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Barzooka is a deep convolutional neural network that screens publication PDFs and checks for bar graphs of continuous data and other common graphing issues. Many different data distributions can lead to the same bar graph and the actual data may suggest different conclusions from the summary statistics alone. Barzooka also detects more informative alternatives to bar graphs, like dot plots, box plots and histograms. This website shows the detection of bar graphs for continuous data in bioRxiv preprints. A screening pipeline retrieves new preprints on a daily basis and screens them for bar graphs for continuous data. Preprints with bar graph detection are highlighted (column 'parse status') as well as the detected pages (click on 'View results'). Future interventions are planned to inform the authors of preprints about better alternatives for bar graphs.

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#PeerReview from @eLife of ???????? BrainPalmSeq: A curated RNA-seq database of palmitoylating and de-palmitoylating enzyme expression in the mouse brain 2021-12-06
#PeerReview from @eLife of ???????? A single exposure to altered auditory feedback causes observable sensorimotor adaptation in speech 2021-07-26
#PeerReview from @eLife of ???????? T cells discriminate between groups C1 and C2 HLA-C 2021-11-13
#PeerReview from @eLife of ???????? DExCon, DExogron, LUXon: on-demand expression control of endogenous genes reveals differential dynamics of Rab11 family members 2021-12-03
#PeerReview from @EMBOPress of ???????? Tricalbin proteins regulate plasma membrane phospholipid homeostasis 2021-06-04
#PeerReview from @eLife of ???????? Three-dimensional structure of the kinetochore-fibers in human mitotic spindles 2021-11-13
#PeerReview from @eLife of ???????? Slow fluctuations in ongoing brain activity decrease in amplitude with ageing yet their impact on task-related evoked responses is dissociable from behaviour 2021-11-19
#PeerReview from @eLife of ???????? Spatial signatures of anesthesia-induced burst-suppression differ between primates and rodents 2021-10-16
#PeerReview from @eLife of ???????? Distinctive mechanisms of epilepsy-causing mutants discovered by measuring S4 movement in KCNQ2 channels 2022-01-21
#PeerReview from @eLife of ???????? Tonic engagement of nicotinic receptors bidirectionally controls striatal spiny projection neuron spike timing 2021-12-06
#PeerReview from @eLife of ???????? Role of anterior insula cortex in context-induced relapse of nicotine-seeking 2021-12-09
#PeerReview from @ReviewCommons of ???????? OXSR1 inhibits inflammasome activation by limiting potassium efflux during mycobacterial infection 2021-04-21
#PeerReview from @eLife of ???????? An essential role for a discrete parasubthalamic nucleus subpopulation in appetite suppression 2021-11-28
#PeerReview from @eLife of ???????? Single-cell profiling reveals periventricular CD56bright NK cell accumulation in multiple sclerosis 2021-09-20
#PeerReview from @eLife of ???????? Structural basis for the absence of low-energy chlorophylls responsible for photoprotection from a primitive cyanobacterial PSI 2021-10-01
#PeerReview from @eLife of ???????? Humanization of wildlife gut microbiota in urban environments 2022-01-06
#PeerReview from @eLife of ???????? Auditory mismatch responses are differentially sensitive to changes in muscarinic acetylcholine versus dopamine receptor function 2021-10-18
#PeerReview from @eLife of ???????? History-Dependent Physiological Adaptation to Lethal Genetic Modification under Antibiotic Exposure 2021-09-15
#PeerReview from @eLife of ???????? Dithiothreitol causes toxicity in C. elegans by modulating the methionine-homocysteine cycle 2021-12-24
#PeerReview from @eLife of ???????? Structural basis of dynamic P5CS filaments 2021-12-02
#PeerReview from @eLife of ???????? The enteric nervous system of C. elegans is specified by the Sine Oculis-like homeobox gene ceh-34 2021-12-01
#PeerReview from @eLife of ???????? Protection of nascent DNA at stalled replication forks is mediated by phosphorylation of RIF1 intrinsically disordered region 2021-11-06
#PeerReview from @eLife of ???????? Short-term plasticity in the visual thalamus 2021-10-15
Activation of the neonatal immune system in healthy neonates within hours of birth. 2022-02-27
Polyelectrolyte brush bilayers at thermal equilibrium: Density functional theory and molecular dynamic simulations 2022-02-27
Protein-protein interaction prediction for targeted protein degradation 2022-02-27
Regional centromeres protect organisms from lethal mutations 2022-02-27
Microbes are potential key players in the evolution of life histories and aging in Caenorhabditis elegans 2022-02-27
Siderophore production and utilization by microbes in the North Pacific Ocean 2022-02-27
Hypoxia promotes osteogenesis via regulation of the mito-nuclear communication 2022-02-27
Human HLFneg placental erythro-myeloid progenitors give rise to HLA Class IIneg Hofbauer cells 2022-02-27
A metabolically engineered bacterium controls autoimmunity by remodeling the pro-inflammatory microenvironment 2022-02-27
Eribulin normalizes pancreatic cancer-associated fibroblasts by simulating TGFβ inhibition 2022-02-27
Cryo-EM structures of Doravirine and Rilpivirine with HIV-1 Reverse Transcriptase/DNA Aptamer: Nonnucleoside Inhibitor Resistance by E138K and M184I Mutations 2022-02-27
Transient DNA binding to gapped DNA substrates links DNA sequence to the single-molecule kinetics of protein-DNA interactions 2022-02-27
Metagenomic binning with assembly graph embeddings 2022-02-27
The SPOC domain is a phosphoserine binding module that bridges transcription machinery with co- and post-transcriptional regulators 2022-02-27
Dynamic Interrogation of Stochastic Transcriptome Trajectories Using Disease Associated Genes Reveals Distinct Origins of Neurological and Neuropsychiatric Disorders 2022-02-27
Trophic strategies explain the ocean niches of small eukaryotic phytoplankton 2022-02-27
Rapid estimation of cryptic adult abundance and breeding dynamics in a critically endangered elasmobranch from close-kin mark recapture 2022-02-27
Epigenetic signals that direct cell type specific interferon beta response in mouse cells 2022-02-27
What are the reference strains of Acinetobacter baumannii referring to? 2022-02-27
Identification and characterisation of Klebsiella pneumoniae and Pseudomonas aeruginosa clinical isolates with atypical β-lactam susceptibility profiles using Orbitrap liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry 2022-02-27
Transient regulation of focal adhesion via Tensin3 is required for nascent oligodendrocyte differentiation 2022-02-27
Constructive Connectomics: how neuronal axons get from here to there using gene-expression maps derived from their family trees 2022-02-27
Sound-evoked responses of distinct neuron classes from the tail of the striatum 2022-02-27
Hypoconnectivity between anterior insula and amygdala in neonates with familial history of autism 2022-02-27
Molecular modeling predicts novel antibody escape mutations in respiratory syncytial virus fusion glycoprotein 2022-02-26
Structural basis for the simultaneous recognition of NEMO and acceptor ubiquitin by the HOIP NZF1 domain 2022-02-26
Genomic and phenotypic comparisons reveal distinct variants of Wolbachia strain wAlbB 2022-02-26
Genomic basis and phenotypic manifestation of (non-)parallel serpentine adaptation in Arabidopsis arenosa 2022-02-26
Proteomic analysis of human milk reveals nutritional and immune benefits in the colostrum from mothers with COVID-19 2022-02-26
Multi-omic analysis along the gut-brain axis points to a functional architecture of autism 2022-02-26
Nicotinamide Riboside alleviates exercise intolerance in ANT1-deficient mice. 2022-02-26
Development of a LAG-3 Immunohistochemistry Assay for Melanoma 2022-02-26
TGF-beta1 induced S100 family protein expression is associated with epithelial to mesenchymal transition states and poor survival in pancreatic cancer 2022-02-26
Structural dynamics of DNA strand break sensing by PARP-1 at a single-molecule level 2022-02-26
Three Mutations Convert the Selectivity of a Protein Sensor From Nicotinic Agonists to S-Methadone For Use in Cells, Organelles, and Biofluids 2022-02-26
Distinct chromosomal niches in the genome of S. cerevisiae provide the background for genomic innovation and shape the fate of gene duplicates 2022-02-26
ProbeTools: Designing hybridization probes for targeted genomic sequencing of diverse and hypervariable viral taxa 2022-02-26
Infection by a eukaryotic gut parasite in wild Daphnia sp. associates with a distinct bacterial community 2022-02-26
Zebrafish her3 knockout impacts developmental and cancer-related gene signatures 2022-02-26
Discovery of a novel coronavirus in Swedish bank voles (Myodes glareolus) 2022-02-26
Adenosine A2A Receptor (A2AR) agonists improve survival in K28-hACE2 mice following SARS CoV-2 infection 2022-02-26
A structural dynamic explanation for observed escape of SARS-CoV-2 BA.2 variant mutation S371L/F 2022-02-26
DLK-dependent biphasic reactivation of herpes simplex virus latency established in the absence of antivirals 2022-02-26
Global distribution and diversity of prevalent sewage water plasmidomes 2022-02-26
Shifting mutational constraints in the SARS-CoV-2 receptor-binding domain during viral evolution 2022-02-26
IgG1 responses following SARS-CoV-2 infection are polyclonal and highly personalized, whereby each donor and each clone displays a distinct pattern of cross-reactivity against SARS-CoV-2 variants 2022-02-26
The chromatin landscape of Th17 cells reveals mechanisms of diversification of regulatory and pro-inflammatory states 2022-02-26
Resident T cells orchestrate adipose tissue remodeling in a site peripheral to infection 2022-02-26
Distinct execution modes of a biochemical necroptosis model explain cell type-specific responses and variability to cell-death cues 2022-02-26
Structural basis for receptor selectivity and inverse agonism in S1P5 receptors 2022-02-26
The structure of Vibrio cholerae FeoC reveals conservation of the helix-turn-helix motif but not the cluster-binding domain 2022-02-26
Dictionary learning for integrative, multimodal, and scalable single-cell analysis 2022-02-26
Mouse models of COVID-19 recapitulate inflammatory pathways rather than gene expression 2022-02-26
Skeletal muscle-derived extracellular vesicles are altered with chronic contractile activity 2022-02-26
IRE1 RNase controls CD95-mediated cell death 2022-02-26
Dissociable default-mode subnetworks subserve childhood attention and cognitive flexibility: evidence from deep learning and stereotaxic electroencephalography 2022-02-26
Interaction of human keratinocytes and nerve fiber terminals at the neuro-cutaneous unit 2022-02-26
Transcranial photobiomodulation enhances visual working memory capacity in humans 2022-02-26
iPSC-based modeling of THD recapitulates disease phenotypes and reveals neuronal malformation 2022-02-26
An inosine triphosphate pyrophosphatase safeguards nucleic acids from aberrant purine nucleotides and prevents a constitutive salicylic acid response 2022-02-26
ATR kinase inhibition induces thymineless death in proliferating CD8+ T cells 2022-02-26
Development and optimization of a Barley stripe mosaic virus (BSMV)-mediated gene editing system to improve Fusarium head blight (FHB) resistance in wheat 2022-02-26
FIT-GWA: A new method for the genetic analysis of small gene effects, high precision in phenotype measurements and small sample sizes. 2022-02-26
Expanding the pulse-reserve paradigm to microorganisms on the basis of differential reserve management strategies 2022-02-26
Monkeys exhibit human-like gaze biases in economic decisions 2022-02-26
