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Barzooka is a deep convolutional neural network that screens publication PDFs and checks for bar graphs of continuous data and other common graphing issues. Many different data distributions can lead to the same bar graph and the actual data may suggest different conclusions from the summary statistics alone. Barzooka also detects more informative alternatives to bar graphs, like dot plots, box plots and histograms. This website shows the detection of bar graphs for continuous data in bioRxiv preprints. A screening pipeline retrieves new preprints on a daily basis and screens them for bar graphs for continuous data. Preprints with bar graph detection are highlighted (column 'parse status') as well as the detected pages (click on 'View results'). Future interventions are planned to inform the authors of preprints about better alternatives for bar graphs.

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#PeerReview from @eLife of ???????? Universal markers support a long inter-domain branch between Archaea and Bacteria
#PeerReview from @eLife of ???????? Cannabinoid signaling modulation through JZL184 restores key phenotypes of a mouse model for Williams-Beuren syndrome
Chemo-mechanical Diffusion Waves Orchestrate Collective Dynamics of Immune Cell Podosomes
A chemical method to sequence 5-formylcytosine on RNA
#PeerReview from #GigaByte of ???????? De novo chromosome level assembly of the mule deer (Odocoileus hemionus) genome
#PeerReview from @ASAPbio_ of ???????? Pathogenic mutations in the chromokinesin KIF22 disrupt anaphase chromosome segregation
Zinc finger protein Zfp335 controls early T cell development and survival through beta-selection-dependent and -independent mechanisms
The Effect of COVID-19 on the Postdoctoral Experience: a comparison of pre-pandemic and pandemic surveys.
Computational Compensatory Mutation Discovery Approach: Predicting a PARP1 Variant Rescue Mutation
A deep learning framework for inference of single-trial neural population activity from calcium imaging with sub-frame temporal resolution
Artificial Intelligence Guided Conformational Mining of Intrinsically Disordered Proteins
pISA-tree - a data management framework for life science research projects using a standardised directory tree
Biomechanics of aging and osteoarthritic human knee ligaments
Genotyping strategies for detecting CRISPR mutations in polyploid species: a case study-based approach in hexaploid wheat
Uncovering Xenobiotics in the Dark Metabolome using Ion Mobility Spectrometry, Mass Defect Analysis and Machine Learning
Unravelling the regulation pathway of photosynthetic AB-GAPDH
Modern microbial mats from the Chihuahuan Desert provide insights into ecological stability throughout Earth's history
Alu repeats at the boundaries of regulatory elements shape the epigenetic environment of immune genes in T cells
Exploration of the antimicrobial synergy between selected natural substances on Streptococcus mutans to identify candidates for the control of dental caries
Optimizing transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) electrode position, size, and distance doubles the on-target cortical electric field: Evidence from 3000 Human Connectome Project models
Motor plans under uncertainty reflect a trade-off between maximizing reward and success
Stress deceleration theory: chronic adolescent stress exposure results in decelerated neurobehavioral maturation
Transient inhibition to light explains stronger V1 responses to dark stimuli
Artificial Intelligence uncovers carcinogenic human metabolites
Systematic Interrogation of Protein Refolding Under Cellular-Like Conditions
Unsupervised cell functional annotation for single-cell RNA-Seq
Transcriptomic Analysis of 3D Vasculature-On-A-Chip Reveals Paracrine Factors Affecting Vasculature Growth and Maturation
Parapatric speciation with recurrent gene flow of two sexual dichromatic pheasants
Respiratory Syncytial virus NS1 protein targets the transactivator binding domain of MED25
Regnase-1 deficiency restrains Klebsiella pneumoniae infection by regulation of a Type I interferon response
Re-evaluating the actin-dependence of spectraplakin functions during axon growth and maintenance
Individual Stability of Pain- and Touch-Related Neuronal Gamma Oscillations
A novel mutation (E83Q) unlocks the pathogenicity of human alpha-synuclein fibrils and recapitulates its pathological diversity
RNA-Seq analysis identifies novel roles for the primary cilia gene SPAG17 and the SOX9 locus non-coding RNAs in systemic sclerosis
Cohesion in male singing behavior predicts group reproductive output in a social songbird
Conformational Changes in the Negative Arm of the Circadian Clock Correlate with Dynamic Interactomes Involved in Post-transcriptionally Regulated Processes
Single-Channel Permeability from Markovian Milestoning, Umbrella Sampling, and Voltage Simulations
A glycerol shunt functions as a glucose excess security valve in pancreatic β-cells
Organization and dynamics of the SpoVAEa protein, and its surrounding inner membrane lipids upon germination of Bacillus subtilis spores
Epigenetic changes in autoimmune monocytes contribute to disease and can be targeted by JAKinhibition
Multi-timescale biological learning algorithms train spiking neuronal network motor control
The Contributions of Eye Gaze Fixations and Target-Lure Similarity to Behavioral and fMRI Indices of Pattern Separation and Pattern Completion
A multiscale X-ray phase-contrast tomography dataset of whole human left lung
Active Segregation Dynamics in the Living Cell
Fast DNA-PAINT imaging using a deep neural network
cNap1 bridges centriole contact sites to maintain centrosome cohesion
Heat activation and inactivation of bacterial spores. Is there an overlap?
Distinct neurocognitive bases for social trait judgments of faces in autism spectrum disorder
Constructing threat probability, fear behaviour, and aversive prediction error in the brainstem.
A Comparison Study between Autism Spectrum Disorder and Typically Control in Graph Frequency Bands Using Graph and Triadic Interaction Metrics
Balancing selection and the crossing of fitness valleys in structured populations: diversification in the gametophytic self-incompatibility system
A ROS-Ca2+ signalling pathway identified from a chemical screen for modifiers of sugar-activated circadian gene expression.
The annotation and analysis of complex 3D plant organs using 3DCoordX
Substrate dependent homeostatic control of c-di-AMP synthase (MsDisA) and hydrolase (MsPDE) from Mycobacterium smegmatis
Systematic in silico discovery of novel solute carrier-like proteins from proteomes
A Method for Computationally Constructing Eukaryotic Synthetic Signal Peptide Sequences
Strict adherence to Mendel's First Law across a large sample of human sperm genomes
Host exposure to symbionts and ecological drift generate divergence in parasite community assembly
Circadian regulation of lung repair and regeneration
A large scale, multiple genome comparison of acidophilic Archaea (pH <= 5.0) extends our understanding of oxidative stress responses in polyextreme environments
Listeria spp. Isolated from Soil Samples Collected in the Great Smoky Mountains
Oscillatory population-level activity of dorsal raphe serotonergic neurons sculpts sleep structure
Designing and comparing cleaning pipelines for TMS-EEG data: a theoretical overview and practical example
The P600, but not N400, is modulated by sustained attention
Reset Networks: Emergent Topography in Networks of Convolutional Neural Networks
Frontal but not parietal cortex is required for decisions under risk
Glutamate-Weighted Magnetic Resonance Imaging (GluCEST) Detects Effects of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation to the Motor Cortex
Oxygenated hemoglobin signal provides greater predictive performance of experimental condition than de-oxygenated
Non-invasive visualization of amyloid-beta deposits in Alzheimer amyloidosis mice using magnetic resonance imaging and fluorescence molecular tomography
Putting the theory into 'burstlet theory': A biophysical model of bursts and burstlets in the respiratory preBötzinger complex
Beyond gradients: Noise correlations control Hebbian plasticity to shape credit assignment
Theta activity during encoding interacts with NREM sleep oscillations to predict memory generalization
Disruption Of Proprioceptive Information During Electrical Stimulation Of The Cutaneous Afferents
Assessment of temporal complexity in functional MRI between rest and task conditions
Doppler Slicing for Ultrasound Super-Resolution Without Contrast Agents
Transcriptome and fatty-acid signatures of adipocyte hypertrophy and its non-invasive MR-based characterization in human adipose tissue
The effect of external stimulation on functional networks in the aging healthy human brain
Microscopic Characterization of the Chloride Permeation Pathway in the Human Excitatory Amino Acid Transporter 1 (EAAT1)
PDFGRα+ Stromal Cells Promote Salivary Gland Proacinar Differentiation Through FGF2-dependent BMP7 Signaling.
Heat stress leads to rapid lipid remodelling and transcriptional adaptations in Nicotiana tabacum pollen tubes
Self-organization of in vitro neuronal assemblies drives to complex network topology
The natural compound TMYX reduces SAN cells rate by antagonizing the cAMP modulation of f-channels
Sequence characterization of eccDNA content in glyphosate sensitive and resistant Palmer amaranth from geographically distant populations
Shotgun metagenomics of soil invertebrate communities reflects taxonomy, biomass and reference genome properties
Mosaic loss of chromosome Y in aged human microglia.
Set1-mediated histone H3K4 methylation is required for azole induction of the ergosterol biosynthesis genes and antifungal drug resistance in Candida glabrata.
Allele segregation analysis of F1 hybrids between independent Brassica allohexaploid lineages
A tripartite structure, the complex nuclear receptor element (cNRE), is a cis-regulatory module of viral origin required for atrial chamber preferential gene expression
Abcc6 null mice a model for mineralization disorder PXE show vertebral osteopenia without enhanced intervertebral disc calcification with aging
Disorder in Ca2+ Release Unit Locations Confers Robustness but Cuts Flexibility of Heart Pacemaking
Characterization and simulation of metagenomic nanopore sequencing data with Meta-NanoSim
On the hindlimb biomechanics of the avian take-off leap
Evidence for the role of transcription factors in the co-transcriptional regulation of intron retention
Genetic mapping of genotype-by-ploidy effects in Arabidopsis thaliana
Indirect effects of parental conflict on conspecific offspring development
Interrogating Genomic Data in the Phylogenetic Placement of Treeshrews Reveals Potential Sources of Conflict
CLASS-II KNOX genes coordinate spatial and temporal patterns of the tomato ripening
Connexinplexity: The spatial and temporal expression of connexin genes during vertebrate organogenesis
The developmentally-timed decay of an essential microRNA family is seed sequence-dependent
WWOX-Mediated Degradation of AMOTp130 Negatively Affects Egress of Filovirus VP40 VLPs
A Biophysical Model of Nonquantal Transmission at the Vestibular Hair Cell-Calyx Synapse: KLV currents Modulate Fast Electrical and Slow K+ potentials in the Synaptic Cleft
Passive Exposure Sparsifies Neural Activity in the Primary Visual Cortex
A human kinase yeast array for the identification of kinases modulating phosphorylation-dependent protein-protein interactions
Smart soils to observe hidden rhizosphere processes
Metaeffector interactions modulate the type III effector-triggered immunity load of Pseudomonas syringae
Partial prevention of glucocorticoid-induced osteocyte deterioration with osteocrin gene therapy
Preclinical and Toxicology Studies of BRD5529, a Selective Inhibitor of CARD9
A chemerin peptide analog stimulates tumor growth in two xenograft mouse models of human colorectal carcinoma
Study on the effect of a triple cancer treatment of propolis, thermal cycling-hyperthermia, and low-intensity ultrasound on PANC-1 cells
Restoring single-molecule localizations with wavefront sensing adaptive optics for deep-tissue super-resolution imaging
Heterogeneous run-and-tumble motion accounts for transient non-Gaussian super-diffusion in haematopoietic multi-potent progenitor cells
nucGEMs probe the biophysical properties of the nucleoplasm
TCR-BERT: learning the grammar of T-cell receptors for flexible antigen-binding analyses
DETIRE: A Hybrid Deep Learning Model for identifying Viral Sequences from Metagenomes
Robust Identification of Temporal Biomarkers in Longitudinal Omics Studies
Substrate stiffness controls the cell cycle of human mesenchymal stem cells via cellular traction
Validity of freehand three-dimensional ultrasound system in measurement of three-dimensional surface shape of shoulder muscles
Weighted Shoes in the Wild: Initial Insights into the Relationship Between the Effort of Walking and the Amount of Walking Performed
A genome assembly of the Atlantic chub mackerel (Scomber colias): a valuable teleost fishing resource
A Time-calibrated Firefly (Coleoptera: Lampyridae) Phylogeny: Using Genomic Data for Divergence Time Estimation
The global spread and invasion capacities of alien ants
Polyethylene glycol (PEG) methods are superior to acidification for secondary concentration of Adenovirus and MS2 in water
Loss of self-tolerance leads to altered gene expression and IMD pathway activation in Drosophila melanogaster
T cell-intrinsic vitamin A metabolism and its signaling are targets for memory T cell-based cancer immunotherapy
Insights into the trafficking of human leukocytes to colostrum evidences a modulation of the B lymphocyte compartment in obesity
Antigen presentation by type 3 innate lymphoid cells instructs the differentiation of gut microbiota-specific regulatory T cells
Algorithmic Parameter Estimation and Uncertainty Quantification for Hodgkin-Huxley Neuron Models
Glyphosate and its formulations Roundup Bioflow and RangerPro alter bacterial and fungal community composition in the rat caecum microbiome
Proteolysis Targeting Chimeras With Reduced Off-targets
Label-free imaging of collagen fibers in tissue slices using phase imaging with computational specificity
Cell Painting predicts impact of lung cancer variants
Simultaneous multicolor DNA-PAINT without sequential fluid exchange using spectral demixing
Model for ring closure in ER tubular network dynamics
Optimizing reaction coordinate by flux maximization in the transition path ensemble
Adaptive ratchets and the evolution of molecular complexity
Glycosaminoglycans and glycoproteins influence the elastic response of synovial fluid nanofilms on model oxide surfaces
DomBpred: protein domain boundary predictor using inter-residue distance and domain-residue level clustering
Nonmetric ANOVA: a generic framework for analysis of variance on dissimilarity measures
STRling: a k-mer counting approach that detects short tandem repeat expansions at known and novel loci
