under effect of Crotamine, a cell-penetrating peptide from a rattlesnake using NMR-based metabolomics analyses 2022-01-18 Not yet
Mucolytic bacteria license pathobionts to acquire host-derived nutrients during dietary nutrient restriction 2022-01-18
Differential remodelling in small and large murine airways revealed by novel whole lung airway analysis. 2022-01-18
Longitudinal monitoring of disease burden and response using ctDNA from dried blood spots in xenograft models 2022-01-18
Optimized phylogenetic clustering of HIV-1 sequence data for public health applications 2022-01-18
Sparse and Skew Hashing of K-Mers 2022-01-18
#PeerReview from @eLife of ???????? Inter-tissue convergence of gene expression and loss of cellular identity during ageing 2022-01-17
Catch bond models explain how force amplifies TCR signaling and antigen discrimination 2022-01-18
Mucosal associated invariant T cells are altered in patients with Hidradenitis Suppurativa and contribute to the inflammatory milieu 2022-01-18
Light activation of Orange Carotenoid Protein reveals initial C8'-C7' double bond trans/cis photoisomerization 2022-01-18
Quantitative Models of Lipid Transfer and Membrane Contact Formation 2022-01-18
#PeerReview from @eLife of ???????? YAP1 Activation by Human Papillomavirus E7 Promotes Basal Cell Identity in Squamous Epithelia 2021-11-10
Collateral cleavage of 28s rRNA by RfxCas13d causes death of mice 2022-01-18
A hippocampal-hypothalamic circuit essential for anxiety-related behavioral avoidance 2022-01-18
Brainwide input-output architecture of paraventricular oxytocin and vasopressin neurons 2022-01-18
#PeerReview from @eLife of ???????? Leading edge stability in motile cells is an emergent property of branched actin network growth 2022-01-14
Criticality and network structure drive emergent oscillations in a stochastic whole-brain model 2022-01-18
Task-specific neural processes underlying conflict resolution during cognitive control 2022-01-18
A quantitative analysis of the similarities and differences of the HIV/FIV gag genome 2022-01-17
The Streptococcus agalactiae R3 surface protein is encoded by sar5 2022-01-17
The voltage-gated Cav Ca2+ channel subunit α2δ-4 is required for locomotor behavior and sensorimotor gating in mice 2022-01-17 Not yet
Comparative study of the unbinding process of some HTLV-1 protease inhibitors using Unbiased Molecular Dynamics simulation 2022-01-17
Discrimination of edge orientation by bumblebees 2022-01-17
Basis of narrow-spectrum activity of fidaxomicin on gut pathogen Clostridioides difficile 2022-01-17 Not yet
A deep learning pipeline for segmentation of Proteus mirabilis colony patterns 2022-01-17
Tuftsin: a natural molecule against SARS-CoV-2 infection 2022-01-17
The coupling between healthspan and lifespan in Caenorhabditis depends on complex interactions between compound intervention and genetic background 2022-01-17
Genome sequence data reveal at least two distinct incursions of the tropical race 4 (TR4) variant of Fusarium wilt into South America 2022-01-17
User-guided local and global copy-number segmentation for tumor sequencing data 2022-01-17
ISSAAC-seq enables sensitive and flexible multimodal profiling of chromatin accessibility and gene expression in single cells 2022-01-17
A chromosome-scale genome assembly of the false clownfish, Amphiprion ocellaris 2022-01-17
Development of efficient RNAi methods in the corn leafhopper Dalbulus maidis, a promising application for pest control 2022-01-17 Not yet
Population-specific association of Clock gene polymorphism with annual cycle timing in stonechats 2022-01-17
A novel mechanism for left-right asymmetry establishment involving tissue remodeling and MyoID 2022-01-17
Divergent age-related methylation patterns in long and short-lived mammals 2022-01-17
Exocyst stimulates each step of exocytic SNARE complex assembly and vesicle fusion 2022-01-17
The oncogene FOXQ1 is a selective activator of Wnt/β-catenin signalling 2022-01-17 Not yet
Human tRNA methyltransferase ALKBH8 targets wider repertoire of tRNAs and non-coding RNAs 2022-01-17 Not yet
Activation of the dorsal septum increases alcohol consumption in male C57BL/6J mice. 2022-01-17
Stomatal anatomy, leaf structure and nutrients of tropical rainforest tree species respond to altitude in a coordinated manner in accordance with the leaf economics spectrum 2022-01-17
Comparative Phenotyping of Two Commonly Used Chlamydomonas reinhardtii Background Strains: CC-1690 (21gr) and CC-5325 (the CLiP Mutant Library Background) 2022-01-17 Not yet
Blocking Kir6.2 channels with SpTx1 potentiates glucose-stimulated insulin secretion from murine pancreatic β cells and lowers blood glucose in diabetic mice 2022-01-17 Not yet
In vivo inactivation of RAD51-mediated homologous recombination leads to premature aging, but not to tumorigenesis 2022-01-17 Not yet
RT-qPCR as a screening platform for mutational and small molecule impacts on structural stability of RNA tertiary structures 2022-01-17 Not yet
piggyBac-system-mediated genomic integration of large variant libraries for deep mutational scanning in mammalian cells 2022-01-17 Not yet
An efficient simplified method for the generation of corneal epithelial cells from human pluripotent stem cells 2022-01-17
Crystal Structure of Caskin1/CASK complex reveals the molecular basis of the binding specificity of CASK_CAMK domain and its binding partners 2022-01-17
Thermodynamic analysis of Zα domain-nucleic acid interactions 2022-01-17
Palatal morphology predicts the paleobiology of early salamanders 2022-01-17
The central role of the interspecific interactions in the evolution of microbial communities 2022-01-17 Not yet
Live-cell fluorescence lifetime multiplexing using synthetic fluorescent probes 2022-01-17
Mod(mdg4) variants repress telomeric retrotransposonHeT-A by blocking subtelomeric enhancers 2022-01-17
Using strain-resolved analysis to identify contamination in metagenomics data 2022-01-17
Out of the blue: the independent activity of sulfur-oxidizers and diatoms mediate the sudden color shift of a tropical river 2022-01-17
Conserved Untranslated Regions of Multipartite Viruses: Natural Markers of Novel Viral Genomic Components and Tags of Viral Evolution 2022-01-17
Meta-analysis of the black soldier fly (Hermetia illucens) microbiota based on 16S rRNA gene amplicon sequencing 2022-01-17
Rapid exchange of stably bound protein and DNA cargo on a DNA origami receptor 2022-01-17
Novel MBLs inhibitors screened from FDA-approved drug library restore the susceptibility of carbapenems to NDM-1-harbouring bacteria 2022-01-17 Not yet
MeShClust v3.0: High-quality clustering of DNA sequences using the mean shift algorithm and alignment-free identity scores 2022-01-17
The role of intraspecific competition during post-glacial recolonization: a Norway spruce case study 2022-01-17
Human Mucosal Associated Invariant T cell proliferation is dependent on a MYC-SLC7A5-Glycolysis metabolic axis 2022-01-17
Endothelial transmigration hotspots limit vascular leakage through heterogeneous expression of ICAM1 2022-01-17
Absence of the fragile X mental retardation protein alters response patterns to sounds in the auditory midbrain 2022-01-17
Glycation renders alpha-synuclein oligomeric strain and modulates microglia activation 2022-01-17 Not yet
Generic principles of space compartmentalization in protocell patterns 2022-01-17
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