Brevican, Neurocan, Tenascin-C and Tenascin-R Act as Important Regulators of the Interplay between Perineuronal Nets, Synaptic Integrity, Inhibitory Interneurons and Otx2 2022-02-26
A Combined Human Gastruloid Model of Cardiogenesis and Neurogenesis 2022-02-25
#PeerReview from @ReviewCommons of ???????? Mechanical stretch regulates macropinocytosis in Hydra vulgaris 2021-12-04
Human neutrophil development and functionality are enabled in a humanized mouse model 2022-02-25
Event-related causality in Stereo-EEG discriminates syntactic processing of noun phrases and verb phrases 2022-02-25
Mitochondrial structure and function adaptation in residual triple negative breast cancer cells surviving chemotherapy treatment 2022-02-25
NSD2 E1099K drives relapse in pediatric acute lymphoblastic leukemia by disrupting 3D chromatin organization 2022-02-25
Role of Delta-Notch signalling molecules on cell-cell adhesion in determining heterogeneous chemical and cell morphological patterning 2022-02-25
Effect of Ionic Strength on the Assembly of Simian Vacuolating Virus Capsid Protein Around Poly(Styrene Sulfonate) 2022-02-25
A Deep Survival EWAS approach estimating risk profile based on pre-diagnostic DNA methylation: an application to Breast Cancer time to diagnosis 2022-02-25
Horizontal gene transfer increases microbiome stability 2022-02-25
Selective binding and transport of protocadherin 15 isoforms by stereocilia unconventional myosins in a heterologous expression system 2022-02-25
The BAF A12T mutation reduces BAF affinity to lamin A/C, preventing its recruitment to nuclear ruptures in Nestor Guillermo Progeria Syndrome cells. 2022-02-25
Comparative transcriptomics reveal highly conserved regional programs between porcine and human colonic enteric nervous system 2022-02-25
Reduced polymerase pausing compensates for increased chromatin accessibility in the aging liver 2022-02-25
Active site mutations in the bacterial actin homolog FtsA impair direct interactions with the divisome in Escherichia coli 2022-02-25
Rif-Correct, a software tool for bacterial mRNA half-life estimation 2022-02-25
Congenital Rift Valley fever in Sprague Dawley rats is associated with diffuse infection and pathology of the placenta 2022-02-25
Microbial Community Dynamics Provide Evidence for Hypoxia During a Coral Reef Mortality Event 2022-02-25
T Cell Deficiency Precipitates Antibody Evasion and Emergence of Neurovirulent Polyomavirus 2022-02-25
Construction of a constitutively active type III secretion system for heterologous protein secretion 2022-02-25
DLGAP1-AS2-Mediated Phosphatidic Acid Synthesis Confers Chemoresistance via Activation of YAP Signaling 2022-02-25
Structure of IgG-Fc hexamer reveals a mutual lock-and-key mode of Fc-Fc interaction 2022-02-25
A new paradigm of multiheme cytochrome evolution by grafting and pruning protein modules 2022-02-25
Towards a New Model for the TREX1 Exonuclease 2022-02-25
Quality assessment and refinement of chromatin accessibility data using a sequence-based predictive model 2022-02-25
Novel mtDNA Imparts the Connective Tissue Disorder of a Tourette Pedigree 2022-02-25
Caecilian genomes reveal molecular basis of adaptation and convergent evolution of limblessness in snakes and caecilians. 2022-02-25
Scrub encroachment promotes biodiversity in wetland restoration under eutrophic conditions 2022-02-25
Stable iPSC-derived NKX2-1+ Lung Bud Tip Progenitor Organoids Give Rise to Airway and Alveolar Cell Types 2022-02-25
Highly divergent white-tailed deer SARS-CoV-2 with potential deer-to-human transmission 2022-02-25
Variation in supplemental carbon dioxide requirements defines lineage-specific antibiotic resistance acquisition in Neisseria gonorrhoeae 2022-02-25
Identification of HIV-Reservoir Cells with Reduced Susceptibility to Antibody-Dependent Immune Response 2022-02-25
Automated Analysis Pipeline for Extracting Saccade, Pupil, and Blink Parameters Using Video-Based Eye Tracking 2022-02-25
Single-deletion-mutant, third-generation rabies viral vectors allow nontoxic retrograde targeting of projection neurons with greatly increased efficiency 2022-02-25
The estrous cycle modulates early-life adversity effects on mouse avoidance behavior through progesterone signaling 2022-02-25
Resource requirements for ecotoxicity testing: A comparison of traditional and new approach methods 2022-02-25
Wheat Panache - a pangenome graph database representing presence/absence variation across 16 bread wheat genomes 2022-02-25
Methods in Cognitive Pupillometry: Design, Preprocessing, and Statistical Analysis 2022-02-25
High coverage of single cell genomes by T7-assisted enzymatic methyl-sequencing 2022-02-25
The impacts of transfer learning, phylogenetic distance, and sample size on big-data bioacoustics 2022-02-25
Database-independent analysis of probable post-translational modifications of soil proteins across ecosystems 2022-02-25
Evolutionary emergence of alternative stable states in shallow lakes 2022-02-25
T cells use distinct topological and membrane receptor scanning strategies that individually coalesce during receptor recognition 2022-02-25
The Development, but not Expression, of Alcohol Front-loading in C57BL/6J Mice Maintained on LabDiet 5001 is Abolished by Maintenance on Teklad 2920x Rodent Diet 2022-02-25
Organotopic organisation of the cervical vagus nerve 2022-02-25
Load Non-Linearly Modulates Movement Reflex Gain in an Insect Leg via a Distributed Network of Identified Nonspiking Interneurons 2022-02-25
A role for thalamic projection GABAergic neurons in circadian responses to light 2022-02-25
Astrocytic Ca2+ signals partake in inhibitory neurovascular coupling in a brain state-dependent manner. 2022-02-25
Age-Related Central Gain with Degraded Neural Synchrony in the Auditory Brainstem of Mice and Humans 2022-02-25
A robust modular automated neuroimaging pipeline for model inputs to TheVirtualBrain 2022-02-25
New insights into 4,000 years of resource economy across Greenland using ancient DNA 2022-02-25
Western diet unmasks transient low-level vinyl chloride exposure-induced tumorigenesis; potential role of the (epi-)transcriptome 2022-02-25
Time-lagged Flux in the Transition Path Ensemble: Flux Maximization and Relation to Transition Path Theory 2022-02-25
xcore: an R package for inference of gene expression regulators 2022-02-25
Intentional stocking undermines ecological stability 2022-02-25
Copepod functional traits and groups show contrasting biogeographies in the global ocean 2022-02-25
Development of duplex real time PCR for quick detection of Cryptosporidia in goats 2022-02-25
Differential recognition of computationally optimized H3 hemagglutinin influenza vaccine candidates by human antibodies 2022-02-25
Phospho-proteomic analysis of CAR-T cell signaling following activation by antigen-presenting cancer cells 2022-02-25
Genetic deletion of Kiaa1109 in mice leads to developmental defects at the neuromuscular junction 2022-02-25
Investigation on How Dynamic Effective Connectivity Patterns Encode the Fluctuating Pain Intensity in Chronic Migraine 2022-02-25
Dynamic Synchronization between Hippocampal Spatial Representations and the Stepping Rhythm 2022-02-25
A key role of orientation in the coding of visual motion direction 2022-02-25
Categorical bias as a crucial parameter in visual working memory: the effect of memory load and retention interval 2022-02-25
Persistent horizontal and vertical, MR-induced nystagmus in resting state Human Connectome Project data 2022-02-25
Manipulation-specific activity in motor and somatosensory cortex as mice handle food 2022-02-25
Multisensory interactions on auditory and somatosensory information in expert pianists 2022-02-25
Automatic Generation of Interactive Multidimensional Phase Portraits 2022-02-25
The effect of carbamazepine on bone structure and strength in control and Osteogenesis Imperfecta (Col1a2 +/p.G610C) mice 2022-02-25
A nucleation-and-growth model for the packaging of genome in linear virus-like particles: impact of multiple packaging signals 2022-02-25
StabMap: Mosaic single cell data integration using non-overlapping features 2022-02-25
Comparing algorithms for assessing upper limb use with inertial measurement units 2022-02-25
A three-dimensional human adipocyte model of fatty acid-induced obesity 2022-02-25
Genetic immune escape landscape in primary and metastatic cancer 2022-02-25
The evolution of recombination in self-fertilizing organisms 2022-02-25
Meiotic DNA breaks activate a streamlined phospho-signaling response that largely avoids protein level changes 2022-02-25
TraB is a novel component of the ER-Mitochondria contact site (EMCS) with dual roles in ER-Mitochondrial tethering and mitophagy 2022-02-25
Targeting TRIP13 in Wilms Tumor with Nuclear Export Inhibitors 2022-02-25
CD81 partners with CD44 in promoting exosome biogenesis, tumor cluster formation, and lung metastasis in triple negative breast cancer 2022-02-25
Stepwise remodelling and subcompartment formation in individual vesicles by three ESCRT-III proteins 2022-02-25
Phylogeny of the genus Dolichopus Latreille, 1796 and testing for phylogenetic signal in morphological characters and morphometric data 2022-02-25
Mitochondrial Genome of Garcinia mangostana L. variety Mesta 2022-02-25
Neprosin belongs to the glutamic peptidase family G3 based on in silico evidence 2022-02-25
Plastomes of Garcinia mangostana L. and comparative analysis with other Garcinia species 2022-02-25
Are tropical hummingbird pollination networks resistant to experimental extirpation of a common flowering plant? 2022-02-25
Chloroplast genome assemblies and comparative analyses of major Vaccinium berry crops 2022-02-25
Local light signalling at the leaf tip drives remote differential petiole growth through auxin-gibberellin dynamics 2022-02-25
Domestication and lowland adaptation of coastal preceramic maize from Paredones, Peru 2022-02-25
Initiation of aboveground organ primordia depends on combined action of auxin, ERECTA family genes, and PINOID. 2022-02-25
Arabidopsis histone H3 lysine 9 methyltransferases KYP/SUVH5/6 are involved in leaf development by interacting with AS1-AS2 to repress KNAT1 and KNAT2 2022-02-25
Dynamic Generalised Additive Models (DGAM) for forecasting discrete ecological time series 2022-02-25
The phase of sensorimotor mu and beta oscillations has the opposite effect on corticospinal excitability 2022-02-25
Uncovering circuit mechanisms of current sinksand sources with biophysical simulations ofprimary visual cortex 2022-02-25
Multiple bumps can enhance robustness to noise in continuous attractor networks 2022-02-25
Single-Case Disconnectome Lesion-symptom Mapping: Identifying Two Subtypes of Limb Apraxia 2022-02-25
Intermittent Fasting Mitigates Vascular and Neuronal Pathologies in a Mouse Model of Vascular Dementia 2022-02-25
The gene signatures of human alpha cells in types 1 and 2 diabetes indicate disease-specific pathways of alpha cell dysfunction 2022-02-25
Quantitative Evaluation of Nonlinear Methods for Population Structure Visualization & Inference 2022-02-25
#PeerReview from @ReviewCommons of ???????? CADHERIN mediated AMIS localisation 2022-02-25
Mitoquinone mesylate targets SARS-CoV-2 and associated lung inflammation through host pathways 2022-02-25
Cryo-electron tomography of Birbeck granules reveals the molecular mechanism of langerin lattice formation 2022-02-25
CXCR2 inhibition enables NASH-HCC immunotherapy 2022-02-25
Odysseia: Genetic Regulatory Feature Analysis with Interpretable Classification Machine Learning Models 2022-02-25
Ribosome profiling reveals the translational landscape and allele-specific translation efficiency in rice 2022-02-25
Comparison of Transcranial Doppler Ultrasound with Computational Fluid Dynamics: Responses to Physiological Stimuli 2022-02-25