Model-checking ecological state-transition graphs
Swarm learning for decentralized artificial intelligence in cancer histopathology
Parental control: ecology drives plasticity in parental response to offspring signals
Invertebrate DNA methylation and gene regulation
Pre-metazoan origin of neuropeptide signalling
A 1-bp deletion in bovine QRICH2 causes low sperm count and immotile sperm with multiple morphological abnormalities
Genetic control of kinetochore-driven microtubule growth in Drosophila mitosis
Functional divergence and spectral tuning of microbial rhodopsins from an ancestral proton pump
Historical specimens and the limits of subspecies phylogenomics in the New World quails (Odontophoridae)
Recent Urban Development Reduces Bee Abundance and Diversity
Factors affecting virus prevalence in honey bees in the Pacific-Northwest, USA
Filtration extraction method using microfluidic channel for measuring environmental DNA
Patient induced pluripotent stem cell-derived hepatostellate organoids establish a basis for liver pathologies in telomeropathies
The spotlight of attention turns from rhythmic exploration-exploitation to a stable exploitation state
Longitudinal changes of ADHD symptoms in association with white matter microstructure: a tract-specific fixel-based analysis
Analytical kinetic model of native tandem promoters in E. coli
Induction of virus-induced gene silencing and in planta validation in cucurbits using the CFMMV-Cm vector
VTA-IC dopaminergic inputs enhances the salience to consolidate aversive but not appetitive taste recognition memory via D1 receptors
Joint estimation of selection intensity and mutation rate under balancing selection withapplications to HLA
Scoping the Line Up: A Comparison of Biomonitoring Methodologies for Surf Zone Fish Communities
STAT3 and HIF1α cooperatively mediate the transcriptional and physiological responses to hypoxia
Human-Plant Coevolution: A modelling framework for theory-building on the origins of agriculture
Cultured deep-sea PVC bacteria shed light on eukaryogenesis
What is the best fitness measure in wild populations? A case study on the power of short-term fitness proxies to predict reproductive value
Monocarboxylate Transporter 1 (MCT1) mediates succinate export in the retina
Pre-implantation mouse embryo movement under hormonally altered conditions
IGF1 Signaling in Temporomandibular Joint Fibrocartilage Stem Cells Regulates Cartilage Growth and Homeostasis in Mice
ARL3 Mediates BBSome Ciliary Turnover by Promoting Its Outward Diffusion through the Transition Zone
Cleavage of PGAM5 by the intramembrane protease PARL is governed by transmembrane helix dynamics and oligomeric state
Structural features within the NORAD long noncoding RNA underlie efficient repression of Pumilio activity
Mitochondrial dysfunction promotes alternative gasdermin D-mediated inflammatory cell death and susceptibility to infection
Nonenzymatic loop-closing ligation generates RNA hairpins and is a template-free way to assemble functional RNAs
Fusobacterium nucleatum infection induces pancreatic cancer cell proliferation and migration through regulation of host cytokine signaling
TK216 targets microtubules in Ewing sarcoma cells
Inactivation effect and damage of multi-irradiance by UVCLED on Acinetobacter baumannii
evSeq: Cost-Effective Amplicon Sequencing of Every Variant in a Protein Library
Chemical Reversible Crosslinking Enables Measurement of RNA 3D Distances and Alternative Conformations in Cells
Polygalacturonase production enhancement by Piriformospora indica from sugar beet pulp under submerged fermentation using surface methodology
Loss of zinc transporters ZIP1 and ZIP3 augments platelet reactivity in response to G protein-coupled receptor agonists and accelerates thrombus formation in vivo
Improved resolution of recalcitrant nodes in the animal phylogeny through the analysis of genome gene content and morphology
The sperm protein Spaca6 is essential for fertilization in zebrafish
Enhancer and super-enhancer landscape in polycystic kidney disease
A Comprehensive Roadmap Towards Generation of Influenza B Reporter Assay Using a Single DNA Polymerase Based Cloning of Reporter RNA Construct
TAILS identifies candidate substrates and biomarkers of ADAMTS7, a therapeutic protease target in coronary artery disease
RIF1-ASF1-mediated high-order chromatin structure safeguards genome integrity
Metformin Suppresses SARS-CoV-2 in Cell Culture
A marine fungus efficiently degrades polyethylene
Replication protein Rep provides selective advantage to viruses in the presence of CRISPR-Cas immunity
A scalable analytical approach from bacterial genomes to epidemiology
Human macrophage polarization determines bacterial persistence of Staphylococcus aureus in a liver-on-chip-based infection model
Progressive sub-MIC Exposure of Klebsiella pneumoniae 43816 to Cephalothin Induces the Evolution of beta-lactam Resistance without Acquisition of beta-lactamase Genes
Three orphan histidine kinases inhibit Clostridioides difficile sporulation
The proton motive force determines Escherichia coli's robustness to extracellular pH
From sequence to yield: deep learning for protein production systems
Eliminating fibroblast activation protein-α expressing cells by photoimmunotheranostics
Histidine-rich protein 2: a new pathogenic factor of Plasmodium falciparum malaria
Evolution of enzyme levels in metabolic pathways: A theoretical approach. Part 2
Multitrophic higher-order interactions modulate species persistence
DeepProjection: Rapid and structure-specific projections of tissue sheets embedded in 3D microscopy stacks using deep learning
A non-transcriptional function of Yap orchestrates the DNA replication program
Effortless integration of probabilistic visual input
An insight into new glycotherapeutic in glial inflammation: Understanding the role of glycosylation from acute to chronic phase of inflammation
Slow fluctuations in ongoing brain activity decrease in amplitude with ageing yet their impact on task-related evoked responses is dissociable from behaviour
Differential replay for reward and punishment paths predicts approach and avoidance
Cytotoxicity mechanisms and composition of the glyphosate formulated herbicide RangerPro
High diversity of pimpline parasitoid wasps (Hymenoptera, Ichneumonidae, Pimplinae) from the lowermost Eocene Fur Formation
BOXR1030, an anti-GPC3 CAR with exogenous GOT2 expression, shows enhanced T cell metabolism and improved antitumor activity
Characterization of plasma circulating small extracellular vesicles in patients with metastatic solid tumors and newly diagnosed brain metastasis.
Double mutant of chymotrypsin inhibitor 2 stabilized through increased conformational entropy
Deciphering a hexameric protein complex with Angstrom optical resolution
TIS transformer: Re-annotation of the human proteome using deep learning
SubcellulaRVis: an app to visualize subcellular compartment enrichment
Semi-supervised single-cell cross-modality translation using Polarbear
PURC v2.0: a program for improved sequence inference for polyploid phylogenetics and other manifestations of the multiple-copy problem
ZARP: An automated workflow for processing of RNA-seq data
Epigenetic machinery is functionally conserved in cephalopods
Ecological changes have driven biotic exchanges across the Indian Ocean
Multiple adaptive solutions to face climatic constraints: novel insights in the debate over the role of convergence in local adaptation
The influence of somatosensory and auditory evoked potentials on concurrent transcranial-magnetic stimulation electroencephalography recordings
kTMP: A New Non-invasive Magnetic Induction Method to Modulate Cortical Excitability.
Trajectory of rich club properties in structural brain networks
Towards a catalog of pome tree architecture genes: the draft 'd'Anjou' genome (Pyrus communis L.)
The evidence for anthocyanins in the betalain-pigmented genus Hylocereus is weak
Prostaglandin PGE2 receptor EP4 regulates microglial phagocytosis and increases susceptibility to diet-induced obesity
In silico drug discovery strategies identified ADMET properties of decoquinate RMB041 and its potential drug targets against Mycobacterium Tuberculosis
Adhesion strength between cells regulate non-monotonic growth by a biomechanical feedback mechanism
Mechanistic insights into global suppressors of protein folding defects
VIVID: a web application for variant interpretation and visualisation in multidimensional analyses
scCODE: an R package for personalized differentially expressed gene detection on single-cell RNA-sequencing data
Evaluating the contribution of aestivation to the persistence of malaria mosquitoes through the Sahelian dry season using stable isotopes
Broadly-neutralizing antibodies that bind to the influenza hemagglutinin stalk domain enhance the effectiveness of neuraminidase inhibitors via Fc-mediated effector functions
Impaired oligodendrocyte maturation is an early feature in SCA3 disease pathogenesis
Anatomical connectivity along the anterior-posterior axis of the human hippocampus: new insights using quantitative fibre-tracking.
Not so fast: Limited validity of deep convolutional neural networks as in silico models for human naturalistic face processing
Analysis of the computational strategy of a detailed laminar cortical microcircuit model for solving the image-change-detection task
Hidden temporal structure of the ongoing task impacts detection strategy and is reflected in pupillary dynamics
Awake ripples enhance emotional memory encoding in the human brain
Sharing individualised template MRI data for MEG source reconstruction: a solution for open data while keeping subject confidentiality
Proteomic analysis of liver tissue reveals Aeromonas hydrophila infection mediated modulation of host metabolic pathways in Labeo rohita
Suppressed prefrontal neuronal firing variability and impaired social representation in IRSp53-mutant mice
Nanoviricides platform technology based NV-CoV-2 polymer increases the half-life of Remdesivir in vivo
Integrative Omics Analysis Reveals the Immunomodulatory Effects of the Parasitic Dinoflagellate Hematodinium on Crustacean Immunity
Stimulus-induced narrow-band gamma oscillations in humans can be recorded using open-hardware low-cost EEG amplifier
Affinity Scores: An Individual-centric Fingerprinting Framework for Neuropsychiatric Disorders
Micro-state-based neural decoding of speech categorization using Bayesian non-parametrics
The output of interneurons in the primary visual cortex is best reflected by pre-synaptic activity, not somatic activity
Body shape as a visual feature: evidence from spatially-global attentional modulation in human visual cortex
Modulation of hippocampal network oscillation by PICK1-dependent cell surface expression of mGlu3 receptors
Susceptibility monitoring and the molecular characterization of resistance of Spodoptera frugiperda (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) to lambda-cyhalothrin and chlorpyrifos
Multiple trajectory alignment reconstructs disease dynamics for discovery and clinical benefit
A general model of the dynamics of genes with dual σ factor preference
Identification of antibiotic resistance proteins via MiCId's augmented workflow. A mass spectrometry-based proteomics approach
Automated assembly scaffolding elevates a new tomato system for high-throughput genome editing
Remodeling of dermal adipose tissue alleviates cutaneous toxicity induced by anti-EGFR therapy
Gene expression based inference of drug resistance in cancer
The evolution of genomic, transcriptomic, and single-cell protein markers of metastatic upper tract urothelial carcinoma
Characterizing disease-associated human proteins without available protein structures or homologues
A3D Database: Structure-based Protein Aggregation Predictions for the Human Proteome
Morpholino-mediated knockdown of the brain mineralocorticoid receptor affects glucocorticoid signaling and neuroplasticity in wild ocellated wrasse (Symphodus ocellatus)
The natural adaptation and human selection history of African sheep genomes
Net charges of the ribosomal proteins of the S10 and spc clusters of halophiles are inversely related to the degree of halotolerance
Kinetic networks identify key regulatory nodes and transcription factor functions in early adipogenesis
Trait Association and Prediction Through Integrative K-mer Analysis
A new lineage of non-photosynthetic green algae with extreme organellar genomes
Monophyly of Diverse Bigyromonadea and their Impact on Phylogenomic Relationships Within Stramenopiles
Effect of RNA preservation methods on RNA quantity and quality of field collected avian whole blood
Integrating transcriptomes to investigate genes associated with adaptation to aquatic environments, and assess phylogenetic conflict and whole-genome duplications in Alismatales
Genetic and antigenic characterization of an expanding H3 influenza A virus clade in US swine visualized by Nextstrain
Phylogenomic analyses using genomes and transcriptomes do not resolve relationships among major clades in Phrymaceae
Impacts of Taxon-Sampling Schemes on Bayesian Molecular Dating under the Unresolved Fossilized Birth-Death Process
Quantifying asymmetry in non-symmetrical morphologies, with an example from Cetacea
The relationship between land cover and microbial community composition in European lakes
Edaphic controls on genome size and GC content of bacteria in soil microbial communities
Landscape structure and dispersal rate drive large scale catastrophic shifts in spatially explicit metapopulations
How do avian embryos resume development following diapause? A new role for TGF-β in regulating pluripotency-related genes
Esrrγa regulates nephron development and ciliogenesis by controlling prostaglandin synthesis and cooperation with Ppargc1a
Robust temporal map of human in vitro myelopoiesis using single-cell genomics
Methylglyoxal Induces Endothelial Dysfunction via Stunning
LiveCellMiner: A New Tool to Analyze Mitotic Progression
Common variation in EDN1 regulatory regions highlights the role of PPARγ as a key regulator of Endothelin in vitro
Human Cytomegalovirus modifies placental small extracellular vesicle secretion and composition towards a proviral phenotype to enhance infection of fetal recipient cells
Vitronectin acts as a key regulator of adhesion and migration in umbilical cord-derived MSCs under different stress conditions
AMPK promotes Arf6 activation in a kinase-independent manner upon energy deprivation
Revisiting the effect of pharmaceuticals on transmission stage formation in the malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum
When less is more - Endogenous tagging with TurboID increases the sensitivity of proximity labelling-based experiments
Cortical microtubule pulling forces contribute to the union of the parental genomes in the C. elegans zygote
Ribosome profiling of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus reveals novel features of viral gene expression
Systems medicine dissection of chromosome 1q amplification reveals oncogenic regulatory circuits and informs targeted therapy in cancer