Evolution and systematics of the Aculeata and kin (Hymenoptera),with emphasis on the ants (Formicoidea: {dagger}@@@idae fam. nov., Formicidae). 2022-02-25
Low-cost and open-source super-resolution fluorescence microscope with autofocus for teaching and research 2022-02-25
Evaluation of Three Forms of Rhizoctonia solani Mediated Pathogenicity to Sugar Beet Cultivars in Greenhouse Studies 2022-02-25
Age influences audiovisual speech processing in multi-talker scenarios - Evidence from cortical oscillations 2022-02-25
Oxidation-reduction and photophysical properties of isomeric forms of Safranin 2022-02-24
Mapping of promoter usage QTL using RNA-seq data reveals their contributions to complex traits 2022-02-25
Brain structure, phenotypic and genetic correlates of reading abilities 2022-02-25
#PeerReview from @eLife of ???????? Monkey Plays Pac-Man with Compositional Strategies and Hierarchical Decision-making 2021-10-04
The Eucalyptus grandis chloroplast proteome: leaf development and seasonal variations 2022-02-24
#PeerReview from @EMBOPress of ???????? A census of cell types and paracrine interactions in colorectal cancer 2021-02-11
Phenotypic and transcriptional response of Daphnia pulicaria to the combined effects of temperature and predation 2022-02-24
Epstein-Barr virus infection promotes Th1-mediated disease in a humanized immune mouse model of multiple sclerosis 2022-02-24
Chloride ion evokes taste sensation by binding to the extracellular ligand-binding domain of sweet/umami taste receptors 2022-02-24
Saliva metabolome alterations after acute stress 2022-02-24
ΔNp63 drives dysplastic alveolar remodeling and restricts epithelial plasticity upon severe lung injury 2022-02-24
Targetome analysis of malaria sporozoite transcription factor AP2-Sp reveals its role as a master regulator 2022-02-24
The ankyrin repeat protein RARP-1 is a periplasmic factor that supports Rickettsia parkeri growth and host cell invasion 2022-02-24
Plasmodium GPI-Anchored Micronemal Antigen is essential for parasite transmission through the mosquito host 2022-02-24
Time-course of host cell transcription during the HTLV-1 transcriptional burst 2022-02-24
Multiple scenarios for sexual crosses in the fungal pathogen Zymoseptoria tritici on wheat residues: potential consequences for virulence gene transmission 2022-02-24
A Pan-Pneumovirus vaccine based on immunodominant epitopes of the fusion protein 2022-02-24
Sequence-directed RNA remodeling within a topologically complex RNP substrate 2022-02-24
Diagnostic Ion Data Analysis Reduction (DIDAR) allows rapid quality control analysis and filtering of multiplexed single cell proteomics data 2022-02-24
Accurate and simple FXN-GAA repeats (Friedreich ataxia loci) estimation by long read targeted sequencing. 2022-02-24
Evolution of bacterial persistence to antibiotics during a 50,000-generation experiment in an antibiotic-free environment. 2022-02-24
Plasma membrane protrusions mediate host cell-cell fusion induced by Burkholderia thailandensis 2022-02-24
A central protein complex essential for Invasionin Toxoplasma gondii 2022-02-24
Bacterial metatranscriptomes in wastewater can differentiate virally infected human populations 2022-02-24
Omicron BA.1 and BA.2 are antigenically distinct SARS-CoV-2 variants 2022-02-24
Methionine Metabolism Controls the B-cell EBV Epigenome and Viral Latency 2022-02-24
Gut microbiota transplantation drives the adoptive transfer of colonic genotype-phenotype characteristics between mice lacking catestatin and their wild type counterparts 2022-02-24
Pre-clinical testing of two serologically distinct chimpanzee-origin adenovirus vectors expressing spike of SARS-CoV-2 2022-02-24
A high-throughput yeast display approach to profile pathogen proteomes for MHC-II binding 2022-02-24
Modeling predicts mechanisms altered by mutations of the SARS-CoV-2 delta and omicron variants 2022-02-24
Trunk neural crest migratory position and asymmetric division predict terminal differentiation 2022-02-24
Nr2f1a maintains atrial nkx2.5 expression to repress pacemaker identity within venous atrial cardiomyocytes 2022-02-24
Epidermal basal domains organization highlights skin robustness to environmental exposure 2022-02-24
Optimization of Whole Mount RNA multiplexed in situ Hybridization Chain Reaction with Immunohistochemistry, Clearing and Imaging to visualize octopus neurogenesis 2022-02-24
Myopia alters the structural organization of the retinal astrocyte template, associated vasculature and ganglion layer thickness. 2022-02-24
Long read mitochondrial genome sequencing using Cas9-guided adaptor ligation 2022-02-24
HREM, RNAseq and cell-cycle analyses reveal the role of the G2/M-regulatory protein, Wee1, on the survivability of chicken embryos during diapause. 2022-02-24
Resolving tricky nodes in the tree of life through amino acid recoding 2022-02-24
#PeerReview from @eLife of ???????? Robust and annotation-free analysis of isoform variation using short-read scRNA-seq data 2021-09-15
#PeerReview from @eLife of ???????? Inhibition of the sodium-dependent HCO3 -transporter SLC4A4, produces a cystic fibrosis-like airway disease phenotype. 2021-12-16
Single-cell analysis reveals the range of transcriptional states of circulating human neutrophils 2022-02-24
Quantifying the phenotypic information in mRNA abundance 2022-02-24
Trends in Arabidopsis Research post genome sequencing- A Scientometric study 2022-02-24
Cooperativity of myosin II motors in the non-regulated and regulated thin filaments investigated with high-speed AFM 2022-02-24
Spinning Disk Multifocal Microscopy for Dynamic Arbitrarily Shaped Surface Imaging at Centimetre Scale and Micrometre Resolution 2022-02-24
#PeerReview from @eLife of ???????? Assembly of recombinant tau into filaments identical to those of Alzheimer's disease and chronic traumatic encephalopathy 2021-12-17
#PeerReview from @eLife of ???????? Tropical land use alters functional diversity of soil food webs and leads to monopolization of the detrital energy channel 2022-02-11
Actin turnover protects the cytokinetic contractile ring from structural instability 2022-02-24
ATPase activity of DFCP1 controls selective autophagy 2022-02-24
Three membrane fusion pore families determine the pathways of pore dilation 2022-02-24
PanGraph: scalable bacterial pan-genome graph construction 2022-02-24
QTL analysis reveals an oligogenic architecture of a rapidly adapting trait during the European invasion of common ragweed 2022-02-24
Complex effects of chytrid parasites on the growth of the cyanobacterium Planktothrix rubescens across interacting temperature and light gradients 2022-02-24
Human septins in cells organize as octamer-based filaments mediating actin-membrane anchoring 2022-02-24
Neutral sphingomyelinase 1 regulates cellular fitness at the level of ER stress and cell cycle 2022-02-24
Sporulation activated via σW protects Bacillus from a Tse1 peptidoglycan hydrolase T6SS effector 2022-02-24
Fuzzy Supertertiary Interactions within PSD-95 Enable Ligand Binding 2022-02-24
Phylogenetic Network Dissimilarity Measures That Take Branch Lengths Into Account 2022-02-24
Recombination smooths the time-signal disrupted by latency in within-host HIV phylogenies 2022-02-24
Functional definition of thyroid hormone response elements based on a synthetic STARR-seq screen 2022-02-24
The structural context of PTMs at a proteome wide scale 2022-02-24
Spatiotemporal growth pattern during plant nutation implies fast dynamics for cell wall mechanics and chemistry: a multiscale study in Averrhoa carambola 2022-02-24
SEQUIN: rapid and reproducible analysis of RNA-seq data in R/Shiny 2022-02-24
Neuromuscular embodiment of feedback control elements in Drosophila flight 2022-02-24
PKD1 and PKD2 mRNA cis-inhibition drives polycystic kidney disease progression 2022-02-24
Vitronectin mediates survival of human WJ-MSCs under inflammatory temperature stress via cell cycle arrest. 2022-02-24
Condensin II is required for efficient Spindle Assembly Checkpoint activation in Drosophila male meiosis 2022-02-24
Metamorphism of catalytic domain controls transposition in Tn3 family transposases 2022-02-24
Molnupiravir (MK-4482) is efficacious against Omicron and other SARS-CoV-2 variants in the Syrian hamster COVID-19 model 2022-02-24
Ivermectin does not protect against SARS-CoV-2 infection in the Syrian hamster model 2022-02-24
Fate-resolved gene regulatory signatures of individual B lymphocytes in the early stages of Epstein-Barr Virus infection 2022-02-24
SARS-CoV-2 peptide vaccine elicits T-cell responses in mice but does not protect against infection or disease 2022-02-24
Theta-phase connectivity between medial prefrontal and posterior areas underlies novel instructions implementation 2022-02-24
A novel analgesic pathway from parvocellular oxytocin neurons to the periaqueductal gray 2022-02-24
Temporal continuity shapes visual responses of macaque face patch neurons 2022-02-24
Somatostatin Neurons in the Bed Nucleus of the Stria Terminalis Play a Sex-Dependent Role in Binge Drinking 2022-02-24
Galaxy-SynBioCAD: Automated Pipeline for Synthetic Biology Design and Engineering 2022-02-23
The structure of insulin granule core determines secretory capacity being reduced in type-2 diabetes 2022-02-23
Heat Shock Factor 1 (HSF1) specifically potentiates c-MYC-mediated transcription independently of the canonical heat-shock response 2022-02-23
First passage time analysis of spatial mutation patterns reveals evolutionary dynamics of pre-existing resistance in colorectal cancer 2022-02-24
Biophysical fitness landscape of the SARS-CoV-2 Delta variant receptor binding domain 2022-02-23
Topologically frustrated dynamics in an uncharged Tetra-PEG gel 2022-02-23
Effect of an amyloidogenic SARS-COV-2 protein fragment on α-synuclein monomers and fibrils 2022-02-24
Omicron and Alpha P680H block SARS-CoV2 spike protein from accessing cholinergic inflammatory pathway via α9-nAChR mitigating the risk of MIS-C 2022-02-24
Thermodynamic limitations of metabolic strategies for PHB production from formate and fructose in Cupriavidus necator 2022-02-23
GANscan: continuous scanning microscopy using deep learning deblurring 2022-02-24
Structural and temporal basis for agonism in the α4β2 nicotinic acetylcholine receptor 2022-02-24
Dynamics of allosteric regulation of the phospholipase C-γ isozymes upon recruitment to membranes 2022-02-24
Rats emit unique distress calls in social inequality conditions 2022-02-24
Deep learning-based system for real-time behavior recognition and closed-loop control of behavioral mazes using depth sensing 2022-02-24
Enrichment of somatic mutations in schizophrenia brain targets prenatally active transcription factor bindings sites 2022-02-24
Extracellular RNA signatures of mutant KRAS(G12C) lung adenocarcinoma cells 2022-02-24
Genome-wide Association Study Reveals that PvGUX1_1 is Associated with Pod Stringlessness in Snap Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) 2022-02-23
Preferred synonymous codons are translated more accurately: Proteomic evidence, among-species variation, and mechanistic basis 2022-02-24
Anatomy of the heart of the leatherback turtle 2022-02-24
Maternal and/or direct supplementation with a combination of a casein hydrolysate and yeast β-glucan on post-weaning performance and intestinal health in the pig 2022-02-23
A light-gated transcriptional recorder for detecting cell-cell contacts 2022-02-23
Toxoplasma gondii-s basal complex: the other apicomplexan business end is multifunctional 2022-02-24
Discovery and functional interrogation of SARS-CoV-2 protein-RNA interactions 2022-02-24
BET-independent MLV integration is retargeted in vivo and selects distinct genomic elements for lymphomagenesis 2022-02-23
Serological screening in wild ruminants in Germany, 2021/22: No evidence of SARS-CoV-2, bluetongue virus or pestivirus spread but high seroprevalences against Schmallenberg virus 2022-02-23
Tracking influenza a virus infection in the lung from hematological data with machine learning 2022-02-23
Prevalence Of Multi Drug Resistant Bacteria On Environmental And Medical Device Surfaces Of Korea Nepal Friendship Hospital 2022-02-23
Novel and Reported Compensatory Mutations in rpoABC Associate Specifically with Predominant Mycobacterium tuberculosis Rifampicin Resistance Marker rpoB:S450L 2022-02-24
A single-dose of the deactivated rabies virus vectored COVID-19 vaccine, CORAVAX, is highly efficacious and alleviates lung inflammation in the hamster model. 2022-02-24
Mucosal Immunization of Cynomolgus Macaques with Adenoviral Vector Vaccine Elicits Neutralizing Nasal and Serum Antibody to Several SARS-CoV-2 Variants 2022-02-23
RNA-based vaccine demonstrates prophylactic efficacy against Mycobacterium tuberculosis challenge in a mouse model 2022-02-24
Sensory-motor computations in a cortico-pontine pathway 2022-02-23
Chronic neurotransmission increases the susceptibility of lateral-line hair cells to ototoxic insults 2022-02-23
A Neuropsin-based Optogenetic Tool for Precise Control of Gq signaling 2022-02-23
Patterns of connectome variability in autism across five functional activation tasks. Fndings from the LEAP project 2022-02-23
A model of colour appearance based on efficient coding of natural images 2022-02-23
Multiscale Modeling of Hepatitis B Virus Capsid Assembly and its Dimorphism 2022-02-23
MetaboListem and TABoLiSTM: Two Deep Learning Algorithms for Metabolite Named Entity Recognition 2022-02-23
An in-silico study of the mutation-associated effects on the spike protein of SARS-CoV-2, Omicron variant 2022-02-23
Combining SLA 3D printing and soft lithography for fast, versatile, and accessible high-resolution fabrication of customised multiscale cell culture devices with complex designs 2022-02-23
Biochemical characterization of RAD52-mediated D-loop formation using fluorophore-labeled DNA substrates 2022-02-23
Structural basis for RNA-duplex unwinding by the DEAD-box helicase DbpA 2022-02-23
Human Group Size Puzzle: Why It Is Odd That We Live in Large Societies 2022-02-23
Large haplotypes highlight a complex age structure within the maize pan-genome 2022-02-23
Intergenerational transfer and sex differences of DNA methylation patterns in the Pacific oyster (Crassostrea gigas) 2022-02-23
Wide-field Calcium Imaging Reveals Widespread Changes in Cortical Connectivity Following Repetitive, Mild Traumatic Brain Injury in the Mouse 2022-02-23
Neural Kernels for Recursive Support Vector Regression as a Model for Episodic Memory 2022-02-23
#PeerReview from @ReviewCommons of ???????? Pyruvate supports RET-dependent mitochondrial ROS production necessary to control Mycobacterium avium infection in human primary macrophages 2022-02-03
A highly sensitive LC-MS/MS method for quantitative determination of 7 vitamin D metabolites in mouse brain tissue 2022-02-23
Cell cycle progression requires repression by Groucho during S-phase and its relief at G2-phase 2022-02-23
A glimpse into the DNA virome of the unique "living fossil" Welwitschia mirabilis 2022-02-23
Distribution of the National Science Foundation's Advancing Informal STEM Learning Awards (AISL) between 2006-21 2022-02-23
High-resolution lung adenocarcinoma expression subtypes identify tumors with dependencies on MET, CDK4, CDK6, and PD-L1 2022-02-23
An Ethogram Identifies Behavioural Markers of Attention to Humans in European Herring Gulls (Larus argentatus) 2022-02-23
Practical application of indicators for genetic diversity in CBD post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework implementation 2022-02-23
Honey bees change the microbiota of pollen 2022-02-23
Systematic Elucidation and Pharmacological Targeting of Tumor-Infiltrating Regulatory T Cell Master Regulators 2022-02-23
Associative memory of structured knowledge 2022-02-23
Influence of claustrum on cortex varies by area, layer, and cell type 2022-02-23
Long-term learning transforms prefrontal cortex selectivity during working memory 2022-02-23
Dynamic Sex Differences in Reactive and Appetitive Aggression 2022-02-23
#PeerReview from @eLife of ???????? Selectivity Landscape of 100 Therapeutically Relevant GPCR Profiled by an Effector Translocation-Based BRET Platform 2022-02-21
The RNA binding protein Nab2 genetically interacts with multiple RNA exosome cofactors to regulate target RNAs 2022-02-22
A microfluidic platform for characterizing the structure and rheology of biofilm streamers 2022-02-22
Tie-lines reveal interactions driving heteromolecular condensate formation 2022-02-22
High-dimension to high-dimension screening for detecting genome-wide epigenetic regulators of gene expression 2022-02-22
MolEvolvR: a web-app for characterizing proteins using molecular evolution and phylogeny 2022-02-22
Systematic analysis of ADP-ribose detection reagents and optimisation of sample preparation to detect ADP-ribosylation in vitro and in cells 2022-02-22
Antimicrobial resistance in dairy slurry tanks: a critical point for measurement and control 2022-02-22
Modeling the tonotopic map using a two-dimensional array of neural oscillators 2022-02-22
Long-term ketogenic diet increases expression of SOX2-dependent oligodendrocyte- and myelination-associated genes in the aged mouse brain. 2022-02-22
Social dominance and reproduction result in increased integration of oxidative state in males of an African cichlid fish 2022-02-22
SKOR1 mediates FER kinase-dependent invasive growth of breast cancer cells 2022-02-22
Structural Basis of HIV-1 Maturation Inhibitor Binding and Activity 2022-02-22
LazyPair: scalable prediction of protein-protein interactions and interaction types 2022-02-22
Truvari: Refined Structural Variant Comparison Preserves Allelic Diversity 2022-02-22
Structure-based design and characterization of Parkin activating mutations 2022-02-22
Introducing an argonaute-facilitated PCR platform 2022-02-22
piRNA-like small RNAs target transposable elements in a Clade IV parasitic nematode 2022-02-22
Evolutionary changes in the chromatin landscape reshape a developmental gene regulatory network during rapid life history divergence in sea urchins 2022-02-22
Breeding site microbiota and oviposition: do female Aedes aegypti shape bacterial communities? 2022-02-22
Redifferentiated cardiomyocytes retain residual dedifferentiation signatures and are protected against ischaemic injury 2022-02-22
The type 1 diabetes gene TYK2 regulates β-cell development and its responses to interferon-α 2022-02-22
Stress granules promote chemoresistance by triggering cellular quiescence 2022-02-22
Identification of a CCG-enriched expanded allele in DM1 patients using Amplification-free long-read sequencing 2022-02-22
Inactivation of B. cereus Spores in Whole Milk and Almond Milk by Novel Serpentine Path Coiled Tube UV-C System 2022-02-22
Antibacterial effects of propolis and brood comb extracts on the causative agent of European Foulbrood (Melissococcus plutonius) in honey bees (Apis mellifera) 2022-02-22
Cryptic Genes for Interbacterial Antagonism distinguish Rickettsia species Infecting Blacklegged Tick from other Rickettsia pathogens 2022-02-22
Activity of the manganese efflux transporter SLC30A10 in dopaminergic but not GABAergic neurons protects against neurotoxicity 2022-02-22
Sonic hedgehog-dependent recruitment of GABAergic interneurons into the developing visual thalamus 2022-02-22
Nucleome Browser: An integrative and multimodal data navigation platform for 4D Nucleome 2022-02-22
Functional networks of the human bromodomain-containing proteins 2022-02-22
Supervised Rank aggregation (SRA): A novel rank aggregation approach for ensemble-based feature selection 2022-02-22
3D bioprinting of an implantable xeno-free vascularized human skin graft 2022-02-22
Nucleosome conformation dictates the histone code 2022-02-22
period Translation as a Core Mechanism Controlling Temperature Compensation in an Animal Circadian Clock 2022-02-22
Estimation of the firing behaviour of a complete motoneuron pool by combining EMG signal decomposition and realistic motoneuron modelling 2022-02-22
Novel feature selection methods for construction of accurate epigenetic clocks 2022-02-22
Deciphering the tissue-specific regulatory role of intronless genes across cancers 2022-02-22
An averaging model for analysis and interpretations of high-order genetic interactions 2022-02-22
Sinking the way: a dual role for CCR7 in collective leukocyte migration 2022-02-22
Age-related differences in GABA: Impact of analysis technique 2022-02-22
#PeerReview from @eLife of ???????? Dysregulated heparan sulfate proteoglycan metabolism promotes Ewing sarcoma tumor growth 2021-05-27
#PeerReview from @eLife of ???????? Parallel evolution of phage resistance - virulence trade - offs during in vitro and nasal Pseudomonas aeruginosa phage treatment 2021-10-14
#PeerReview from @eLife of ???????? N-glycan core synthesis by Alg24 strengthens the hypothesis of an archaeal origin of eukaryal N-glycosylation 2021-02-10
Complete sequence of a 641-kb insertion of mitochondrial DNA in the Arabidopsis thaliana nuclear genome 2022-02-22
Zebrafish fin regeneration requires generic and regeneration-specific responses of osteoblasts to trauma 2022-02-22
Katnip is required to maintain microtubule function and lysosomal delivery to autophagosomes and phagosomes 2022-02-22
Cell cycle-dependent binding between Cyclin B1 and Cdk1 revealed by time-resolved Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy 2022-02-22
Development of a physiological insulin resistance model in human stem cell-derived adipocytes 2022-02-22
Omicron booster in ancestral strain vaccinated mouse augments protective immunities against both the Delta and Omicron variants 2022-02-22
Efficient recall of Omicron-reactive B cell memory after a third dose of SARS-CoV-2 mRNA vaccine 2022-02-22
Granulocyte Colony Stimulating Factor causes cerebellar deficits and anxiety in a mouse model of CSF-1 receptor-related leukoencephalopathy 2022-02-22
Response dynamics of spiking network models to incoming seizure-like perturbation. 2022-02-22
Modular capsid decoration boosts adenovirus vaccine-induced humoral and cellular immunity against SARS-CoV-2 2022-02-22
Discovering genomic regions associated with the phenotypic differentiation of European local pig breeds 2022-02-22
Transcriptional response of a target plant to benzoxazinoid and diterpene allelochemicals highlights commonalities in detoxification 2022-02-22
Integrating phylogenetic and functional data in microbiome studies 2022-02-22
Exploring the phycosphere of Emiliania huxleyi: from bloom dynamics to microbiome assembly experiments 2022-02-22
Reactive microglia and cytokine release entails microtubule remodeling from acentrosomal to centrosomal arrays 2022-02-22
Zika virus replicates in the vagina of mice with intact interferon signaling 2022-02-22
Transcriptional profiling of transport mechanisms and regulatory pathways in rat choroid plexus 2022-02-22
Visual and auditory cortices represent acoustic speech-related information during silent lip reading 2022-02-22
Cochlear theta activity oscillates in phase opposition during interaural attention 2022-02-22
A prefrontal to lateral entorhinal pathway disrupts memory. 2022-02-22
The psychotomimetic ketamine disrupts the transfer of late sensory information in the corticothalamic network 2022-02-22
Network profiling of hepatocellular carcinoma targets for evidence based pharmacological approach to improve clinical efficacy 2022-02-22
TrieDedup: A fast trie-based deduplication algorithm to handle ambiguous bases in high-throughput sequencing 2022-02-22