Cooperative protein allosteric transition mediated by a fluctuating transmission network
A Thin-Film Lubrication Model for Biofilm Expansion Under Strong Adhesion
Adversarial domain translation networks enable fast and accurate large-scale atlas-level single-cell data integration
CRAFT: a bioinformatics software for custom prediction of circular RNA functions
Structural comparative modeling of multi-domain ΔF508 CFTR
Meta-Transcriptome Detector (MTD): a novel pipeline for metatranscriptome analysis of bulk and single-cell RNAseq data
Missense variants reveal functional insights into the human ARID family of gene regulators
FDJD: RNA-Seq Based Fusion Transcript Detection Using Jaccard Distance
A multiplexed cell-free assay to screen for antimicrobial peptides in double emulsion droplets
Virtual reality validation of naturalistic modulation strategies to counteract fading in retinal stimulation
Hippocampal Neuropeptide Y2 receptor blockade improves spatial memory retrieval and modulates limbic brain metabolism
Trimethylamine N-Oxide (TMAO) links peripheral insulin resistance and cognitive deficiencies in a senescence accelerated mouse model
Effects of food availability cycles on phase and period of activity/rest rhythm in Drosophila melanogaster
Effects of crude oil on juvenile threespine stickleback somatic and immune development
2-photon-fabricated nano-fluidic traps for extended detection of single macromolecules and colloids in solution
Mapping morphological malformation to genetic dysfunction in blood vessel organoids with 22q11.2 Deletion Syndrome
#PeerReview from @eLife of ???????? Reduced calcium storage blunts calcium signaling in Toxoplasma bradyzoites and impedes motility and egress
Transcriptomic and proteomic analysis of marine nematode Litoditis marina acclimated to different salinities
Malathion-resistant Tribolium castaneum has enhanced response to oxidative stress, immunity, and fitness
Tunable Transcription Factor Library for Robust Quantification of Gene Expression Dynamics in E. coli
HSP90 function is required for T2R bitter taste receptor nitric oxide production and innate immune responses in human airway epithelial cells and macrophages
A Poor Research Landscape Hinders the Progression of Knowledge and Treatment of Reproductive Diseases
Aerobic glycolysis in cancer cells supplies ATP while preventing excess metabolic thermogenesis
Recapitulation of patient-specific 3D chromatin conformation using machine learning and validation of identified enhancer-gene targets
Association of EBV (Type 1 and 2) with Histopathological Outcomes in Breast Cancer in Pakistani Women
Reconstructing mutational lineages in breast cancer by multi-patient-targeted single cell DNA sequencing
Extending and using anatomical vocabularies in the Stimulating Peripheral Activity to Relieve Conditions (SPARC) project
Marker-free characterization of single live circulating tumor cell full-length transcriptomes
FastQTLmapping: an ultra-fast package for mQTL-like analysis
Sensitive identification of known and unknown protease activities by unsupervised linear motif deconvolution
SC2MeNetDrug: A computational tool to uncover inter-cell signaling targets and identify relevant drugs based on single cell RNA-seq data
WebSeq: A Genomic Data Analytics Platform for Monogenic Disease Discovery
Hierarchical organization of rhesus macaque behavior
Trajectory Recording and Analysis System for Cockroach Robot
#PeerReview from @eLife of ???????? Cocaine causes rapid remodeling of dopaminergic axons, synapses, and mitochondria
Holographic imaging of mitochondrial optical density in living cells reveals that the Mitochondrial Permeability Transition is a two-stage process
Complementary population codes in the dorsal and ventral hippocampus during associative learning
The natural frequencies of the resting human brain: an MEG-based atlas
Anticipatory dynamics in the human brain guide foraging for primary rewards
Neural Mechanisms of Learning are Critically Dependent on Sleep
Upregulation of CREB1 and FOXO1 transcription factor pathways in Neuregulin-1 mediated neuroprotection following ischemic stroke
Periodic ethanol supply as a path towards unlimited lifespan of C.elegans dauer larvae
Northern Cerrado Native Vegetation is a Refuge for Birds Under Current Climate Change
Resistance profiling of Aspergillus fumigatus to olorofim indicates absence of intrinsic resistance and unveils the molecular mechanisms of acquired olorofim resistance
Orthogonal control of gene expression in plants using synthetic promoters and CRISPR-based transcription factors
Among retroviral integrases prototype foamy virus integrase displays unique biochemical activities
Dithiothreitol causes toxicity in C. elegans by modulating the methionine-homocysteine cycle
Getting close to nature - Plasmodium knowlesi reference genome sequences from contemporary clinical isolates
SARS-CoV-2 RdRp is a versatile enzyme with proofreading activity and ability to incorporate NHC into RNA by using diphosphate form molnupiravir as a substrate
IFITM dependency of SARS-CoV-2 variants of concern
An assessment of the evidence for antibacterial activity of stinging nettle (Urtica dioica) extracts
Membrane adaptation in the hyperthermophilic archaeon Pyrococcus furiosus relies upon a novel strategy involving glycerol monoalkyl glycerol tetraether lipids
Reconstitution of Spiroplasma swimming by expressing two bacterial actins in synthetic minimal bacterium
The mouse mammary tumor virus intasome exhibits distinct dynamics on target DNA
Temperature-responsive structural reversibility of FGF21 and structure-based design of its variant with enhanced potency
NUDT18 catalyzes hydrolysis of active metabolites of the antivirals Remdesivir and Ribavirin
DNA Breaks and Gaps Target Retroviral Integration
Global Mutational Sweep of SARS-CoV-2: from Chaos to Order
Estrogen-related receptor alpha and Rplp1 ribosome protein-dependent translation coordinately regulate starvation response and decrease NASH progression
Recognition and deubiquitination of free 40S for translational reset by Otu2
The Delta variant of SARS-CoV-2 maintains high sensitivity to interferons in human lung cells
Genome-wide identification of novel sRNAs in Streptococcus mutans
Identification of shared bacterial strains in the vaginal microbiota of reproductive-age mothers and daughters using genome-resolved metagenomics
Tuning spherical cells into kinking helices in wall-less bacteria
Microglia do not restrict SARS-CoV-2 replication following infection of the central nervous system of K18-hACE2 transgenic mice
Susceptibility of sheep to experimental co-infection with the ancestral lineage of SARS-CoV-2 and its alpha variant
NMR metabolomics of symbioses between bacterial vaginosis associated bacteria
The mycobacterial mutasome: composition and recruitment in live cells
Identification of a minimal biomarker profile in head-and-neck squamous cell carcinoma tumors
Predicting SARS-CoV-2 epitope-specific TCR recognition using pre-trained protein embeddings
BSG/CD147 and ACE2 receptors facilitate SARS-CoV-2 infection of human iPS cell-derived kidney podocytes
Recent zoonotic spillover and tropism shift of a Canine Coronavirus is associated with relaxed selection and putative loss of function in NTD subdomain of spike protein.
Tunneling nanotubes provide a novel route for SARS-CoV-2 spreading between permissive cells and to non-permissive neuronal cells.
A Novel Ex Vivo Peritoneal Model to Investigate Mechanisms of Peritoneal Metastasis in Gastric Adenocarcinoma
Collective chemotaxis in a Voronoi model for confluent clusters
Simultaneous stereo-EEG and high-density scalp EEG recordings to study the effects of intracerebral stimulation parameters
Auricular transcutaneous vagus nerve stimulation acutely modulates brain connectivity in mice
Differential Methods for Assessing Sensitivity in Biological Models
Critical role of H3K27 methylation in cell fate determination of two cell lineages in male gametophyte
Transgenerational effects decrease larval resilience to ocean acidification and warming but juvenile European sea bass could benefit from higher temperatures in the NE Atlantic
On biological flow networks: Antagonism between hydrodynamic and metabolic stimuli as driver of topological transitions.
Contingency and selection in mitochondrial genome dynamics
Reconstructing heterogeneous pathogen interactions from co-occurrence data via statistical network inference
Rhythmic auditory stimulation rescues cognitive flexibility in mutant mice with impaired gamma synchrony
Home literacy environment mediates the relationship between socioeconomic status and white matter structure in infants
Channel opening duration in adult muscle nAChRs determined by activated external ACh binding site
Not Quite All in Our Head: Intervention is a Better Predictor of tDCS Mind-Wandering Effects than Subjective Beliefs About Experimental Results
Distinct roles for two Caenorhabditis elegans acid-sensing ion channels in an ultradian clock
CINmetrics: An R package for chromosomal instability analysis
A copula based topology preserving graph convolution network for clustering of single-cell RNA-seq data
BamToCov: an efficient toolkit for sequence coverage calculations
Whokaryote: distinguishing eukaryotic and prokaryotic contigs in metagenomes based on gene structure
A Post-hurricane Quantitative Assessment of the Red-bellied Racer (Alsophis rufiventris) on Saba and Comparison with St. Eustatius
Emotional ego- and altercentric biases in high-functioning autism spectrum disorder: Behavioral and neurophysiological evidence
#PeerReview from @ASAPbio_ of ???????? Optogenetic control of the Bicoid morphogen reveals fast and slow modes of gap gene regulation
#PeerReview from @eLife of ???????? A neural hub that coordinates learned and innate courtship behaviors
Estimating the Mosquito Density in Guangzhou city, China
A Marmoset Model for Mycobacterium avium Complex Pulmonary Disease
Molecular dynamics simulations reveal the selectivity mechanism of structurally similar agonists to TLR7 and TLR8
Essential functions of MLL1 and MLL2 in retinal development and cone cell maintenance
Min waves without MinC can pattern FtsA-FtsZ filaments on model membranes
Protein Engineering with A Glycosylation Circuit Enables Improved Enzyme Characteristics
An atypical NLR protein modulates the NRC immune receptor network
Effector loss drives adaptation of Pseudomonas syringae pv. actinidiae to Actinidia arguta
A cell wall-associated gene network shapes leaf boundary domains
Genetic coordination of sperm morphology and seminal fluid proteins promotes male reproductive success in Drosophila melanogaster
Efficient inhibition of cell proliferation and promotion of apoptosis requires continuous treatment with abemaciclib.
Wolbachia endosymbionts in two Anopheles species indicates independent acquisitions and lack of prophage elements
Mobilome-driven segregation of the resistome in biological wastewater treatment
Investigating Carboxysome Morphology Dynamics with a Rotationally Invariant Variational Autoencoder
Loss of soluble guanylyl cyclase in platelets contributes to atherosclerotic plaque formation and vascular inflammation
Engraftment of allotransplantated tumour cells in adult rag2 mutant Xenopus tropicalis
MICU1 occludes MCU in the mitochondrial calcium uniporter complex
The effect of sequencing and assembly on the inference of horizontal gene transfer on chromosomal and plasmid phylogenies
Bacteria but not fungi communities differ among perennial grassland ecotypic rhizosphere under abiotic environmental stress
Cryo-EM of the yeast VO complex reveals distinct binding sites for macrolide V-ATPase inhibitors
Structure and mechanism of oxalate transporter OxlT in an oxalate-degrading bacterium in the gut microbiota
Structure of the Quenched Cyanobacterial OCP-Phycobilisome Complex
A Cryptic K48 Ubiquitin Chain Binding Site on UCH37 is Required for its Role in Proteasomal Degradation
Structure and functionality of a multimeric human COQ7:COQ9 complex
Structures of the Cyanobacterial Phycobilisome
Live imaging of the co-translational recruitment of XBP1 mRNA to the ER and its processing by diffuse, non-polarized IRE1a.
Genome editing of Capsaspora owczarzaki suggests an ancestral function of the Hippo signaling effector YAP/TAZ/Yorkie in cytoskeletal dynamics but not proliferation
Nieman-Pick Type C2 proteins in Aedes aegypti: Their Structure-Function relationships and Expression in Uninfected versus Virus-infected Mosquitos
Bacteriophage cocktails displayed protective effects against soft rot-causing Pectobacterium sp.
Cryptococcus neoformans capsule regrowth experiments reveal dynamics of enlargement and architecture
Ly6Chi monocytes are metabolically reprogrammed in the blood during inflammatory stimulation allowing for macrophage lineage commitment
Spatially regulated protease activity in lymph nodes renders B cell follicles a sanctuary for retention of intact antigens
Learning a new class of multisensory associations: High-density electrophysiological mapping of the temporal course of audio-visual object processing.
A live attenuated influenza virus-vectored intranasal COVID-19 vaccine provides rapid, prolonged, and broad protection against SARS-CoV-2 infection
Built on sand: the shaky foundations of simulating single-cell RNA sequencing data
Deep embedding and alignment of protein sequences
Structural and functional characterization of NEMO cleavage by SARS-CoV-2 3CLpro
Viral E Protein Neutralizes BET Protein-Mediated Post-Entry Antagonism of SARS-CoV-2
Full protection against all four SARS-CoV-2 variants of concern (VOC) in hamsters requires revision of spike antigen used for vaccination.
Mutagenic distinction between the receptor-binding and fusion subunits of the SARS-CoV-2 spike glycoprotein
#COVIDisAirborne: AI-Enabled Multiscale Computational Microscopy of Delta SARS-CoV-2 in a Respiratory Aerosol
Hypoxia classifier for transcriptome datasets
pGlycoQuant with a deep residual network for precise and minuscule-missing-value quantitative glycoproteomics enabling the functional exploration of site-specific glycosylation
Genome-wide H3K9 Acetylation Level Increases with Age-Dependent Senescence of Flag Leaf in Rice (Oryza sativa)
Single-sample proteome enrichment enables missing protein recovery and phenotype association
Reassembling a cannon in the DNA defense arsenal: genetics of StySA, a BREX phage exclusion system in Salmonella lab strains
Non-conventional serine protease activity of the CXC chemokine-cleaving streptococcal enzyme, SpyCEP
Word structure tunes electrophysiological and hemodynamic responses in the frontal cortex
Ca2+-inactivation of the mammalian ryanodine receptor type 1 in a lipidic environment revealed by cryo-EM
Determination of nuclear position by the arrangement of actin filaments using deep generative networks
CLMB: deep contrastive learning for robust metagenomic binning
Liver ductal organoids reconstruct intrahepatic biliary trees in decellularized liver grafts.
Numerous expansions in TRP ion channel diversity highlight widespread evolution of molecular sensors in animal diversification.