Defensive shimmering responses in the giant honeybee Apis dorsata are triggered by dark stimuli moving against a bright background 2022-02-22
Estimating the distribution of livestock in space and time: a time-series contribution to livestock density mapping 2022-02-22
Public volume electron microscopy data: An essential resource to study the brain microvasculature 2022-02-22
A connectome-based model of conscious access in monkey cortex 2022-02-22
Vigilance, arousal, and acetylcholine: Optimal control of attention in a simple detection task 2022-02-22
Retinoic acid-induced protein 14 controls dendritic spine dynamics associated with depressive-like behaviors 2022-02-22
Distributed network processes account for the majority of variance in localized visual category selectivity 2022-02-22
Microglial TNFα controls GABAAR plasticity, slow waves and memory consolidation during sleep 2022-02-22
The cellular coding of temperature in the mammalian cortex 2022-02-22
Novel Mathematical Model Based on Cellular Automata for Study of Alzheimer's Disease Progress 2022-02-22
Pattern reinstatement and attentional control: overlapping processes during episodic long-term memory retrieval 2022-02-22
Data-Driven Flow-Map Models for Data-Efficient Discovery of Dynamics and Fast Uncertainty Quantification of Biological and Biochemical Systems 2022-02-22
Profiling skeletal muscle-derived secretome with differentiation and acute contractile activity 2022-02-22
GCNA is a histone binding protein required for spermatogonial stem cell maintenance 2022-02-22
Natural language signatures of psilocybin microdosing 2022-02-22
#PeerReview from @eLife of ???????? GPCR-G protein selectivity - a unified meta-analysis 2022-02-22
Single-cell Gene Regulation Network Interference by Large-scale Data Integration 2022-02-22
Assessing evidence accumulation and rule learning in humans with an online game 2022-02-22
Steering clear of the confusion effect: aerial predators target fixed points in dense prey aggregations 2022-02-22
Effects of Experimental Design, Genetic Architecture and Threshold on Power and False Positive Rate of Genome-Wide Association Studies 2022-02-22
A comprehensive comparison on cell type composition inference for spatial transcriptomics data 2022-02-22
Joint effect of changing selection and demography on the site frequency spectrum 2022-02-22
Close-kin mark-recapture methods to estimate demographic parameters of mosquitoes 2022-02-22
Quantifying variability in population abundances 2022-02-22
Competition contributes to both warm and cool range edges 2022-02-22
Identifying the midline thalamus in humans in vivo 2022-02-22
Voxel-wise Intermodal Coupling Analysis of Two or More Modalities using Local Covariance Decomposition 2022-02-22
Noncontact and high-precision sensing system for piano keys identified fingerprints of virtuosity 2022-02-22
The Effect of Genome Graph Expressiveness on the Discrepancy Between Genome Graph Distance and String Set Distance 2022-02-22
Tensor decomposition- and principal component analysis-based unsupervised feature extraction to select more reasonable differentially expressed genes: Optimization of standard deviation versus state-of-art methods 2022-02-22
Interpreting how machine learning models make predictions in biological studies 2022-02-22
Consistent measurement of LAG-3 expression across multiple staining platforms with the 17B4 antibody clone 2022-02-22
#PeerReview from @ReviewCommons of ???????? Identification of residue inversions in large phylogenies of duplicated proteins 2021-11-09
The Zpr-3 antibody recognizes the 320-354 region of Rho and labels both rods and green cones in zebrafish 2022-02-22
The Impact of Protection Measures and Treatment onPneumonia Infection Model 2022-02-22
Proteasomal downregulation of the pro-apoptotic MST2 pathway contributes to BRAF inhibitor resistance in melanoma 2022-02-22
Cobalamin riboswitches are broadly sensitive to corrinoid cofactors to enable an efficient gene regulatory strategy 2022-02-22
AFM Microfluidic Cantilevers as Weight Sensors for Single Cell Mass Measurements 2022-02-21
Structural basis for the activation and ligand recognition of the human oxytocin receptor 2022-02-22
Monomeric α-Synuclein activates the Plasma Membrane Calcium Pump 2022-02-22
Closely related type II-C Cas9 orthologs recognize diverse PAMs 2022-02-21
Construction of a High-Density Genetic Map Based on Large-Scale Marker Development in Coix lacryma-jobi L . Using Specifific-Locus Amplifified Fragment Sequencing (SLAF-seq) 2022-02-21
Landscape diversity and local temperature, but not climate, affect arthropod predation among habitat types 2022-02-21
Photoreceptors generate neuronal diversity in their target field through a Hedgehog morphogen gradient in Drosophila 2022-02-22
Activation of Nedd4L Ubiquitin Ligase by FCHO2-generated Membrane Curvature 2022-02-22
Insights into the ribosome function from the structures of non-arrested ribosome nascent chain complexes. 2022-02-21
Quantitative genetic study suggests sex-specific genetic architecture for fetal testosterone in a wild mammal 2022-02-21
Comprehensive analysis of PNA-based antisense antibiotics targeting various essential genes in uropathogenic Escherichia coli 2022-02-21
Influenza A virus agnostic receptor tropism revealed using a novel biological system with terminal sialic acid-knockout cells 2022-02-21
HIV-1 Vpu restricts Fc-mediated effector functions in vivo 2022-02-22
Decoding mechanism of action and susceptibility to drug candidates from integrated transcriptome and chromatin state 2022-02-21
Structural and functional determinants inferred from deep mutational scans 2022-02-21
Gradients of orientation, composition and hydration of proteins for efficient light collection by the cornea of the horseshoe crab 2022-02-21
Cigarette smoke induces pulmonary arterial dysfunction through an imbalance in the guanylyl cyclase redox status. 2022-02-21
Tyrosine phosphorylation of mitofusin 2 regulates endoplasmic reticulum-mitochondria tethering 2022-02-21
TFIIB-related factor 1 is a nucleolar protein that promotes RNA polymerase I-directed transcription and tumour cell growth 2022-02-21
Alternate response of Bacillus anthracis atxA and acpA to serum, HCO3- and CO2 2022-02-21
Checks and balances of the RTG pathway under arginine deprivation and canavanine exposure in Saccharomyces cerevisiae 2022-02-21
Epstein-Barr virus latency programs dynamically sensitize B-cells to ferroptosis 2022-02-21
Gut microbiome disturbances of altricial Blue and Great tit nestlings are countered by continuous microbial inoculations from parental microbiomes 2022-02-21
Dynamic changes in uterine NK cell subset frequency and function over the menstrual cycle and pregnancy 2022-02-21
Structural insights into the peptide selectivity and activation of human neuromedin U receptors 2022-02-21
Pneumococcal within-host diversity during colonisation, transmission and treatment 2022-02-21
Aberrant cortical development is driven by impaired cell cycle and translational control in a DDX3X syndrome model 2022-02-21
Mechanical competition promotes selective listening to receptor inputs to resolve directional dilemmas in neutrophil migration 2022-02-21
Next Generation Opto-Jasplakinolides Enable Local Remodeling of Actin Networks 2022-02-21
Shifting a Cellular Metabolic Landscape Identifies a Refractory Environment for Flavivirus Replication 2022-02-21
Intravesical BCG in patients with non-muscle invasive bladder cancer induces trained immunity and decreases respiratory infections 2022-02-21
On the Mental Status of Stargazer Mice 2022-02-21
Enabling interpretable machine learning for biological data with reliability scores 2022-02-21
Functional Connections Among Neurons within Single Columns of Macaque V1 2022-02-21
#PeerReview from @eLife of ???????? Dominant species determine ecosystem stability across scales in Inner Mongolian grassland 2021-11-03
#PeerReview from @eLife of ???????? Crosstalk between AML and stromal cells triggers acetate secretion through the metabolic rewiring of stromal cells 2021-12-07
#PeerReview from @eLife of ???????? A single-cell reference atlas delineates CD4+ T cell subtype-specific adaptation during acute and chronic viral infections 2021-09-20
#PeerReview from @eLife of ???????? Noise in a metabolic pathway leads to persister formation in Mycobacterium tuberculosis 2021-11-26
#PeerReview from @eLife of ???????? Stage-specific control of oligodendrocyte survival and morphogenesis by TDP-43 2021-11-09
#PeerReview from @eLife of ???????? Apelin signaling dependent endocardial protrusions promote cardiac trabeculation in zebrafish 2021-08-31
Statistical curve models for inferring 3D chromatin architecture 2022-02-20
Latitudinal cline does not predict variation in the microbiome of wild Drosophila melanogaster 2022-02-20
A conditional null allele of Dync1h1 enables targeted analyses of dynein roles in neuronal length sensing and neurological disorders 2022-02-20
Oral ingestion of the environmental toxicant trichlorethylene in rats induces alterations in the gut microbiome: relevance to idiopathic Parkinson's disease 2022-02-20
Changes in nanomechanical properties of single neuroblastoma cells as a model for oxygen and glucose deprivation (OGD) 2022-02-20
Cardiac myosin filaments are directly regulated by calcium 2022-02-20
Active muscular hydraulics 2022-02-20
A conditional survival distribution-based method for censored data imputation: overcoming the hurdle in machine learning-based survival analysis 2022-02-20
Vasor: Accurate prediction of variant effects for amino acid substitutions in MDR3 2022-02-20
Genome assembly and isoform analysis of a highly heterozygous New Zealand fisheries species, the tarakihi (Nemadactylus macropterus) 2022-02-20
Weighting by Gene Tree Uncertainty Improves Accuracy of Quartet-based Species Trees 2022-02-20
High retention of genomic variation and fitness-related traits in the effective population of reintroduced wolves in Yellowstone National Park 2022-02-20
Coupling of metataxonomics and culturing improves description of bacterial communities from a multi-contaminated waste sediment and identifies a novel Rhizorhapis sp. with metal resistance potential 2022-02-20
Kir6.2-containing KATP channels are necessary for glucose dependent increases in amyloid-beta and Alzheimer's-related pathology 2022-02-20
Brachypodium antifreeze protein gene products inhibit ice recrystallization, attenuate ice nucleation, and reduce immune response 2022-02-20
Generation of human nociceptor-enriched sensory neurons for the study of pain-related dysfunctions 2022-02-20
A pipeline for natural small molecule inhibitors of endoplasmic reticulum stress 2022-02-20
Increased Relative Biological Effectiveness of Orthovoltage X-rays Compared to γ-rays in Preclinical Irradiation 2022-02-20
Long-read sequencing of diagnosis and post-therapy medulloblastoma reveals complex rearrangement patterns and epigenetic signatures 2022-02-20
Conformational Ensemble of Monomeric α-Synuclein in Aqueous and Crowded Environments as revealed by Markov State Model 2022-02-20
Statistical Mechanical theory for spatio-temporal evolution of Intra-tumor heterogeneity in cancers: Analysis of Multiregion sequencing data 2022-02-20
Quantitative sequence basis for the E. coli transcriptional regulatory network 2022-02-20
scAnnotate: an automated cell type annotation tool for single-cell RNA-sequencing data 2022-02-20
Inverted genomic regions between reference genome builds in humans impact imputation accuracy and decrease the power of association testing 2022-02-20
When Vibrios Take Flight: A Meta-analysis of Pathogenic Vibrios Species in Wild and Domestic Birds 2022-02-20
Using landscape genomics to infer genomic regions involved in environmental adaptation of soybean genebank accessions 2022-02-20
Differential roles of neural crest- and endothelial-derived FOXC2 in trabecular meshwork and Schlemms Canal in glaucomatous pathology 2022-02-20
Regulation of Hedgehog Signaling Through Arih2-Mediated Smoothened Ubiquitination and Endoplasmic Reticulum-Associated Degradation 2022-02-20
An assessment of bioinformatics tools for the detection of human endogenous retroviral insertions in short-read genome sequencing data 2022-02-20
Structural and Functional Characterization of Novel Phosphotyrosine Phosphatase Protein from Drosophila Melanogaster (Pupal Retina) 2022-02-20
Large-scale comparison of immunoassay- and aptamer-based plasma proteomics through genetics and disease 2022-02-20
Are profile mixture models over-parameterized? 2022-02-20
Pre-existing chromosomal polymorphisms in pathogenic E. coli potentiate the evolution of antibiotic resistance by MCR-1 plasmid acquisition 2022-02-20
Alteration in long noncoding RNAs in response to oxidative stress and ladostigil in SH-SY5Y cells 2022-02-20
Loss of β-ketoacyl acyl carrier protein synthase III activity restores multidrug-resistant Escherichia coli sensitivity to previously ineffective antibiotics 2022-02-20
Sample preparation and warping accuracy for correlative multimodal imaging in the mouse olfactory bulb using 2-photon, synchrotron X-ray and volume electron microscopy 2022-02-20
An increase in serial sarcomere number induced via weighted downhill running improves work loop performance in the rat soleus 2022-02-20
Imaging-based coculture model for high-throughput compound screening in hematological cancers 2022-02-20
#PeerReview from @eLife of ???????? Particle foraging strategies promote microbial diversity in marine environments 2021-09-17
#PeerReview from @eLife of ???????? How to Assemble a Scale-Invariant Gradient 2021-05-20
How to resolve conflicting conservation objectives: A decision support tool for the global selection of multi-purpose protected areas 2022-02-20
With a pinch of salt: metagenomic insights into Namib Desert salt pan microbial mats and halites reveal functionally adapted and competitive communities 2022-02-20
Network communication models narrow the gap between the modular organization of structural and functional brain networks 2022-02-20
#PeerReview from @eLife of ???????? Pairing to the microRNA 3' region occurs through two alternative binding modes, with affinity shaped by nucleotide identity as well as pairing position 2021-04-14
Hybridization and a mixture of small and large-effect loci facilitate adaptive radiation 2022-02-20
#PeerReview from @eLife of ???????? Nucleoporin107 mediates female sexual differentiation via Dsx 2021-08-16
A Methodological Framework to Assess the Accuracy of Virtual Reality Hand-Tracking Systems: A case study with the Oculus Quest 2 2022-02-20
Cardiac and gastric interoception have distinct neural substrates 2022-02-20
#PeerReview from @eLife of ???????? Ecdysone coordinates plastic growth with robust pattern in the developing wing 2022-02-17
#PeerReview from @eLife of ???????? Cortical microtubule pulling forces contribute to the union of the parental genomes in the C. elegans zygote 2021-11-19
#PeerReview from @eLife of ???????? Heterogeneity of the GFP fitness landscape and data-driven protein design 2021-12-09
Acute and chronic toxicity of imidacloprid in the pollinator fly, Eristalis tenax 2022-02-20
Hyperflexion is unlikely to be the primary cervical spine injury mechanism in accidental head-on rugby tackling 2022-02-20
Description of Life History & Reproductive Size Threshold in Three High Elevation Puya (Bromeliaceae) 2022-02-20
Prefrontally Modulated Vagal Tone Inhibits Inflammatory Responses to Prevent Telomere Damage in Healthy Participants 2022-02-20
Long noncoding RNA MEG3 activates neuronal necroptosis in Alzheimer's disease 2022-02-20
Ethanol exposure alters Alzheimer's-related pathology, behavior, and metabolism 2022-02-20
Representational dynamics of memories for real-life events 2022-02-20
Right atrial mechanism contributes to atrial fibrillation in a canine model of pulmonary arterial hypertension 2022-02-20
Reduced sensorimotor beta dynamics could represent a "slowed movement state" in healthy individuals 2022-02-20
Active haptic training improves somatosensory-motor feedback control in the motor skills of experts 2022-02-20
Human regulatory T-cells locally differentiate and are functionally heterogeneous within the inflamed arthritic joint 2022-02-20
The impact of familiarity on cortical taste coding 2022-02-20
The virtual aging brain: a model-driven explanation for cognitive decline in older subjects 2022-02-20
Neuromodulation due to propofol affects anesthetic oscillatory coupling 2022-02-20
Single cell analysis of gene expression in the substantia nigra pars compacta of a pesticide-induced mouse model of Parkinson's disease 2022-02-19
Progressive maturation of the root apical meristem in Arabidopsis thaliana lateral roots 2022-02-19
Heme overdrive rewires pan-cancer cell metabolism 2022-02-19
Accurate proteome-wide measurement of methionine oxidation in aging mouse brains 2022-02-19
Reproducibility metrics for CRISPR screens 2022-02-19
Evaluating Impacts of Syntenic Block Detection Strategies on Rearrangement Phylogeny Using Mycobacterium tuberculosis Isolates 2022-02-19
Detection of specific uncultured bacteriophages by fluorescence in situ hybridisation in pig microbiome 2022-02-19
Chemical exploration of a highly selective scaffold with activity against intracellular Mycobacterium tuberculosis 2022-02-19
Interplay between external inputs and recurrent dynamics during movement preparation and execution in a network model of motor cortex 2022-02-19
Controlling microbial co-culture based on substrate pulsing can lead to stability through differential fitness advantages 2022-02-19
Deep learning accurately quantifies plasma cell percentages on CD138-stained bone marrow samples 2022-02-19
Alternative c-MYC mRNA transcripts as an additional tool for c-Myc2 and c-MycS production in BL60 tumors. 2022-02-19
Protein profiling of WERI RB1 and etoposide resistant WERI ETOR reveals new insights into topoisomerase inhibitor resistance in retinoblastoma 2022-02-19
Complete sequences of the velvet worm slime proteins reveal that slime formation is enabled by disulfide bonds and intrinsically disordered regions 2022-02-19
Systematic Evaluation of Different R-loop Mapping Methods: Achieving Consensus, Resolving Discrepancies and Uncovering Distinct Types of RNA:DNA Hybrids 2022-02-19
A Chromodomain Mutation Identifies Separable Roles for C. elegans MRG-1 in Germline and Somatic Development 2022-02-19
Integrated epigenome and transcriptome analysis of normal and arrested meiotic initiation during mouse spermatogenesis 2022-02-19
SpheroidAnalyseR - an online platform for analysing data from 3D spheroids or organoids grown in 96-well plates 2022-02-19
Towards phage therapy for acne vulgaris: Topical application in a mouse model 2022-02-19
Structural insights into the assembly and activation of IL-27 signalling complex 2022-02-19
Larger lesion volume in people with multiple sclerosis is associated with increased transition energies between brain states and decreased entropy of brain activity 2022-02-19
Deletion of the microglial transmembrane immune signaling adaptor TYROBP ameliorates Huntington's disease mouse phenotype 2022-02-19
Improved pathogen and stress tolerance in tomato mutants of SET domain histone 3 lysine methyltransferases 2022-02-19
A statistical approach for identifying primary substrates of ZSWIM8-mediated microRNA degradation in small-RNA sequencing data 2022-02-19
AIscEA: Unsupervised Integration of Single-cell Gene Expression and Chromatin Accessibility via Their Biological Consistency 2022-02-19
Abiotic conditions shape spatial and temporal morphological variation in North American birds 2022-02-19
Immunization with a self-assembling nanoparticle vaccine displaying EBV gH/gL protects humanized mice against lethal viral challenge 2022-02-19
Probing stress-regulated ordering of the plant cortical microtubule array via a computational approach 2022-02-19
Detection and characterization of circulating microvesicles containing Shiga toxin type 2 (Stx2) in a rat model of Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome 2022-02-19
Integrating Fossil Flowers into the Angiosperm Phylogeny using a Total Evidence Approach 2022-02-19
Yclon: Ultrafast clustering of B cell clones from high-throughput immunoglobulin repertoire sequencing data 2022-02-19
Nomograms of Human Hippocampal Volume Shifted by Polygenic Scores 2022-02-19
First record of anti-predator behavior in the gall-forming aphid Mordwilkoja vagabunda 2022-02-19
Fisheries genomics of snapper (Chrysophrys auratus) along the western Australian coast 2022-02-19
Bayesian inference of phylogeny is robust to substitution model over-parameterization 2022-02-19
Transkingdom mechanism of MAMP generation by chitotriosidase (CHIT1) feeds oligomeric chitin from fungal pathogens and allergens into TLR2-mediated innate immune sensing 2022-02-19
gamma aminobutyrate (GAB) functions as a bioenergetic and signaling gatekeeper to control T cell inflammation 2022-02-19
Eurasian Stone-curlews Burhinus oedicnemus breeding in Italy show a remarkable inter and intra-population variability of migratory behaviour 2022-02-19
Regulatory dynamics distinguishing desiccation tolerance strategies within resurrection grasses 2022-02-19
A balanced measure shows superior performance of pseudobulk methods over mixed models and pseudoreplication approaches in single-cell RNA-sequencing analysis 2022-02-19
DeepMinimizer: A Differentiable Framework for Optimizing Sequence-Specific Minimizer Schemes 2022-02-19
Benchmarking methods for detecting differential states between conditions from multi-subject single-cell RNA-seq data 2022-02-19
Identification of biological processes and signaling pathways in lactate-treated cancer cells 2022-02-19
Photo-electrochemical Stimulation of Neurons With Organic Donor-Acceptor Heterojunctions 2022-02-19
Randomized gates eliminate bias in sort-seq assays 2022-02-19
Reducing structural non-identifiabilities in upstream bioprocess models using profile-likelihood 2022-02-19
The Development and Evaluation of a Fully Automated Markerless Motion Capture Workflow 2022-02-19
A Model-Based Clustering via Mixture of Bayesian Hierarchical Models with Covariate Adjustment for Detecting Differentially Expressed Genes from Paired Design 2022-02-19
Can imputation in a European country be improved by local reference panels? The example of France 2022-02-19
Using "identity by heterozygosity (IBH)" to detect clonemates under prevalent clonal reproduction in multicellular diploids 2022-02-19
High variation in handling times confers 35-year stability to predatorfeeding rates despite altered prey abundances and apparent diet proportions 2022-02-19
Call count surveys as a tool to monitor habitats occupied by Cheer Pheasants (Catreus wallichii) in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh 2022-02-19
Sex differences in migration timing influence the network structure of avian assemblages at a stopover site 2022-02-19
Comparison of fitness effects in the earthworm Eisenia fetida after exposure to single or multiple anthropogenic pollutants 2022-02-19
Noninvasive sampling for comparisons of wildlife microbiomes may be more reliable than sampling trapped animals 2022-02-19
Dense satellite data reveals landscape connectivity decline in the Andes-Amazon region 2022-02-19
Species richness and community structure of bats along a forest elevational transect in Papua New Guinea 2022-02-19
Orthogonal Gene Engineering Enables CD8+ T Cells to Control Tumors through a Novel PD-1+ TOX-indifferent Synthetic Effector State 2022-02-19