Correlational selection and genetic architecture promote the leaf economics spectrum in a perennial grass
Movement ecology of vulnerable lowland tapirs across a gradient of human disturbance
Multi-marker metabarcoding resolves subtle variations in freshwater condition: Bioindicators, ecological traits, and trophic interactions
In Silico Prediction and Comparison of Resistomes in Model Pseudomonas Strains by Resistance Gene Identifier (RGI)
Repressing PTB is incapable to convert reactive astrocytes to dopaminergic neurons in a mouse model of Parkinson's disease
Rapid reconstruction of neural circuits using tissue expansion and lattice light sheet microscopy
Insightful inference compensates for distorted perception
Mapping of individual sensory nerve axons from digits to spinal cord with the Transparent Embedding Solvent System
Multiplexed Cell-Based Diagnostic Devices for Detection of Renal Biomarkers Using Genetic Circuits
Reconstruction of sound driven, actively amplified and spontaneous motions within the tree cricket auditory organ
Multi-Branch-CNN: classification of ion channel interacting peptides using parallel convolutional neural networks
Contrastive learning on protein embeddings enlightens midnight zone at lightning speed
Volumetric Tomographic 3D Bioprinting of Heterocellular Bone-like Tissues in Seconds
Deep Learning-based Automated Rare Sperm Identification from Testes Biopsies
Patterns of regulatory divergence and gene expression in hybrids are associated with molecular evolution in species undergoing gene flow
Large-scale algorithmic search identifies stiff and sloppy dimensions in synaptic architectures consistent with murine neocortical wiring
Hypnosis Measuring: The Pilot Study of Machine Learning Approach for Instrumental Control of the Trance Dynamics in Patients with Anxiety and Depressive Disorders
Cortical-subcortical structural connections support transcranial magnetic stimulation engagement of the amygdala
Sensory processing sensitivity and axonal microarchitecture: Identifying brain structural characteristics for behavior
#PeerReview from @eLife of ???????? {micro}-Theraphotoxin-Pn3a inhibition of Cav3.3 channels reveals a novel isoform-selective drug binding site
#PeerReview from @eLife of ???????? The molecular mechanism of load adaptation by branched actin networks
Vγ usage distinguishes pro- and anti-tumor intestinal γδ T cell subsets
Age-linked suppression of lipoxin A4 mediates cognitive deficits in mice and humans
Homology mediated end joining enables efficient non-viral targeted integration of large DNA templates in primary human T cells
Siderophores as an iron source for Prochlorococcus in deep chlorophyll maximum layers of the oligotrophic ocean
Poly ADP-ribosylation of SET8 leads to aberrant H4K20me1 domains in mammalian cells
The Transcriptome Architecture of Polyomaviruses
Progressive enhancement of kinetic proofreading in T cell antigen discrimination from receptor activation to DAG generation
Cryo-EM structure of the Inner Ring from Xenopus laevis Nuclear Pore Complex
A new approach to the determination of tubular membrane capacitance: passive membrane electrical properties under reduced electrical conductivity of the extracellular solution
Inhibition of Interactions Between NDPK-B and NDPK-C in Presence of Graphene Oxide
Timelapse viability assay to detect division and death of primary multiple myeloma cells in response to drug treatments with single cell resolution
Persistent parental RNAi in the beetle Tribolium castaneum involves maternal transmission of long double-stranded RNA
Stage-specific disruption of X chromosome expression during spermatogenesis in sterile house mouse hybrids
A quantitative synthesis of soil microbial effects on plant species coexistence
A Multi-Omics and Bioenergetics Longitudinal Aging Dataset in Primary Human Fibroblasts with Mitochondrial Perturbations
A novel mechanism of bulk cytoplasmic transport by cortical dynein in Drosophila ovary
Three-dimensional structure of the kinetochore-fibers in human mitotic spindles
Recombinant Group A Carbohydrate backbone embedded into Outer Membrane Vesicles is a potent vaccine candidate targeting Group A Streptococcus from Streptococcus pyogenes and Streptococcus dysgalactiae subsp. equisimilis
Ferric Citrate Uptake is a Virulence Factor in Uropathogenic Escherichia coli
FoxP3 associates with enhancer-promoter loopsto regulate Treg-specific gene expression
Protection of mice against experimental cryptococcosis by synthesized peptides delivered in glucan particles
Uncovering natural variation in root system architecture and growth dynamics using a robotics-assisted phenomics platform
Precision size and refractive index analysis of weakly scattering nanoparticles in polydispersions.
A New Approach to Testing Mediation of the Microbiome using the LDM
Site-Specific Synthesis of N4-Acetylcytidine in RNA Reveals Physiological Duplex Stabilization
Molecular basis for the regulation of human glycogen synthase by phosphorylation and glucose-6-phosphate
hNOP2/NSUN1 Regulates Ribosome Biogenesis through Stabilization of snoRNP Complexes and Cytosine-5 Methylation of 28S rRNA.
The Stickland fermentation precursor trans-4-hydroxyproline differentially impacts the metabolism of Clostridioides difficile and commensal Clostridia
New neurons in old brains: A cautionary tale for the analysis of neurogenesis in post-mortem tissue.
Reliable population utility signal from diverse economic value coding in orbitofrontal neurons
Maternal diet disrupts the placenta-brain axis in a sex-specific manner
Genome-wide alignment-free phylogenetic distance estimation under a no strand-bias model
Determinants of precocious B-cell aging in European adolescences living with perinatally acquired HIV-1 after over 10 years of suppressive therapy
Higher-order interaction of brain microstructural and functional connectome
The BCM rule allows a spinal cord model to learn rhythmic movements
smBEVO: A computer vision approach to rapid baseline correction of single-molecule time series
CarboGrove: a resource of glycan-binding specificities through analyzed glycan-array datasets from all platforms
A modular and reusable model of epithelial transport in the proximal convoluted tubule
Genetic regulation of RNA splicing in human pancreatic islets
Gattaca: Base pair resolution mutation tracking for somatic evolution studies using agent-based models
Pangenome evolution in environmentally transmitted symbionts of deep-sea mussels is governed by vertical inheritance
Fish diversity drives regional productivity but not stability in southeastern United States coastal marine fishes
Rapid and efficient generation of antigen-specific isogenic T cells from cryopreserved blood samples
The overlapping modular organization of human brain functional networks across the adult lifespan
Therapeutic Deep Brain Stimulation Disrupts Subthalamic Nucleus Activity Dynamics in Parkinsonian Mice
Neurotransmission and neuromodulation systems in the learning and memory network of Octopus vulgaris
Electrical Stimulated Glut4 Signaling Attenuates Critical Illness-Associated Muscle Wasting
An end-to-end workflow for multiplexed image processing and analysis
HMD-AMP: Protein Language-Powered Hierarchical Multi-label Deep Forest for Annotating Antimicrobial Peptides
GEDI: an R package for integration of transcriptomic data from multiple high-throughput platforms
AgAnt: A computational tool to assess Agonist/Antagonist mode of interaction
Modeling chromatin state from sequence across angiosperms using recurrent convolutional neural networks
Neophobia and innovation in critically endangered Bali myna, Leucopsar rothschildi
Probability weighting explains Independence Axiom violations of Expected Utility Theory in monkeys
networkGWAS: A network-based approach for genome-wide association studies in structured populations
Haplotype-aware single-cell multiomics uncovers functional effects of somatic structural variation
WormCat 2.0 defines characteristics and conservation of poorly annotated genes in Caenorhabditis elegans
A novel method to identify cell-type specific regulatory variants and their role in cancer risk
Wnt5A Signaling Blocks Progression of Experimental Visceral Leishmaniasis
Zika virus infection during development impairs the formation of corpus callosum by disturbing axon guidance and growth of callosal neurons.
Resting-state functional connectivity of social brain regions predicts motivated dishonesty
Recurrent neural circuits overcome partial inactivation by compensation and re-learning
Synaptic Self-Organization of Spatio-Temporal Pattern Selectivity
Cerebral blood flow predicts multiple demand network activity and fluid intelligence across the lifespan
Integrated resource for functional and structural connectivity of the marmoset brain
Real-time Image Denoising of Mixed Poisson-Gaussian Noise in Fluorescence Microscopy Images using ImageJ
Microglial phagocytosis dysfunction during stroke is prevented by rapamycin
Genomic hallmarks of cellular dormancy in cancer and therapeutic implications
Identification and Characterization of Long Non-Coding RNA in Tomato Roots under Salt Stress
Ab initio modelling of an essential mammalian protein: Transcription Termination Factor 1 (TTF1)
The Xenopus Phenotype Ontology: bridging model organism phenotype data to human health and development.
FLASHIda: Intelligent data acquisition for top-down proteomics that doubles proteoform level identification count
Deeplearning based MHC epitope prediction for cancer neoantigen discovery
Three-dimensional Shear Wave Elastography Using a 2D Row Column Addressing (RCA) Array
A semantics, energy-based approach to automate biomodel composition
Design and execution of a Verification, Validation, and Uncertainty Quantification plan for a numerical model of left ventricular flow after LVAD implantation
Three-dimensional Multicolor Subcellular Imaging by Fast Serial Sectioning Tomography for Centimeter-scale Specimens
A Multigraph model of the 3D genome
Genomic analysis based on chromosome-level genome assembly reveals an expansion of terpene biosynthesis of Azadirachta indica
An optimized ChIP-Seq framework for profiling of histone modifications in Chromochloris zofingiensis
Mothers front-load their investment to the egg stage when helped in a wild cooperative bird
Molecular Evolutionary Analyses of Tooth Genes Support Sequential Loss of Enamel and Teeth in Baleen Whales (Mysticeti)
Community composition of coral associated Symbiodiniaceae is driven by fine scale environmental gradients
Allelopathic effects of Epichloë fungal endophytes: experiment and meta-analysis
Biocatalytic quantification of α-glucan in particulate marine organic matter
Data-Poor Ecological Risk Assessment of Multiple Stressors
T cells discriminate between groups C1 and C2 HLA-C
Subiculum - BNST Structural Connectivity in Humans and Macaques
An evaluation of resonant scanning as a high-speed imaging technique for two-photon imaging of cortical vasculature
Dopamine depletion can be predicted by the aperiodic component of subthalamic local field potentials
Structural brain connectivity predicts acute pain after mild traumatic brain injury
Diverse roles of MeCP2 in the specification and maintenance of midbrain dopamine phenotype.
α-Synuclein pre-formed fibrils induce prion-like protein aggregation and neurotoxicity in C. elegans models of Parkinson's disease
A dynamic clamp protocol to artificially modify cell capacitance
Modulation of gamma spectral amplitude and connectivity during reaching predicts peak velocity and movement duration
Ca2+ activity is required for injury-induced migration of microglia
The use of principal component analysis to measure fundamental cognitive processes in neuropsychological data
Generalized harmonic analysis reveals a frequency modulated timer regulates mammalian hibernation
Secure Federated Aggregate-Count Queries on Medical Patient Databases Using Fully-Homomorphic Cryptography
A Landmark-based Common Coordinate Framework for Spatial Transcriptomics Data
Shine: To explore specific, sensitive and conserved biomarkers from massive microbial genomic data within intrapopulations.