Experience-dependent learning and myelin plasticity in individuals with stroke 2022-02-19
Rapid motor adaptation to bounce perturbations in online Pong game is independent from the visual tilt of the bouncing surface 2022-02-19
The durability of long-lasting insecticidal nets treated with and without piperonyl butoxide (PBO) in Uganda. 2022-02-19
Identification of a small molecule, Mebendazole, as a novel ethylene signaling activator reveals a role of ethylene signaling on the regulation of lateral root angles 2022-02-19
The brassinosteroid biosynthesis gene TaD11-2A controls grain size and its elite haplotype improves wheat grain yields 2022-02-19
Deep phenotyping platform for microscopic plant-pathogen interactions 2022-02-19
Inhibiting Runx1 protects heart function after myocardial infarction 2022-02-19
Cohesin mutation sensitizes cancer cells to anti-PD-1 therapy through endogenous retrovirus-mediated PD-L1 upregulation 2022-02-19
PKD-1 Signaling Is Required for the Maintenance of CSCs with Epithelial-mesenchymal Plasticity in Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Tumors 2022-02-19
cLD: Rare-variant disequilibrium between genomic regions identifies novel genomic interactions 2022-02-19
Read depth correction for somatic mutations 2022-02-19
Bioframe: Operations on Genomic Intervals in Pandas Dataframes 2022-02-19
modelRxiv: A platform for the distribution, computation and interactive display of models 2022-02-19
Nuclear envelope disruption triggers hallmarks of aging in lung alveolar macrophages 2022-02-19
Interaction mechanism between the HSV-1 glycoprotein B and the antimicrobial peptide Amyloid-β 2022-02-19
First comprehensive identification of proteins with increased O-GlcNAc levels during pressure overload hypertrophy. 2022-02-19
Genetic and immune landscape evolution defines subtypes of MMR deficient colorectal cancer 2022-02-19
The infiltration pattern of microenvironmental cells and different immune escape mechanisms in colorectal cancer 2022-02-19
Detecting Cell Contact-dependent Gene Expression from Spatial Transcriptomics Data 2022-02-19
CRISPR-Detector: Fast and Accurate Detection, Visualization, and Annotation of Genome Wide Mutations Induced by Gene Editing Events 2022-02-19
DGMP: Identifying Cancer Driver Genes by Jointing DGCN and MLP from Multi-omics Genomic Data 2022-02-19
Protein Stability Changes upon Point Mutations Identified with a Gaussian Network Model Simulating Protein Unfolding Behavior 2022-02-19
Assessing base-resolution DNA mechanics on the genome scale 2022-02-19
Measuring drift by mean deviation: unequal breeding sex ratio revisited 2022-02-19
Prey Size Spectra and Predator:Prey ratios of 7 Species of New Zealand Salps 2022-02-19
Maximizing citizen scientists' contribution to automated species recognition 2022-02-19
Interaction Interface between 5-HT3A serotonin receptor and chaperone RIC-3 2022-02-19
Sexually dimorphic architecture and function of a mechanosensory circuit in C. elegans 2022-02-19
Dissecting the Genetic Architecture of Carbon Partitioning in Sorghum using Multiscale Phenotypes 2022-02-19
Apiaceae FNS I originated from F3H through tandem gene duplication 2022-02-19
The GDF15-GFRAL pathway is dispensable for the effects of metformin on energy balance 2022-02-19
Inhibition of Glycogen Metabolism Induces Reactive Oxygen Species-Dependent Apoptosis in Anaplastic Thyroid Cancer 2022-02-19
Comprehensive dissection of immune microenvironment in the progression of early gastric cancer at spatial and single-cell resolution 2022-02-19
Acoustic detection and identification of individual rooks in field recordings using multi-task neural networks 2022-02-19
A Bayesian Hierarchical Model for Signal Extraction from Protein Microarrays 2022-02-19
Dual-Drug Loaded Biomimetic Chitosan-Collagen Hybrid Nanocomposite Scaffolds for Ameliorating Potential Tissue Regeneration in Diabetic Wounds 2022-02-19
Every single conidium in Aspergillus fumigatus caspofungin tolerant strains are intrinsically caspofungin tolerant 2022-02-19
Polyfunctional pathogen-specific CD4+ T cells reside in the lungs and tumors of NSCLC patients 2022-02-19
Brain signatures for neuropsychological and everyday memory achieve high replicability and explanatory power in two data cohorts 2022-02-19
Endocytosis-mediated vitellogenin absorption and lipid metabolism in the hindgut-derived pseudoplacenta of the viviparous teleost Xenotoca eiseni 2022-02-19
Transglutaminase 2 associated with PI3K and PTEN in a putative membrane-bound signalosome platform blunts cell death 2022-02-19
Salt Induced Transitions in the Conformational Ensembles of Intrinsically Disordered Proteins 2022-02-19
PycoMeth: A toolbox for differential methylation testing from Nanopore methylation calls 2022-02-19
Engineering of an electrically charged hydrogel implanted into a traumatic brain injury model for stepwise neuronal tissue reconstruction 2022-02-19
Hamiltonian Monte Carlo with strict convergence criteria reduces run-to-run variability in forensic DNA mixture deconvolution 2022-02-19
Phenotypic Characterization of indigenous goat population in Southern, Ethiopia 2022-02-19
Transcriptional background effects on a tumor driver gene in a transgenic medaka melanoma model 2022-02-19
Managing beach access and vehicle impacts following reconfiguration of the landscape by a natural hazard event 2022-02-19
Vaccine-linked chemotherapy with a low dose of benznidazole plus a bivalent recombinant protein vaccine prevents the development of cardiac fibrosis caused by Trypanosoma cruzi in BALB/c mice. 2022-02-19
Demise of Marimermithida refines primary routes of transition to parasitism in roundworms 2022-02-19
Mechanistic model for human brain metabolism and the neurovascular coupling. 2022-02-19
Hematological and gene co-expression network analyses of high-risk beef cattle defines immunological mechanisms and biological complexes involved in bovine respiratory disease and weight gain 2022-02-19
Niche differentiation following whole-genome duplication? The importance of considering the intricate evolutionary history of polyploids when assessing climatic niche evolution 2022-02-19
RAID: Regression Analysis based Inductive DNA microarray for Precise Read-Across 2022-02-19
scDVF: Data-driven Single-cell Transcriptomic Deep Velocity Field Learning with Neural Ordinary Differential Equations 2022-02-19
Uniformity of spheroid-on-chip by surface treatment of PDMS microfluidic platforms 2022-02-19
Squamation and scale morphology at the root of jawed vertebrates 2022-02-19
Predicting TCR-peptide recognition based on residue-level pairwise statistical potential 2022-02-19
Seeing light from a different angle: the effects of diffuse light on the function, structure, and growth of tomato plants 2022-02-19
CoDNaS-Q: a database of conformational diversity of the native state of proteins with quaternary structure 2022-02-19
StrainPanDA: linked reconstruction of strain composition and gene content profiles via pangenome-based decomposition of metagenomic data 2022-02-19
Proteogenomics analysis to identify acquired resistance-specific alterations in melanoma PDXs on MAPKi therapy 2022-02-19
An integrated strain-level analytic pipeline utilizing longitudinal metagenomic data 2022-02-19
Emergent regulation of ant foraging frequency through a computationally inexpensive forager movement rule 2022-02-19
Spatiotemporally Mapping Thermodynamics of Lysosomes and Mitochondria using Cascade Organelle-Targeting Upconversion Nanoparticles 2022-02-19
Dependence of diffusion in Escherichia coli cytoplasm on protein size, environmental conditions and cell growth 2022-02-19
Rapamycin treatment during development extends lifespan and healthspan 2022-02-19
Lifespan can be extended during a specific time window early in life 2022-02-19
Partial illustration of human sperm DNA via microscopy and quantitative analysis of nucleotides 2022-02-19
Genomewide m6A mapping uncovers dynamic changes in the m6A epitranscriptome of cisplatin-treated apoptotic HeLa cells 2022-02-19
The influence of leaf anatomical traits on photosynthetic in coffee leaves in Yunnan of China 2022-02-19
Regulatory mechanisms of the dynein-2 motility by post-translational modification revealed by molecular dynamic simulation 2022-02-19
Substrate stiffness impacts early biofilm formation via a modulation of twitching motility 2022-02-19
Spatially resolved epigenomic profiling of single cells in complex tissues 2022-02-19
Bespoke data augmentation and network construction enable image classification on small microscopy datasets 2022-02-19
Mural norrin/β-catenin signaling regulates Lama2 expression to promote neurovascular unit assembly 2022-02-19
GPX4-associated Sedaghatian Type Spondylometaphyseal Dysplasia: A Protein Interactome Perspective 2022-02-19
Borrowing ecological theory to infer interactions between sensitive and resistant breast cancer cell populations 2022-02-19
Asymmetric requirement for α-tubulin over β-tubulin 2022-02-19
Dyslexia linked to profound impairment in the magnocellular medial geniculate nucleus 2022-02-18
Protein compactness and interaction valency define the architecture of a biomolecular condensate across scales 2022-02-19
Tracer particles sense local stresses in an evolving multicellular spheroid without affecting the anomalous dynamics of the cancer cells 2022-02-19
Molecular characteristics and laminar distribution of prefrontal neurons projecting to the mesolimbic system 2022-02-18
Self-organization of songbird neural sequences during social isolation 2022-02-18
Reduced variability of bursting activity during working memory 2022-02-18
Density dependent environments can select for extremes of body size 2022-02-18
#PeerReview from @EMBOPress of ???????? EMC is required for biogenesis and membrane insertion of Xport-A, an essential chaperone of rhodopsin-1 and the TRP channel 2021-02-02
#PeerReview from @EMBOPress of ???????? Major functional bias for mitochondrial complexes in genome-wide CRISPR screens 2020-08-31
#PeerReview from @EMBOPress of ???????? Structured decomposition improves systems serology prediction and interpretation 2021-01-22
C. difficile is overdiagnosed in adults and a commensal in infants 2022-02-18
Using Mathematical Modeling to Distinguish Intrinsic and Acquired Targeted Therapeutic Resistance in Head and Neck Cancer 2022-02-18
The Effect of Lipid Composition on the Dynamics of Tau Fibrils 2022-02-18
Multi-eGO: an in-silico lens to look into protein aggregation kinetics at atomic resolution 2022-02-18
Structural insights into Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease-linked mutations in human GDAP1 2022-02-18
Population structure and inbreeding in wild house mice (Mus musculus) at different geographic scales 2022-02-18
#PeerReview from @eLife of ???????? SARS-CoV-2 Nsp14 mediates the effects of viral infection on the host cell transcriptome 2022-02-16
Species-Specific Formation of Paraspeckles in Intestinal Epithelium Revealed by Characterization of NEAT1 in Naked Mole-rat 2022-02-18
Genome-wide analyses of histone modifications and chromatin accessibility reveal the distinct genomic compartments in the Irish potato famine pathogen Phytophthora infestans 2022-02-18
Rapid GPR183-mediated recruitment of eosinophils to the lung after Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection 2022-02-18
IRF4 deficiency vulnerates B cell progeny for leukemogenesis via somatically acquired Jak3 mutations conferring IL-7 hypersensitivity 2022-02-18
Changing flows balance nutrient absorption and bacterial growth along the gut 2022-02-18
Single-particle cryo-EM analysis of the shell architecture and internal organization of an intact α-carboxysome 2022-02-18