High-sensitivity pattern discovery in large, paired multi-omic datasets
Interactive Analysis of Biosurfactants in Fruit-Waste Fermentation Samples using BioSurfDB and MEGAN
Assembly of complete diploid phased chromosomes from draft genome sequences
Autonomous treatment of bacterial infections in vivo using antimicrobial micro- and nanomachines
3-dimensional arenas for the assessment of C. elegans behavior
Low frequency somatic copy number alterations in normal human lymphocytes revealed by large scale single-cell whole genome profiling
Little heterosis found in Diploid Hybrid Potato
The structural determinants of intra-protein compensatory substitutions
Real-time alerts from AI-enabled camera traps using the Iridium satellite network: a case-study in Gabon, Central Africa
A series of terribly unfortunate events: How environment and infection synergized to cause the Kihansi spray toad extinction
Urbanization and altitude impact on gut microbiome of an Andean frog (Pristimantis unistrigatus)
Stromal remodeling regulates dendritic cell abundance and activity in the tumor microenvironment
Altered brain criticality in Schizophrenia: New insights from MEG
Molecular, anatomical, and functional organization of lung interoceptors
PatchWarp: Corrections of non-uniform image distortions in two-photon calcium imaging data by patchwork affine transformations
Myelin insulation as a risk factor for axonal degeneration in autoimmune demyelinating disease
Optogenetic induction of appetitive and aversive taste memories in Drosophila
Genome Compartmentalization with Nuclear Landmarks: Random yet Precise
Mechanistic insights into the enhancement or inhibition of phase separation by polyubiquitin chains of different lengths or linkages
Key Factors Governing Initial Stages of Lipid Droplet Formation
The dorsal visual pathway represents object-centered spatial relations for object recognition
Cortical wiring by synapse-specific control of local protein synthesis
Transcriptional regulation of neonatal neural stem cells is a determinant of social behavior
'Constituent length' effects in fMRI do not provide evidence for abstract syntactic processing
Biosorption potential and molecular characterization of metal resistant autochthonous microbes from tannery solid waste
A two-phase plant-soil feedback experiment to explore biotic influences on Phragmites australis invasion in North American wetlands
#PeerReview from @EMBOPress of ???????? Acyl chain shortening induced by inhibition of acetyl-CoA carboxylase renders phosphatidylcholine redundant
Total virome characterizations of game animals in China reveals a spectrum of emerging viral pathogens
MicNet Toolbox: visualizing and deconstructing a microbial network
Individual exploration and selective social learning: Balancing exploration-exploitation trade-offs in collective foraging
Whole transcriptome sequencing reveals drought resistance-related genes in upland cotton
GutMicroNet: an interactive platform for gut microbiome interaction exploration
Similarities Between Somatosensory Cortical Responses Induced via Natural Touch and Microstimulation in the Ventral Posterior Lateral Thalamus in Macaques
Effective Cell Membrane Tension is Independent of Substrate Stiffness
Toeholder: a software for automated design and in silico validation of toehold riboswitches
Acoustic and postural displays in a miniature and transparent teleost fish, Danionella dracula
Long-term evolution of quantitative traits in the Drosophila melanogaster species subgroup
Genome-wide selection signatures reveal widespread synergistic effects of culture conditions and temperature stress in Drosophila melanogaster
Foraging behavior and patch size distribution jointly determine population dynamics in fragmented landscapes
Notch-dependent DNA cis-regulatory elements and their dose-dependent control of C. elegans stem cell self-renewal
Integration of vascular progenitors into functional blood vessels represents a novel mechanism of vascular growth
Base editing in bovine embryos reveals a species-specific role of SOX2 in regulation of pluripotency
Human Sex Matters: Y-linked lysine demethylase 5D drives accelerated male osteogenic differentiation
Sonic hedgehog is basolaterally sorted from the TGN and transcytosed to the apical domain involving Dispatched-1 at Rab11-ARE
Trisomy 21 induces pericentrosomal crowding disrupting early stages of primary ciliogenesis and mouse cerebellar development
Persistent CAD activity in memory CD8+ T cells supports rRNA synthesis and ribosomal biogenesis required at rechallenge
A vaccine targeting the L9 epitope of the malaria circumsporozoite protein confers protection from blood-stage infection in a mouse challenge model
Contribution of linear and nonlinear mechanisms to predictive motion estimation
An Infant Sleep Electroencephalographic Marker of Thalamocortical Connectivity Predicts Behavioral Outcome in Late Infancy
IFN-γ stimulated murine and human neurons mount anti-parasitic defenses against the intracellular parasite Toxoplasma gondii
An essential role for a discrete parasubthalamic nucleus subpopulation in appetite suppression
Realistic alpha oscillations and transient responses in a cortical microcircuit model
Sequence learning attenuates cortical responses in both frontal and perceptual cortices in early infancy
Neuroplastin genetically interacts with Cadherin 23 and the encoded isoform Np55 is sufficient for cochlear hair cell function and hearing
High-frequency changes in single-trial visual evoked potentials for unattended stimuli in chronic schizophrenia
Biophysical and Architectural Mechanisms of Subthalamic Theta under Response Conflict
Microlitter pollution in the marine environment and preliminary evidences of in vitro cytotoxic effects on two Mediterranean commercial fish species
Non-canonical Function of a Hif-1α Splice Variant Contributes to the Sustained Flight of Locusts
Attractor Landscapes as a Model Selection Criterion in Data Poor Environments
Cell Wall Biochemistry Drives Pollen Tube Mechanics and Affects Growth Rate
A synthetic distributed genetic multi-bit counter
Children's Species Literacy as Estimated and Desired by Biodiversity Communicators: a Mismatch with the Actual Level
Quantitative effects of environmental variation on stomatal anatomy and gas exchange in a grass model
Mitigation of Injury from Myocardial Infarction by TH1834, an Inhibitor of the Acetyltransferase Tip60
An in vivo drug repurposing screen and transcriptional analyses reveals the serotonin pathway and GSK3 as major therapeutic targets for NGLY1 deficiency
A graph neural network approach to molecule carcinogenicity prediction
Conditional Generative Modeling for De Novo Protein Design with Hierarchical Functions
Improving Neural Networks for Genotype-Phenotype Prediction Using Published Summary Statistics
ODGI: understanding pangenome graphs
Chromosome scale assembly of allopolyploid genome of the diatom Fistulifera solaris
Divergent phenotypic plasticity of a convergent Mendelian trait in Drosophila
Transgenerational impact of aberrant inflammation in rat pregnancy
Pluripotency-Independent Induction of Human Trophoblast Stem Cells from Fibroblasts
Club cells are the primary source of pIgR in small airways
The roles of distinct Ca2+ signaling mediated by Piezo and inositol triphosphate receptor (IP3R) in the remodeling of E-cadherin during cell dissemination
Robust and unbiased estimation of the background distribution for automated quantitative imaging
8 A structure of the nuclear ring of the Xenopus laevis nuclear pore complex solved by cryo-EM and AI
Determining the architecture of nuclear ring of Xenopus laevis nuclear pore complex using integrated approaches
8 A structure of the cytoplasmic ring of the Xenopus laevis nuclear pore complex solved by cryo-EM and AI
Increased frequency of CD4+ and CD8+ follicular helper T cells in human lymph node biopsies during the earliest stages of rheumatoid arthritis
Prehension kinematics in humans and macaques
Age-dependent formation of TMEM106B amyloid filaments in human brain
Structural Basis for pH-Gating of the K+ Channel TWIK1 at the Selectivity Filter
Audiovisual task switching rapidly modulates sound encoding in mouse auditory cortex
Functional but not obligatory link between microsaccades and neural modulation by covert spatial attention
Cortico-striatal activity characterizes human safety learning via Pavlovian conditioned inhibition
Depth-targeted intracortical microstroke by two-photon photothrombosis in rodent brain
Neurons derived from individual early Alzheimer's disease patients reflect clinical vulnerability
Semantic relation priming is not constituent-specific: Evidence from ERP
NIfTI-MRS: A standard format for magnetic resonance spectroscopic data
What happened when? Brain and behavioral responses to violated expectations about the structure and content of episodic memories
Lipophorin receptors regulate mushroom bodies development and participate in learning, memory, and sleep in flies
Necroptosis inhibition counteracts axonal degeneration, cognitive decline and key hallmarks of aging, promoting brain rejuvenation.
Reliability of quantitative multiparameter maps is high for MT and PD but attenuated for R1 and R2* in healthy young adults
Real-time computation of transcranial magnetic stimulation electric fields using self-supervised deep learning
Real-time motion monitoring improves functional MRI data quality in infants
Photochemical pre-bleaching of formalin-fixed archival prostate tissues significantly reduces autofluorescence to facilitate multiplex immunofluorescence staining
DNA Self-Assembled Plasmonic Nanodiamonds for Biological Sensing
Resonant Learning in Scale-free Networks
The Role of Extended Range of Interactions in the Dynamics of Interacting Molecular Motors
A novel cryo-electron microscopy support film based on 2D crystal of HFBI protein
A Machine Learning Approach to Identify Specific Small Molecule Inhibitors of Secondary Nucleation in alpha-Synuclein Aggregation
A small molecule stabilises the disordered native state of the Alzheimer's Aβ peptide
scHiCSRS: A Self-Representation Smoothing Method with Gaussian Mixture Model for Imputing single-cell Hi-C Data
Robust and generalizable segmentation of human functional tissue units
From shallow to deep: exploiting feature-based classifiers for domain adaptation in semantic segmentation
Unsupervised integration of single-cell multi-omics datasets with disparities in cell-type representation
Deciphering the language of antibodies using self-supervised learning
Scalable estimation of microbial co-occurrence networks with Variational Autoencoders
Lossless Indexing with Counting de Bruijn Graphs
Jointly leveraging spatial transcriptomics and deep learning models for pathology image annotation improves cell type identification over either approach alone.
Weakly-Supervised Tumor Purity Prediction FromFrozen H&E Stained Slides
Predicting direct physical interactions in multimeric proteins with deep learning
Imaging the Extent and Location of Spatiotemporally Distributed Epileptiform Sources from MEG Measurements
Characterization of scar tissue biomechanics during adult murine flexor tendon healing
A Transparent Ultrasound Array for Real-time Optical, Ultrasound and Photoacoustic Imaging
Effects of tendon viscoelasticity in the distribution of forces over sutures in a model tendon-to-bone repair
FLIP: Benchmark tasks in fitness landscape inference for proteins
Fast anther dehiscence state recognition system establishing by deep learning to screen heat tolerant cotton
SARS-CoV-2 ORF8 encoded protein contains a histone mimic, disrupts chromatin regulation, and enhances replication
Physiological and life history changes associated with seasonal adaptation in the cactophilic Drosophila mojavensis
Disentangling the effects of jasmonate and tissue loss on the sex allocation of an annual plant
Transcriptome innovations in primates revealed by single-molecule long-read sequencing
A theoretical framework for multi-species range expansion in spatially heterogeneous landscapes
Tropical forest dynamics correspond to fair games in economic theory of financial markets
Large cells activate global protein degradation to maintain cell size homeostasis
The C. elegans TspanC8 tetraspanin TSP-14 exhibits isoform-specific localization and function
A myosin chaperone, UNC-45A, is a novel regulator of intestinal epithelial barrier integrity and repair
Clinically relevant SMAC mimetics do not enhance human T cell proliferation or cytokine production
Fascicles split or merge every ~560 microns within the human cervical vagus nerve
Control of cortical cytoskeleton-membrane interaction by RhoA regulates peripheral nerve myelination
Compositional Restricted Boltzmann Machines Unveil the Brain-Wide Organization of Neural Assemblies
Identification of mRNAs that undergo stop codon readthrough in Arabidopsis thaliana
Solanum galapagense-derived purple tomato fruit color is conferred by novel alleles of the Anthocyanin fruit and atroviolacium loci
Combining dictionary- and rule-based approximate entity linking with tuned BioBERT
Learning enhances behaviorally relevant representations in apical dendrites
Heterogeneous CaMKII-dependent synaptic compensations in CA1 pyramidal neurons from acute slices with dissected CA3
Accurate inference of stochastic gene expression from nascent transcript heterogeneity
Quantitative isotope-labeled crosslinker proteomics reveals developmental variation in protein interactions and posttranslational modifications in Diaphorina citri, the citrus greening insect vector
Estimating the rates of crossover and gene conversion from individual genomes
Measuring the invisible - The sequences causal of genome size differences in eyebrights (Euphrasia) revealed by k-mers
B cell clonal expansion is correlated with antigen-specificity in young but not old mice
A novel machine learning-based approach for the detection and analysis of spontaneous synaptic currents
Sensitivity optimization of a rhodopsin-based fluorescent voltage indicator
Measuring metabolic rate in single flies during sleep and waking states
Cortical and autonomic responses during staged Taoist meditation: two distinct meditation strategies.
REDigest: a Python GUI for In-Silico Restriction Digestion Analysis of Genes or Complete Genome Sequences
Once-daily feeding is associated with better cognitive function and health in companion dogs: Results from the Dog Aging Project
Deamidated TPI is an efficacious target for cell-selective therapy in triple-negative breast cancer
#PeerReview from @eLife of ???????? Rap1, Rif2, and the Ku complex work in concert to cap chromosome ends
The genetic diversity of Ethiopian barley genotypes in relation to their geographical origin
A platform of patient-derived microtumors identifies treatment response and therapeutic vulnerabilities of ovarian cancer
VALIS: Virtual Alignment of pathoLogy Image Series
Efficient multi-gene expression in cell-free droplet microreactors
Alterations in the Antioxidant Metabolites in Cotton Leaf Curl Disease Infected and Healthy Cotton Leaves
Biological integrity enhances the qualitative effectiveness of conditional mice-oak mutualisms
#PeerReview from @EMBOPress of ???????? Modulation of root growth by nutrient-defined fine-tuning of polar auxin transport
Pre- and post-mating reproductive isolation evolve independently during rapid adaptation to high temperature
Closely-related tree species with overlapping ranges exhibit divergent adaptation to climate
Evidence for a long-r ange RNA-RNA interaction between ORF8 and the downstream region of the Spike polybasic insertion of SARS-CoV-2
A new prognostic model for pancreatic cancer based on pyroptosis-related genes
Salmonella Outer Membrane Vesicles contain tRNA Fragments (tRFs) that Inhibit Bacteriophage P22 infection
Platelets are dispensable for the ability of CD8+ T cells to accumulate, patrol, kill and reside in the liver
Pictorial balance is a bottom-up aesthetic property mediated by eye movements
Structure-Activity Relationships in the Design of Mitochondria-Targeted Peptide Therapeutics
The evolutionary dynamics of genetic mutational load throughout tomato domestication history
Sequestration of LINE-1 in novel cytosolic bodies by MOV10 restricts retrotransposition
Spatial relationships of intra-lesion heterogeneity in Mycobacterium tuberculosis microenvironment, replication status, and drug efficacy
NorA, HmpX, and NorB cooperate to reduce NO toxicity during denitrification and plant pathogenesis in Ralstonia solanacearum
Host-associated phages disperse across the extraterrestrial analogue Antarctica
Nuclear receptor subfamily 4A signaling as a key disease pathway of CD1c+ dendritic cell dysregulation in systemic sclerosis
Stage-specific control of oligodendrocyte survival and morphogenesis by TDP-43
PccGEO: prior constraints conditioned genetic elements optimization
ICOR: Improving codon optimization with recurrent neural networks
Improvement of muscle strength in a mouse model for congenital myopathy treated with HDAC and DNA methyltransferase inhibitors
Glomerular function and urinary biomarker changes between vancomycin and vancomycin plus piperacillin-tazobactam in a translational rat model.
Data independent acquisition enables deep and fast label-free dynamic organellar mapping
Assessing and enhancing foldability in designed proteins
Coordinated conformational changes in the V1 complex during V-ATPase reversible dissociation
Pentameric assembly of the Kv2.1 tetramerization domain.
Natural variation in gene expression and Zika virus susceptibility revealed by villages of neural progenitor cells
Large-scale identification of RBP-RNA interactions by RAPseq refines essentials of post-transcriptional gene regulation
Novel genetic basis of resistance to Bt toxin Cry1Ac in Helicoverpa zea
Mitochondria transplantation between living cells
Water column stability as an important factor controlling nitrite-dependent anaerobic methane oxidation in stratified lake basins
Factors Influencing the Detection of Antibacterial Resistant Escherichia coli in Faecal Samples from Individual Cattle
Nitric Oxide Attenuates Human Cytomegalovirus Infection yet Disrupts Neural Cell Differentiation and Tissue Organization
PRMT5 epigenetically regulates the E3 ubiquitin ligase ITCH to influence lipid accumulation during mycobacterial infection
LuxT is a Global Regulator of Low-Cell Density Behaviors Including Type III Secretion, Siderophore Production, and Aerolysin Secretion in Vibrio harveyi
A self-amplifying mRNA COVID-19 vaccine drives potent and broad immune responses at low doses that protects non-human primates against SARS-CoV-2
F1F0 ATP Hydrolysis is a Determinant of Metabolic Rate and a Correlate of Lifespan
Phage-like particle vaccines are highly immunogenic and protect against pathogenic coronavirus infection and disease
SARS-CoV-2 triggered excessive inflammation and abnormal energy metabolism in gut microbiota
Towards a structurally resolved human protein interaction network
CRISPR-Cas9 mediated nuclear transport and genomic integration of nanostructured genes in human primary cells
#PeerReview from @eLife of ???????? Functional diversification gave rise to allelic specialization in a rice NLR immune receptor pair
The Escherichia coli serS gene promoter region overlaps with the rarA gene
An interactome landscape of SARS-CoV-2 virus-human protein-protein interactions by protein sequence-based multi-label classifiers
Central and peripheral delivery of AAV9-SMN target different pathomechanisms in a mouse model of spinal muscular atrophy
Microbial signals and lymphotoxin drive TNF-independent death of A20 and ABIN-1 deficient epithelium
High Throughput Intact Protein Analysis Using Infrared Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry
Ciliary Generation of a Peptidergic Sexual Signal
The bacterial actin-like cell division protein FtsA forms curved antiparallel double filaments upon binding of FtsN
Fast and sensitive GCaMP calcium indicators for imaging neural populations
Inversely proportional myelin growth due to altered Pmp22 gene dosage identifies PI3K/Akt/mTOR signaling as a novel therapeutic target in HNPP
Distribution And Population Of Chukar Partrigde (Alectoris chukar) In District Bajuar, KPK, Pakistan
A reaction-diffusion model predicts the intracellular length scale over which EGFR-initiated GAB1-SHP2 complexes persist
New insights into the evolution of glutamine synthetase isoenzymes in plants
Loss of function of bHLH transcription factor Nrd1 in tomato induces an arabinogalactan protein-encoding gene and enhances resistance to Pseudomonas syringae pv. tomato
Macrophage proliferation machinery leads to PDAC progression, but susceptibility to innate immunotherapy.
Prostate tumor-induced stromal reprogramming generates Tenascin C that promotes prostate cancer metastasis through YAP/TAZ inhibition
Transcription modulates chromatin dynamics and locus configuration sampling
Accelerating in-silico saturation mutagenesis using compressed sensing
A multiscale computational study of the conformation of the full-length intrinsically disordered protein MeCP2
Prevalent mouse phenotypes in the unexplored druggable genome
Lack of Fe(II) transporters in basal Cyanobacteria complicates iron uptake in ferruginous Archean oceans.
The C. elegans gonadal sheath Sh1 cells associate selectively with a differentiating germ cell population in the proliferative zone
Molecular signature of postmortem lung tissue from COVID-19 patients suggests distinct trajectories driving mortality
Lagging strand gap suppression connects BRCA-mediated fork protection to nucleosome assembly by ensuring PCNA-dependent CAF-1 recycling
SARS-COV-2 Delta variant displays moderate resistance to neutralizing antibodies and spike protein properties of higher soluble ACE2 sensitivity, enhanced cleavage and fusogenic activity
Paradoxical excitation of lateral habenula neurons by propofol involves enhanced presynaptic release of glutamate
Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor Inhibition Prevents Caveolin-1-dependent Calcifying Extracellular Vesicle Biogenesis
Oncogenic and Tumor Suppressor Functions for Lymphoid Enhancer Factor 1 in a Murine Model of T Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia
Structural basis of main proteases of coronavirus bound to drug candidate PF-07321332
Predicting Relative Protein Abundance via Sequence-Based Information
In vitro reconstitution of divisome activation
A chemical screen for suppressors of dioxygenase inhibition in a yeast model of familial paraganglioma
Accelerated decline of genome heterogeneity in the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus
Transcriptome analysis of Plasmodium falciparum isolates from Benin reveals specific gene expression associated with cerebral malaria
The molecular evolution of spermatogenesis across mammals
Interchromosomal interaction of homologous Stat92E alleles regulates transcriptional switch during stem-cell differentiation
Ribosomal ubiquitination facilitates mRNA cleavage and ribosome rescue during No-Go and Nonstop mRNA Decay
Brain Networks Detectable by fMRI during On-Line Self Report of Hallucinations in Schizophrenia
The learning curve of murine subretinal injection among clinically trained ophthalmic surgeons
The Immune Signatures Data Resource: A compendium of systems vaccinology datasets
Open Access publishing in Medicine: lights and shadows.
Lipid Alterations in African American Prostate Cancer
A connectivity signature for glioblastoma
Block aligner: fast and flexible pairwise sequence alignment with SIMD-accelerated adaptive blocks
Genetic continuity of Indo-Iranian speakers since the Iron Age in southern Central Asia.
Lipid nanoparticles incorporating a GalNAc ligand enable in vivo liver ANGPTL3 editing in wild-type and somatic LDLR knockout non-human primates
A simple and general approach to control the activity of DNA processing enzymes
A full-length infectious cDNA clone of a dsRNA totivirus-like virus
Recurrent urinary tract infection and estrogen shape the taxonomic ecology and functional potential of the postmenopausal urobiome
A comparative analysis of memory B cell and antibody responses against Plasmodium falciparum merozoite surface protein 1 in children and adults from Uganda
ACPA-IgG variable domain glycosylation increases before the onset of rheumatoid arthritis and stabilizes thereafter; a cross-sectional study encompassing over 1500 samples
Feasibility evaluation of transtympanic laser stimulation of the cochlea from the outer ear
Sexual dimorphic responses of C57BL/6 mice to Fisetin or Dasatinib and Quercetin cocktail oral treatment
Nuclear progesterone receptor regulates blood coagulation facilitating ovulation in zebrafish
The anterior cruciate ligament in murine post-traumatic osteoarthritis: markers and mechanics
DOCKGROUND Membrane Protein-Protein Set
Identification of known and novel long non-coding RNAs potentially responsible for the effects of BMD GWAS loci
From group to individual - Genotyping by pool sequencing eusocial colonies
Krüppel-like factor 4 is required for development and regeneration of germline and yolk cells from somatic stem cells in planarians
ATM-dependent formation of a novel chromatin compartment regulates the Response to DNA Double Strand Breaks and the biogenesis of translocations
Stable Cell Clones Harboring Self-Replicating SARS-CoV-2 RNAs for Drug Screen
Modelling novelty detection in the thalamocortical loop
Generation of a mitochondrial protein compendium in Dictyostelium discoideum
BBX16 mediates the repression of seedling photomorphogenesis downstream of the GUN1-GLK1 module during retrograde signaling
Dosage of duplicated and antifunctionalized homeobox proteins influences spikelet development in barley
Disassembly of hemidesmosomes promotes tumorigenesis in PTEN-negative prostate cancer by targeting plectin into focal adhesions
Enhanced fluorescence from semiconductor quantum dot-labelled cells excited at 280 nm
From the origin and molecular diversity of the amastins, to the origin and diversity of intracellular parasitism from human Trypanosomatids
Electrical signature of heterogeneous human mesenchymal stem cells
Light contamination in stable isotope-labelled internal peptide standards is frequent and a potential source of false discovery and quantitation error in proteomics
Structural insights into the activation of autoinhibited human lipid flippase ATP8B1 upon substrate binding
Phase of neural oscillations as a reference frame for attention-based routing in visual cortex
#PeerReview from @PeerCommunityIn of ???????? Dynamics of sex-biased gene expression over development in the stick insect Timema californicum
#PeerReview from @eLife of ???????? Control of neurotransmitter release and presynaptic plasticity by re-orientation of membrane-bound Munc13-1
#PeerReview from @ReviewCommons of ???????? DynaMorph: learning morphodynamic states of human cells with live imaging and sc-RNAseq
Land use land cover dynamics through time and their proximate drivers of change in a tropical mountain system: a case study in a highland landscape of northern Ecuador
ANI, Mash and Dashing equally differentiate between Klebsiella species
Deep time structural evolution of retroviral and filoviral surface envelope proteins
Distinct profiles of LRRK2 activation and Rab GTPase phosphorylation in clinical samples from different PD cohorts
A high-throughput, automated, cell-free expression and screening platform for antibody discovery
ProDCoNN-server: a web server for protein sequence prediction and design from a three-dimensional structure
Affinity sedimentation and magnetic separation with plant-made immunosorbent nanoparticles for therapeutic protein purification
Discovery of a carbonic anhydrase-Rubisco supercomplex within the alpha-carboxysome
Ancient genomes from the last three millennia support multiple human dispersals into Wallacea
Ubiquitin ligases and a processive proteasome facilitate protein clearance during the oocyte-to-embryo transition in Caenorhabditis elegans
Age-induced P-bodies become detrimental and shorten the lifespan of yeast
Antibiofilm agents with therapeutic potential against enteroaggregative Escherichia coli
Outer Membrane Vesicles from the gut microbiome contribute to tumor immunity by eliciting cross-reactive T cells
Prevalence of bovine tuberculosis and characterization of the members of the Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex from slaughtered cattle in Rwanda
Single cell RNA-seq uncovers the nuclear decoy lincRNA PIRAT as a regulator of systemic monocyte immunity during COVID-19
Design, construction and optimization of a synthetic RNA polymerase operon in Escherichia coli.
Enteroendocrine cell types that drive food reward and aversion
Erythropoietin and miRNA profiles during the menstrual cycle in relation to hematological and lipid biomarkers
Validation and invalidation of SARS-CoV-2 papain-like protease inhibitors
Brilacidin, a COVID-19 Drug Candidate, demonstrates broad-spectrum antiviral activity against human coronaviruses OC43, 229E and NL63 through targeting both the virus and the host cell
Discovery of imidazole-based inhibitors of P. falciparum cGMP-dependent protein kinase
Spread of Xanthomonas vasicola pv. musacearum within banana mats: implications for Xanthomonas wilt management
Regulation of ERK2 activity by dynamic S-acylation
A truncated reverse transcriptase enhances prime editing by split AAV vectors
CALDERA: Finding all significant de Bruijn subgraphs for bacterial GWAS
Correlation scan: identifying genomic regions that affect genetic correlations applied to fertility traits
Mitochondrial DNA variants segregate during human preimplantation development into genetically different cell lineages that are maintained postnatally
A novel enhancer of Agouti contributes to parallel evolution of cryptically colored beach mice
Identification and characterization of BEND2 as a novel and key regulator of meiosis during mouse spermatogenesis
Pharmacologic rescue of circadian β-cell failure through P2Y1 purinergic receptor identified by small-molecule screen
SARS-CoV-2 infection in free-ranging white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus)
Turnover in life strategies recapitulates microbial succession on synthetic marine particles
Scrutiny of human lung infection by SARS-CoV-2 and associated human immune responses in humanized mice
Single-Cell RNA Sequencing Characterizes the Molecular Heterogeneity of the Larval Zebrafish Optic Tectum
Sexual reproduction contributes to the evolution of resistance breaking isolates of the spinach pathogen Peronospora effusa
Sequence conservation, domain architectures, and phylogenetic distribution of the HD-GYP type c-di-GMP phosphodiesterases
A novel whole yeast-based subunit oral vaccine against Eimeria tenella in chickens
Two new threatened species of Rinorea (Violaceae), forest trees from East and South Regions, Cameroon
TRIM67 drives tumorigenesis in oligodendrogliomas through Rho GTPase-dependent membrane blebbing
Stenoparib, an inhibitor of cellular poly (ADP-ribose) polymerases (PARPs), blocks in vitro replication of SARS-CoV-2 variants
Increased Occurrence of Treponema spp. and Double-species Infections in Patients with Alzheimer's Disease
Prolonged and extended impacts of SARS-CoV-2 on the olfactory neurocircuit
Assessment of AI-based Protein Structure Prediction for the NLRP3 Target
Towards a Theory of Evolution as Multilevel Learning
The oral protease inhibitor (PF-07321332) protects Syrian hamsters against infection with SARS-CoV-2 variants of concern
A trimeric NTD and RBD SARS-CoV-2 subunit vaccine induced protective immunity in CAG-hACE2 transgenic mice and rhesus macaques
#PeerReview from @eLife of ???????? Microtubule assembly by soluble tau impairs vesicle endocytosis and excitatory neurotransmission via dynamin sequestration in Alzheimer's disease synapse model
#PeerReview from @eLife of ???????? Pavlovian fear conditioning does not readily occur in rats in naturalistic environments
#PeerReview from @eLife of ???????? Disruption of the TCA cycle reveals an ATF4-dependent integration of redox and amino acid metabolism
Behavioral context affects social signal representations within single primate prefrontal cortex neurons
Temporal Pattern of Synaptic Activation Determines the Longevity of Structural Plasticity at Single Dendritic Spines
Inhibitory Cerebellar Stimulation Increases Cortical Activation: Evidence for Cerebellar Scaffolding of Cortical Processing
Epithelial-mesenchymal plasticity induced by discontinuous exposure to TGFβ1 promotes tumour growth
Strontium isotopes reveal diverse life history variations, migration patterns, and habitat use for Broad Whitefish (Coregonus nasus) in Arctic, Alaska
Programmable large DNA deletion, replacement, integration, and inversion with twin prime editing and site-specific recombinases
Dephosphorylation of the pre-initiation complex during S-phase is critical for origin firing
Bright, fluorogenic and photostable avidity probes for RNA imaging
Marker-free coselection for successive rounds of prime editing in human cells
RBBP6 activates the pre-mRNA 3'-end processing machinery in humans
A deep exon cryptic splice site promotes aberrant intron retention in a von Willebrand disease patient
A critical role for E2-p53 interaction during the human papillomavirus 16 life cycle
Loop-extrusion and polymer phase-separation can co-exist at the single-molecule level to shape chromatin folding
Xist-mediated silencing requires additive functions of SPEN and Polycomb together with differentiation-dependent recruitment of SmcHD1
mRNA Vaccines Induce Rapid Antibody Responses in Mice
Antiviral activity of Pacific oyster (Crassostrea gigas) hemolymph against a human coronavirus.
Glycan-masking spike antigen in NTD and RBD elicits broadly neutralizing antibodies against SARS-CoV-2 variants
Detection of velogenic avian paramyxoviruses in rock doves in New York City, New York
Aryl hydrocarbon receptor (AhR) activation by 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin (TCDD) dose-dependently shifts the gut microbiome consistent with the progression of steatosis to steatohepatitis with fibrosis
Creatine utilization as a sole nitrogen source in Pseudomonas putida KT2440 is transcriptionally regulated by CahR
Maize AFP1 confers antifungal activity by inhibiting chitin deacetylases from a broad range of fungi
JAK-STAT Signaling Enables Lineage Plasticity-driven AR Targeted Therapy Resistance
Altered expression of Api5 affects breast carcinogenesis by modulating FGF2 signalling
ParS-independent recruitment of the bacterial chromosome-partitioning protein ParB
Tau differentially regulates the transport of early endosomes and lysosomes
Annexin A4 senses membrane curvature in a density-dependent manner
CRISPR-Csx28 forms a Cas13b-activated membrane pore required for robust CRISPR-Cas adaptive immunity
The effect of acute oral galactose administration on the redox system of the rat small intestine
Reconstitution of ATP-dependent 3'-cleavage of mammalian pre-mRNA reveals a central role of RBBP6
N4BP1 is dimerization-dependent linear ubiquitin reader regulating TNFR1 signalling through linear ubiquitin binding and Caspase-8-mediated processing
GapMind for Carbon Sources: Automatedannotations of catabolic pathways
Novel Feline Papillomavirus Isolate P20 Assembled from Metagenomic Data Isolated from Human Skin of a House Cat Owner
Germinal centre-driven maturation of B cell response to SARS-CoV-2 vaccination
A vitamin D-RelB/NF-κB pathway limits Chandipura virus multiplication by rewiring the homeostatic state of autoregulatory type 1 interferon-IRF7 signaling
Powerful synergistic effects of a STING agonist and an IL-2 superkine in cancer immunotherapy against MHC I-deficient and MHC I+ tumors
Garlic-derived organosulfur compounds regulate metabolic and immune pathways in macrophages and attenuate intestinal inflammation in mice
Microglia ferroptosis is prevalent in neurodegenerative disease and regulated by SEC24B
Diversity, function and evolution of marine invertebrate genomes
Multiple and Dissociable Effects of Sensory History on Working-Memory Performance
Effects of upgrading acquisition-techniques and harmonization methods: A multi-modal MRI study with implications for longitudinal designs
AAV9-MCT8 delivery at juvenile stage ameliorates neurological and behavioral deficits in an AHDS mouse model
Integrating Task-Based Functional MRI Across Tasks Markedly Boosts Prediction and Reliability of Brain-Cognition Relationship
The use of Ipratropium and Tiotropium as novel agents to reduce inflammation in in vitro macrophage models.
Hepatocyte cholesterol content modulates glucagon receptor signalling
Development of Biologically Interpretable Multimodal Deep Learning Model for Cancer Prognosis Prediction
Configuring a federated network of real-world patient health data for multimodal deep learning prediction of health outcomes.
Investigating the causes of stimulus-evoked changes in cone reflectance using a combined adaptive optics SLO-OCT system
Understanding gene regulatory mechanisms based on gene classification
Hybridization and Low Genetic Diversity in the Endangered Alabama Red-Bellied Turtle (Pseudemys alabamensis)
Phylogeography of the desert scorpion Mesobuthus mongolicus illuminates a route out of Central Asia and Junggar Basin as a corridor for faunal exchange between Central and East Asia
Hummingbird abundance is related to food resources availability in a temperate forest of central Mexico
Wildlife is imperiled in peri-urban landscapes: threats to arboreal mammals
Spatiotemporal patterns of urban mosquitoes are modulated by socioeconomic status and environmental traits in the United States
A feedback loop between heterochromatin and the nucleopore complex controls germ-cell to oocyte transition during Drosophila oogenesis
A new tripartite landmark in posterior cingulate cortex
Explaining heterogeneity in medial entorhinal cortex with task-driven neural networks
Elementary vectors and autocatalytic sets for computational models of cellular growth
CompAIRR: ultra-fast comparison of adaptive immune receptor repertoires by exact and approximate sequence matching
Efficacy of longevity interventions in C. elegans is determined by early life activity of RNA splicing factors
Statistical inference in population genomics
Effect of plant tissues on DNA quantity and quality of barley (Hordeum vulgare) validating through PCR technique
Cholesterol and sphingomyelin are critical for Fcγ receptor-mediated phagocytosis of Cryptococcus neoformans by macrophages
Prophylactic Treatment of Undernourished Mice with Cotrimoxazole Induces a Different Profile of Dysbiosis with Functional Metabolic Alterations
Type 1 interferon supports B cell responses to polysaccharide antigens but is not required for MPL/TDCM adjuvant effects on innate B cells
Core circadian clock and light signalling genes brought into genetic linkage across the green lineage
Early-Stage Identification and Avoidance of Antisense Oligonucleotides Causing Species-Specific Inflammatory Responses in Human Volunteers Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells
Manual curation and phylogenetic analysis of chitinase family genes in the Asian citrus psyllid, Diaphorina citri
orthoSNAP: a tree splitting and pruning algorithm for retrieving single-copy orthologs from gene family trees
Evolution of reduced mate-harming tendency of males in Drosophila melanogaster populations selected for faster life history
Computational simulations reveal that Abl activity controls cohesiveness of actin networks in growth cones
Separable mechanisms drive local and global polarity establishment in the C. elegans intestinal epithelium
Transcriptional regulation of cyclophilin D by BMP/SMAD signaling and its role in osteogenic differentiation
The use of disinfectant in barn cleaning alters microbial composition and increases carriage of Campylobacter jejuni in broiler chickens
Impact of Protein Identity on Tumor-Associated Antigen Uptake into Infiltrating Immune Cells: A Comparison of Different Fluorescent Proteins as Model Antigens
An Immunogold Single Extracellular Vesicular RNA and Protein (AuSERP) Biochip to Predict Responses to Immunotherapy in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Patients
Btbd11 is an inhibitory interneuron specific synaptic scaffolding protein that supports excitatory synapse structure and function
Alpha oscillations are involved in localizing touch on hand-held tools
Consequences of endogenous and virally-induced hyperphosphorylated tau on behavior and cognition in a rat model of Alzheimer's disease
Distinct representation of cue-outcome association by D1 and D2 neurons in the olfactory striatum
Multi-area recordings and optogenetics in the awake, behaving marmoset
Pseudomonas syringae pv. tomato DC3000 Effector HopG1 is a multi-faceted protein that Triggers Necrotic Cell Death that is attenuated by the Nonhost Resistance 2B (AtNHR2B) Protein
DNA-free CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing of tetraploid tomatoes using protoplast regeneration
Maize root-associated microbes likely under adaptive selection by the host to enhance phenotypic performance
The influence of unmeasured confounding on the MR Steiger approach
Soil microbes mediate the effects of environmental variability on plant invasion
The expression of essential selenoproteins during zebrafish development requires SECIS binding protein 2-like
Immunoglobulin-producing AT2-like cells secrete IgA into the extracellular matrix in pulmonary fibrosis
Haspin participates in Aurora phosphorylation at centromeres and contributes to chromosome congression in male mouse meiosis
When Yeast Cells Change their Mind: Cell Cycle 'Start' is Reversible under Starvation
E-cigarette aerosol exacerbates cardiovascular oxidative stress in mice with an inactive aldehyde dehydrogenase 2 enzyme
Quorum sensing signal autoinducer-2 inhibits sporulation of Bacillus by interacting with RapC and functions across species
Plasmids as donors of Insertion Sequence elements mediating colistin resistance in Klebsiella pneumoniae
Conservation and divergence in cortical cellular organization between human and mouse revealed by single-cell transcriptome imaging
Genetic control of rhizosheath formation in pearl millet
Plasmotype condition nuclear pleiotropic effects on clock and fitness in barley
Directional selection at gene expression level contributes to the speciation of Asian rice cultivars
A versatile mitochondria isolation- and analysis-pipeline generates 3D nano-topographies and mechano-physical surface maps of single organelles
Silencing neuronal activity is required for developmental circuit remodeling
Vitamin A and vitamin E metabolites comodulate amyloid-β aggregation
Calcium fluctuations drive morphological patterning at the onset of Hydra morphogenesis
Oligomerization state of the functional bacterial twin arginine translocation (Tat) receptor complex
Ratiometric 4Pi single molecule localization with optimal resolution and color assignment
Development of a novel bioluminescent activity assay for peptide ligases
An arachnid's guide to be an ant: morphological and behavioural mimicry in ant-mimicking spiders
Transcriptional evaluation of the ductus arteriosus at the single-cell level uncovers a requirement for vimentin for complete closure
High-Speed Imaging Reveals the Bimodal Nature of Dense Core Vesicle Exocytosis and Jet Flow through the Fusion Pore
Transcriptional burst kinetics are linked to short term transcriptional memory
WY14643 Increases Herpesvirus Replication Independent of PPARα Expression and Inhibits IFNβ Production
Combination of successor representation-based appetitive learning and individual representation-based aversive learning is a good strategy and can be implemented in the cortico-basal ganglia circuits
A novel mechanism of Euonymine inhibits in-stent restenosis through enhancing contractile phenotype of VSMCs by targeting AKT1 and p38MAPK
#PeerReview from @eLife of ???????? Disintegration promotes proto-spacer integration by the Cas1-Cas2 complex
Coherent theta oscillations in the cerebellum and supplementary motor area mediate visuomotor adaptation
Flexible circuit mechanisms for context-dependent song sequencing
Microbiome restructuring: dominant coral bacterium Endozoicomonas species display differential adaptive capabilities to environmental changes
#PeerReview from @EMBOPress of ???????? The structure and flexibility analysis of the Arabidopsis Synaptotagmin 1 reveal the basis of its regulation at membrane contact sites
Synthetic periphyton as a model community to examine species dynamics in complex microbial consortia
Early transcriptomic response of Alnus glutinosa to Frankia alni symbiont, an upregulated nsLTP (non-specific Lipid Transfer Protein) is implicated in early and late stages of symbiosis
Genome-wide association study reveals complex genetic architecture of cadmium and mercury accumulation and tolerance traits in Medicago truncatula
Characterization of γ-Glutamyl Peptidases and γ-Glutamyl Cyclotransferases for Glutathione Degradation in Arabidopsis
Global transcriptome analysis reveals partial estrogen-like effects of karanjin in MCF-7 breast cancer cells
Substrate rigidity modulates traction forces and stoichiometry of cell matrix adhesions.
MFN2 Influences Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Pathology
Acoustic Censusing and Individual Identification of Birds in the Wild
Autologous mitochondria transport via transzonal filopodia rejuvenates aged oocytes by UC-MSCs derived granulosa cells-oocyte aggregation
Intestinal GCN2 controls Drosophila systemic growth upon AA imbalance in response to Lactiplantibacillus plantarum symbiotic cues encoded by r/tRNAoperons
Solvation dynamics-powered structure and function of multi-molecular cellular systems exemplified by non-equilibrium cereblon-degrader-CK1α ternary complex formation
Examining the Ensembles of Amyloid-β Monomer Variants and their Propensities to Form Fibers Using an Energy Landscape Visualization Method
Electronic Mapping of a Bacterial Genome with Dual Solid-State Nanopores and Active Single-Molecule Control
Systems-based approach for optimization of a scalable bacterial ST mapping assembly-free algorithm
Genotyping of structural variation using PacBio high-fidelity sequencing
Extracellular Vesicles Deliver Mitochondria and HSP27 Protein to Protect the Blood-Brain Barrier
A simple tool extends TIMSTOF compatibility with historic data processing tools and enables ion mobility-enhanced spectral libraries
Plasma donation induces a protein expression profile shift in circulating human blood
Type 1 diabetes risk genes mediate pancreatic beta cell survival in response to proinflammatory cytokines
Leveraging eDNA metabarcoding to characterize nearshore fish communities in Southeast Alaska: Do habitat and tide matter?
A macromutation eliminates colour patterning in captive butterflies
Dimensionality and modularity of adaptive variation: Divergence in threespine stickleback from diverse environments
The colonial legacy of herbaria
Worldwide reef surveys highlight different adaptive responses to heat between coral taxa
Development and evaluation of PCR primers for environmental DNA (eDNA) metabarcoding of Amphibia
Polyamines mediate enterovirus attachment directly and indirectly through cellular heparan sulfate synthesis.
Identification and tracking of alloreactive T cell clones in Rhesus Macaques through the RM-scTCR-Seq platform.
Pan-cancer mapping of single T cell profiles reveals a TCF1:CXCR6-CXCL16 regulatory axis essential for effective anti-tumor immunity
Gigavalent display of proteins on monodisperse polyacrylamide hydrogels as a versatile modular platform for functional assays and protein engineering
Mem3DG: Modeling Membrane Mechanochemical Dynamics in 3D using Discrete Differential Geometry
Netrins and receptors control Drosophila optic lobe organization and transmedullary neuron axon targeting
SETD2 negatively regulates cell size through its catalytic activity and SRI domain
Chlamydomonas ARMC2/PF27 is an obligate cargo adapter for IFT of radial spokes
Neuronally Produced Betaine Acts via a Novel Ligand Gated Ion Channel to Control Behavioural States
Near-infrared carbon nanotube tracking reveals the nanoscale extracellular space around synapses
Molecular mechanism of Arp2/3 complex inhibition by Arpin
Mllt11 regulates the migration and neurite outgrowth of cortical projection neurons during development
A neural substrate for Bayesian integration in human parietal cortex
Onset and stepwise extensions of recombination suppression are common in mating-type chromosomes of Microbotryum anther-smut fungi
Double-edged role of resource competition in gene expression noise and control
Endogenous retroviruses mediate transcriptional rewiring in response to oncogenic signaling in colorectal cancer
Resistance-guided mining of bacterial genotoxins defines a family of DNA glycosylases
The amino acid transporter CG1139 is required for retrograde transport and fast recovery of gut enterocytes after Serratia marcescens intestinal infection
A comprehensive evaluation of CRISPR lineage recorders using TraceQC
Death and Proliferation of Lymphocytes in Immune Response and Tumor Cells Are Controlled by pH Balance
Modulatory potentials of zerumbone isolated from ginger (Zingiber zerumbet) on eicosanoids: evidence from LPS induced peripheral blood leukocytes.
Sulfotyrosine, an interaction specificity determinant for extracellular protein-protein interactions
Chimeric chromosome landscapes of human somatic cell cultures show dependence on stress and regulation of genomic repeats by CGGBP1.
Promoter sequence and architecture determine expression variability and confer robustness to genetic variants
Maintenance of copy number variation at the human salivary agglutinin gene (DMBT1) by balancing selection driven by host-microbe interactions
CTCF blocks anti-sense transcription initiation at divergent gene promoters
Coordinated modulation of multiple processes through phase variation of a c-di-GMP phosphodiesterase in Clostridioides difficile
Identification, Characterization and Synthesis of Natural Parasitic Cysteine Protease Inhibitors -- More Potent Falcitidin Analogs
Proteome-wide cross-linking mass spectrometry to identify specific virus capsid-host interactions between tick-borne encephalitis virus and neuroblastoma cells
Natural transformation protein ComFA exhibits single-stranded DNA translocase activity
Proteins mediating different DNA topologies block RNAP elongation with different efficiency
Characterization of heterologously expressed fibril filaments, a shape and motility determining cytoskeletal protein of the helical bacterium Spiroplasma
Effect of G4C2-Repeat Expansions on the Motion of Lysosomes Inside Neurites.
Lipid phase separation in vesicles enhances TRAIL-mediated cytotoxicity
A simple secretion assay for assessing new and existing myocilin variants
Illumina But With Nanopore: Sequencing Illumina libraries at high accuracy on the ONT MinION using R2C2
Plasmodium DDI1 is an essential chromatin-associated protein with a role in DNA-protein crosslink repair
Impaired lamin localization to the nuclear envelope is responsible for nuclear damage in LMNA mutant iPSC-derived cardiomyocytes
mTOR inhibition via Rapamycin treatment partially reverts the deficit in energy metabolism caused by FH loss in RPE cells
Liberibacter solanacearum interacts with host psyllid vitellogenin with its membrane proteins
Silencing of an efflux pump coding gene decreases the efflux rate of pyrazinoic acid in Mycobacterium smegmatis
Evaluation of small non-coding RNAs as a possible epigenetic mechanism mediating the transition from biotrophy to necrotrophy in the life cycle of Phytophthora infestans
Blocking chondrocyte hypertrophy in conditional Evc knockout mice does not modify osteoarthritis progression
Saturated Proteostasis and Nuclear Injuries Defeat Homeostatic Potentials of α-Synuclein Filaments
The indoor mycobiome of daycare centers is affected by occupancy and climate
Stratification of the Gut Microbiota Composition Landscape Across the Alzheimer's Disease Continuum in a Turkish Cohort
Mapping neurotransmitter systems to the structural and functional organization of the human neocortex
Correcting the Hebbian Mistake: Toward a Fully Error-Driven Hippocampus
Vocal tract allometry in a mammalian vocal learner
Polarization and cell-fate decision facilitated by the adaptor Ste50 in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Mispatterned motile cilia beating causes flow blockage in the epileptic brain
A Notch-dependent transcriptional mechanism controls expression of temporal patterning factors in Drosophila medulla
Comprehensive Structure and Functional Adaptations of the Yeast Nuclear Pore Complex
Cytonemes coordinate asymmetric signaling and organization in the Drosophila muscle progenitor niche
Double-layered two-directional somatopleural cell migration during chicken body wall development revealed with local fluorescent tissue labeling
R-loop mapping and characterization during Drosophila embryogenesis reveals developmental plasticity in R-loop signatures
Loss of Prm1 leads to defective chromatin protamination, impaired PRM2 processing, reduced sperm motility and subfertility in male mice
Lineage, Identity, and Fate of Distinct Progenitor Populations in the Embryonic Olfactory Epithelium
Elevated Hoxb5b expands vagal neural crest pool and blocks enteric neuronal development in zebrafish
Orb-dependent polyadenylation contributes to PLP expression and centrosome scaffold assembly
Intracellular pH dynamics regulates intestinal stem cell fate
Hidden pathway for cytokine receptor activation: Structural insights into a marine sponge-derived lectin that activates the thrombopoietin receptor via recognition of the fucose moiety
The early embryonic transcriptome of a Hawaiian Drosophila picture-wing fly shows evidence of altered gene expression and novel gene evolution
#PeerReview from @EMBOPress of ???????? Transcriptomic analysis reveals niche gene expression effects of beta-hydroxybutyrate in primary myotubes
#PeerReview from @eLife of ???????? Human B cell lineages engaged by germinal centers following influenza vaccination are measurably evolving
Extensive sequence divergence of non-coding regions between Aspergillus fumigatus, a major fungal pathogen of humans, and its relatives
Ribosomal protein database profiling lends clarity to ribosomal protein evolution and mass distribution
A cautionary tale on proper use of branch-site models to detect convergent positive selection
Sign inversion in selection on ploidy
Ormyrus labotus Walker (Hymenoptera: Ormyridae): another generalist that should not be a generalist is not a generalist
Activation of Npas1-neurons in the Ventral Pallidum Mediates Stress Susceptibility
Social experience dependent plasticity of mouse song selectivity without that of song components
Left angular gyrus disconnection impairs multiplication fact retrieval
Cell region fingerprints enable highly precise single-cell tracking and lineage reconstruction
Robust enhancer-gene regulation identified by single-cell transcriptomes and epigenomes
#PeerReview from @PeerCommunityIn of ???????? Large-scale geographic survey provides insights into the colonization history of a major aphid pest on its cultivated apple host in Europe, North America and North Africa
Anatomic development of the upper airway during the first five years of life: A three-dimensional imaging study
Notch signaling determines cell-fate specification of the two main types of vomeronasal neurons of rodents.
A novel role for the extraembryonic area opaca in positioning the primitive streak of the early chick embryo
Focal adhesion membrane is dotted with protein islands and partitioned for molecular hop diffusion
Cyclic uniaxial mechanical load enhances chondrogenesis through entraining the molecular circadian clock
Development of ultrafast camera-based imaging of single fluorescent molecules and live-cell PALM
Report of unexpected findings after cardiac stem cell injections in a preclinical model
The endoplasmic reticulum adopts two distinct tubule forms
Upregulated PD-1 Signaling is an Important Antagonist to Glomerular Health in Aged Kidneys
Changes in microbial composition, diversity, and functionality in the Amblyomma maculatum microbiome following infection with Rickettsia parkeri
Sensory prediction errors increase coding efficiency in mouse visual cortex through gain amplification
Adaptation of the gut holobiont to malnutrition during mouse pregnancy depends on the type of nutritional adversity
#PeerReview from @EMBOPress of ???????? Non-canonical activation of the ER stress sensor ATF6 by Legionella pneumophila effectors
Multi-omics analysis reveals cross-organism interactions in coral holobiont
Comprehensive analysis of the circadian nuclear and cytoplasmic transcriptome in mouse liver
ProS-GNN: Predicting effects of mutations on protein stability using graph neural networks
Disentangling single-cell omics representation with a power spectral density-based feature extraction
Bcl-xL restricts transcriptional, morphological and functional decompensation of β-cell mitochondria under chronic glucose excess
Aldehyde dehydrogenase 3A1 deficiency leads to mitochondrial dysfunction and impacts salivary gland stem cell self-renewal, differentiation and survival
The novel conserved NAD+ binding micropeptide SGHRT regulates mitochondrial function and metabolism in human cardiomyocytes
A basement membrane discovery pipeline uncovers network complexity, new regulators, and human disease associations
Activation of transient receptor potential vanilloid 4 is involved in pressure overload-induced cardiac hypertrophy
Epidermal Stratification Requires Retromer-Mediated Desmoglein-1 Recycling
The regenerative response of cardiac interstitial cells
Trisomy 21 increases microtubules and disrupts centriolar satellite localization
PU.1 expression defines distinct functional activities in the phenotypic HSC compartment in a mouse model of inflammatory stress
#PeerReview from @GigaScience of ???????? Detection and characterization of low and high genome coverage regions using an efficient running median and a double threshold approach.
Regulation of skeletal muscle metabolism and contraction performance via teneurin-latrophilin action.
Female choice can explain the fertilization pattern in oaks
Impact of Grain for Green Project on Water Resources and Ecological Water Stress in Yanhe River Basin
Alternative strategy to induce CRISPR-mediated genetic changes in hematopoietic cells
Profiling RT-LAMP tolerance of sequence variation for SARS-CoV-2 RNA detection
Estimated quantity of swine virus genomes based on quantitative PCR analysis in spray-dried porcine plasma samples collected from multiple manufacturing plants.
Effects of electroacupuncture on the expression of hypothalamic neuropeptide Y and ghrelin in pubertal rats with polycystic ovary syndrome
Multi-trait and multi-environment Bayesian analysis to predict the G x E interaction in flood-irrigated rice
In silico modeling and interactive profiling of BPH resistant R genes with elicitor molecules of rice planthoppers
#PeerReview from #GigaByte of ???????? Bicolor angelfish (Centropyge bicolor) provides the first chromosome-level genome of the Pomacanthidae family
Kinetic and data-driven modeling of pancreatic β-cell central carbon metabolism and insulin secretion
A suspension technique for efficient large-scale cancer organoid culturing and perturbation screens
Fast and parallel nanoscale 3D tracking of heterogeneous mammalian chromatin dynamics
Bicolor angelfish (Centropyge bicolor) provides the first chromosome-level genome of the Pomacanthidae family
Compatibility logic of human enhancer and promoter sequences
Density-dependent selection in Drosophila: evolution of egg size and hatching time
Stemness activity underlying whole brain regeneration in a basal chordate
A Prion that regulates genome diversification
Interleukin 7 receptor drives Early T lineage Progenitor expansion
Quercetin combined with Concanavalin A as a safe vaccine adjuvant that stimulates PBMCs proliferation, alleviates lipid peroxidation and boosts iNOS activity in the elderly.
Spatial coding in the hippocampus of flying owls
Cytidine deaminase protects pancreatic cancer cells from replicative stress and drives resistance to DNA-targeting drugs
Building tools for machine learning and artificial intelligence in cancer research: best practices and a case study with the PathML toolkit for computational pathology
Dynamics of lipids in the yeast lipid droplets
SINBAD: a flexible tool for single cell DNA methylation data
Assessment of Agaricus bisporus Mushroom as Protective Agent Against Ultraviolet Exposure
Quantification of breeding sites parameters in shaping bacterial communities in Aedes aegypti (Diptera: Culicidae).
Rapid decline in Western monarch butterflies leads to phenological and geographic Allee effects
ARP2/3- and resection-coupled genome reorganization facilitates translocations
Experimental microevolution of Trypanosoma cruzi reveals hybridization and clonal mechanisms driving rapid diversification of genome sequence and structure.
Discovery and Biosynthesis of Persiathiacins: Unusual Polyglycosylated Thiopeptides Active against Multi-drug resistant Tuberculosis
SARS-CoV-2 Infection Impacts Carbon Metabolism and Depends on Glutamine for Replication in Syrian Hamster Astrocytes
Protection from SARS-CoV-2 Delta one year after mRNA-1273 vaccination in nonhuman primates is coincident with an anamnestic antibody response in the lower airway
A transcriptomic axis predicts state modulation of cortical interneurons
Tsetse RNA Virome: Novel Iflavirus Genomes in Glossina morsitans and Other Tsetse Species
The humanized nanobody RBD-1-2G tolerates the spike N501Y mutation to neutralize SARS-CoV-2
NLR immune receptor-nanobody fusions confer plant disease resistance
Characterization of raloxifene as potential pharmacological agent against SARS-CoV-2 and its variants
The proteasome regulator PSME4 drives immune evasion and abrogates anti-tumor immunity in NSCLC
A focal adhesion kinase-YAP signaling axis drives drug tolerant persister cells and residual disease in lung cancer
Single-cell transcriptional analysis of the immune tumour microenvironment during myeloma disease evolution
Computational correction of cell-specific gene-independent effects in CRISPR-Cas9 essentiality screens: REStricted CUbic SplinEs with Mixed Models (RESCUE-MM)
ICA treatment diabets induced bone loss via primary cilia/Gli2/Osteocalcin signaling pathway
Inactivation of SARS Coronavirus 2 and COVID-19 patient samples for contemporary immunology and metabolomics studies
Multiple paths lead to salt tolerance - pre-adaptation vs dynamic responses from two closely related extremophytes
NanoSplicer: Accurate identification of splice junctions using Oxford Nanopore sequencing
Benchmarking AlphaFold for protein complex modeling reveals accuracy determinants
Oral administration of bacterial Beta cell expansion factor A (BefA) alleviates diabetes in mice with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes
Excessive fetal growth affects HSC quiescence maintenance through epigenetic programming of EGR1 transcriptional network
Habitat determines convergent evolution of cephalic horns in vipers
The role of mitochondrial energetics in the origin and diversification of eukaryotes
Alternative Cdc20 translational isoforms bypass the spindle assembly checkpoint to control mitotic arrest duration
MRGM: a mouse reference gut microbiome reveals a large functional discrepancy for gut bacteria of the same genus between mice and humans
Previously uncharacterized rectangular bacteria in the dolphin mouth
Transcriptional regulation of photoprotection in dark-to-light transition - more than just a matter of excess light energy
ZELDA: a 3D Image Segmentation and Parent-Child relation plugin for microscopy image analysis in napari
Genomic insights into variation in thermotolerance between hybridizing swordtail fishes
Molecular basis of ocean acidification sensitivity and adaptation in Mytilus galloprovincialis
Flexible neural coding in sensory, parietal, and frontal cortices during goal-directed virtual navigation
Optimal confidence for unaware visuomotor deviations
Two structurally different oomycete MAMPs induce distinctive plant immune responses.
RAGE antagonist peptide mitigates AGE-mediated endothelial hyperpermeability and accumulation of glycoxidation products in human ascending aortas and in a murine model of aortic aneurysm
Sexual identity of enterocytes regulates rapamycin-mediated intestinal homeostasis and lifespan extension
Wiring multiple microenvironment proteomes uncovers the biology in head and neck cancer
Shared hotspot mutations in spontaneously arising cancers position dog as an unparalleled comparative model for precision therapeutics
A Developmentally Prometastatic Niche to Hepatoblastoma in Neonatal Liver mediated by the Cxcl1/Cxcr2 Axis
Classical Mathematical Models for Prediction of Response to Chemotherapy and Immunotherapy
The mechanosensitive TRPV2 calcium channel controls melanoma invasiveness and metastatic potential.
A noval lightsheet scattering microscopy for long-term visualization of cell-ECM interaction
Loss-of-function, gain-of-function and dominant-negative mutations have profoundly different effects on protein structure: implications for variant effect prediction
End-to-end learning of multiple sequence alignments with differentiable Smith-Waterman
Retinal self-organization: a model of RGC and SAC mosaic formation
DeePVP: Identification and classification of phage virion protein using deep learning
Accurate estimation of intrinsic biases for improved analysis of chromatin accessibility sequencing data using SELMA
Versatile Encapsulation and Synthesis of Potent Therapeutic Liposomes by Thermal Equilibration
Green notes: The rhythms of cyanobacteria exoelectrogenesis as de-composed by the Hilbert-Huang transform
Inference of cell state transitions and cell fate plasticity from single-cell with MARGARET
Drift on holey landscapes as a dominant evolutionary process
Structure and dynamics of Odinarchaeota tubulin and the implications for eukaryotic micr