A protein semisynthesis-based strategy to probe the impact of site-specific serine ADP-ribosylation on linker histone function 2022-02-18
Benchmarking Polygenic Risk Score Model Assumptions: towards more accurate risk assessment 2022-02-18
Contribution of spontaneous mutations to quantitative and molecular variation at the highly repetitive rDNA locus in yeast 2022-02-18
m6a governs length-dependent enrichment of mRNAs in stress granules 2022-02-18
Hinokitiol alters Gene Expression in Aspergillus fumigatus, protects against fungal keratitis by Reducing Fungal Load, LOX-1, Proinflammatory cytokines and Neutrophil Infiltration 2022-02-18
Babesia divergens egress from host cells is orchestrated by essential and druggable kinases and proteases 2022-02-18
Shiftless Restricts Viral Gene Expression and Influences RNA Granule Formation during KSHV lytic replication. 2022-02-18
Transcriptome analysis of diverse Plasmodium falciparum clinical isolates identifies genes correlating with highly variable expression of merozoite surface protein MSPDBL2 2022-02-18
Potent Neutralization of Omicron and other SARS-CoV-2 Variants of Concern by Biparatopic Human VH Domains 2022-02-18
Furin-cleavage site is present in an antiparallel β-strand in SARS-CoV2 Spike protein 2022-02-18
Sequential action of a tRNA base editor in conversion of cytidine to pseudouridine 2022-02-18
Systematic identification of conditionally folded intrinsically disordered regions by AlphaFold2 2022-02-18
Genomic Characterization of Sars-Cov-2 from Islamabad Pakistan by Rapid Nanopore Sequencing 2022-02-18
Metagenomic analysis reveals the abundance and diversity of opportunistic fungal pathogens in the nasopharyngeal tract of COVID-19 patients 2022-02-18
SARS-CoV-2 has not emerged in roe, red or fallow deer in Germany or Austria during the COVID 19 pandemic 2022-02-18
Preparing for the next COVID: Deep Reinforcement Learning trained Artificial Intelligence discovery of multi-modal immunomodulatory control of systemic inflammation in the absence of effective anti-microbials 2022-02-18
Relative positioning of B and T cell epitopes drives immunodominance. 2022-02-18
Blood Concentrations of Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances are Associated with Lupus-like Autoimmunity in the American Alligator 2022-02-18
Genetic and epigenetic driven variation in regulatory regions activitycontribute to adaptation and evolution under endocrine treatment 2022-02-18
Reclassifying Cancer: Defining tumour cell cycle activity in terms of its tissue of origin in over 13,000 samples 2022-02-18
Neocentromere formation through Robertsonian fusion and centromere repositioning during the evolution of zebras 2022-02-18
Cold-inducible promoter-driven knockdown of Brachypodium antifreeze proteins confers freeze sensitivity 2022-02-18
Fibrosis resolution involves more than collagen; new potential players of fibrosis recovery in mouse liver 2022-02-18
Comparative evaluation of glomerular morphometric techniques reveals differential technical artefacts between FSGS and normal glomeruli 2022-02-18
Global hypo-methylation in a subgroup of glioblastoma enriched for an astrocytic signature is associated with increased invasion and altered immune landscape 2022-02-18
Depletion of Sun1/2 Induces Heterochromatin Accrual in Mesenchymal Stem Cells during Adipogenesis 2022-02-18
Ionic remodelling following myocardial infarction explains phenotypic variability in ECG and arrhythmic substrate but not in ejection fraction 2022-02-18
Arbidol inhibits esophageal squamous cell carcinoma growth in vitro and in vivo through suppressing ataxia telangiectasia and Rad3-related protein kinase 2022-02-18
Tensor decomposition reveals coordinated multicellular patterns of transcriptional variation that distinguish and stratify disease individuals 2022-02-18
On Correlation between Structural Properties and Viral Escape Measurements from Deep Mutational Scanning 2022-02-18
Refolding of lid subdomain of SARS-CoV-2 nsp14 upon nsp10 interaction releases exonuclease activity. 2022-02-18
Transcription factor retention through multiple polyploidisation steps in wheat 2022-02-18
#PeerReview from @eLife of ???????? Redox regulation of PTPN22 affects the severity of T cell dependent autoimmune inflammation 2021-12-06
#PeerReview from @eLife of ???????? Allosteric modulation of the SARS-CoV-2 spike conformation 2021-11-09
Autophagy promotes programmed cell death and corpse clearance in specific cell types of the Arabidopsis root cap 2022-02-18
LabGym: A versatile computational tool for automatic quantification of user-defined animal behaviors 2022-02-18
nPoRe: n-Polymer Realigner for improved pileup variant calling 2022-02-18
mRNA 5' terminal sequences drive 200-fold differences in expression through effects on synthesis, translation and decay 2022-02-18
LncRNA RUS shapes the gene expression program towards neurogenesis 2022-02-18
The giant Mimivirus 1.2 Mb genome is elegantly organized into a 30 nm helical protein shield 2022-02-18
The dual function monoclonal antibodies VIR-7831 and VIR-7832 demonstrate potent in vitro and in vivo activity against SARS-CoV-2 2022-02-18
Hyperactivity of indirect pathway-projecting spiny projection neurons drives compulsive behavior 2022-02-18
The high-throughput perturbation of long non-coding RNA reveals functional features in stem cells and across cell-types 2022-02-18
A unique mineralizing pool of Gli1+ stem cells builds the tendon enthesis and demonstrates therapeutic potential 2022-02-18
Follow that cell: leukocyte migration in L-plastin mutant zebrafish. 2022-02-18
Proteomic analysis of the actin cortex in interphase and mitosis 2022-02-18
In situ architecture of human kinetochore-microtubule interface visualized by cryo-electron tomography 2022-02-18
Mitochondrial membrane potential acts as a retrograde signal to regulate cell cycle progression 2022-02-18
Mechanistic model of MAPK signaling reveals how allostery and rewiring contribute to drug resistance 2022-02-18
Single-Cell Multi-Omic Roadmap of Human Fetal Pancreatic Development 2022-02-18
Comparisons of cell proliferation and cell death across life histories in the hemichordate Schizocardium californicum 2022-02-18
Clonal behaviour of myogenic precursor cells throughout the vertebrate lifespan. 2022-02-18
Kinesin-1 promotes centrosome clustering and nuclear migration in the Drosophila oocyte 2022-02-18
The C. elegans ASPP homolog APE-1 is a junctional protein phosphatase 1 modulator 2022-02-18
A centimeter-long bacterium with DNA compartmentalized in membrane-bound organelles 2022-02-18
Vps60 initiates formation of alternative membrane-bound ESCRT-III filaments 2022-02-18
CRISPR-mediated correction of skeletal muscle Ca2+ handling in a novel DMD patient-derived pluripotent stem cell model 2022-02-18
Minus one frameshifted puromycin N-acetyltransferase is targeted to the nucleolus: sporadic but reproducible chimera formation by a transfected Lc3b construct 2022-02-18
How drought affects range and variability of environmental conditions in subtropical South African estuaries 2022-02-17
Sex differences in insular gyri responses to the cold pressor challenge 2022-02-17
Substrate Temperature and Seed Scarification on Germination Parameters of Butterfly Pea (Clitoria ternatea) 2022-02-17
Sex differences in the immediate extinction deficit and renewal of extinguished fear in rats 2022-02-17
Leukemia-intrinsic determinants of CAR-T response revealed by in vivo genome-wide CRISPR screening. 2022-02-17
#PeerReview from @eLife of ???????? Tubulinopathy mutations in TUBA1A that disrupt neuronal morphogenesis and migration override XMAP215/Stu2 regulation of microtubule dynamics 2021-12-07
#PeerReview from @eLife of ???????? Electrocorticography is superior to subthalamic local field potentials for movement decoding in Parkinson's disease 2021-10-29
#PeerReview from @eLife of ???????? High-Intensity Interval Training Remodels the Proteome and Acetylome of Human Skeletal Muscle 2022-02-14
#PeerReview from @eLife of ???????? Control of spinal motor neuron terminal differentiation through sustained Hoxc8 gene activity 2021-05-27
Molecular architecture of the human caveolin-1 complex 2022-02-17
Unique structural features govern the activity of a human mitochondrial AAA+ disaggregase, Skd3. 2022-02-17
Excited-state dynamics of the all-trans protonated retinal Schiff base in CRABPII-based rhodopsin mimics 2022-02-17
Phosphoregulation of DSB-1 mediates control of meiotic double-strand break activity 2022-02-17
Molecular snapshots of drug release from tubulin over eleven orders of magnitude in time 2022-02-17
HIV-1 preintegration complex preferentially integrates the viral DNA into nucleosomes containing trimethylated histone 3-lysine 36 modification 2022-02-17
Vivaxin genes encode highly immunogenic non-variant antigens unique to the Trypanosoma vivax cell-surface 2022-02-17
Mitochondrial mRNA localization is governed by translation kinetics and spatial transport 2022-02-17
Benchmarking Peptide Structure Prediction with AlphaFold2 2022-02-17
CriSNPr: a single interface for the curated and de-novo design of gRNAs for CRISPR diagnostics using diverse Cas systems 2022-02-17
Accelerating the Validation of Endogenous On-Target Engagement and In-cellulo Kinetic Assessment for Covalent Inhibitors of KRASG12C in Early Drug Discovery 2022-02-17
Retrotransposon instability dominates the acquired mutation landscape of mouse induced pluripotent stem cells 2022-02-17
Gene drive mosquitoes can aid malaria elimination by retarding Plasmodium sporogonic development 2022-02-17
FAM21 is critical for TLR2-CLEC4E-mediated dendritic cell function against Candida albicans 2022-02-17
Mitochondrial genomes in Perkinsus decode conserved frameshifts in all genes 2022-02-17
Intramuscular mRNA BNT162b2 vaccine against SARS-CoV-2 induces robust neutralizing salivary IgA 2022-02-17
The Mycobacterium tuberculosis protein O-phosphorylation landscape 2022-02-17
Predicted structure of the hepatitis B virus polymerase reveals an ancient conserved protein fold 2022-02-17
Cross-kingdom metagenomic profiling of Lake Hillier reveals pigment-rich polyextremophiles and wide-ranging metabolic adaptations 2022-02-17
Azithromycin possesses biofilm-inhibitory activity and potentiates non-bactericidal colistin methanesulfonate against Klebsiella pneumonia 2022-02-17
A Random Forest Classifier Uses Antibody Responses to Plasmodium Antigens to Reveal Candidate Biomarkers of the Intensity and Timing of Past Exposure to Plasmodium falciparum 2022-02-17
Reconstitution and Expression of mcy Gene Cluster in The Model Cyanobacterium Synechococcus 7942 Reveals a Roll of MC-LR in Cell Division 2022-02-17
Rock inhibitors target SRSF2 leukemia by disrupting cell mitosis and nuclear morphology 2022-02-17
Genome-wide in vivo CRISPR screens identify GATOR1 as a TP53 induced tumour suppressor 2022-02-17
Age and spatio-temporal variations in food resources modulate stress-immunity relationships in three populations of wild roe deer 2022-02-17
An efficient early-pooling protocol for environmental DNA metabarcoding 2022-02-17
An ACE2-blocking antibody confers broad neutralization and protection against Omicron and other SARS-CoV-2 variants 2022-02-17
Multisensory integration of social signals by a pathway from the basal amygdala to the auditory cortex in maternal mice 2022-02-17
Factors that affected the qualification of standardized residency training of internal medicine: a prospective longitudinal study 2022-02-17
Locally adaptive temperature response of vegetative growth in Arabidopsis thaliana 2022-02-17
The Amidella clade in Europe (Amanita Pers., Basidiomycota: Amanitaceae): clarification of the contentious Amanita valens and the importance of taxon-specific PCR primers for identification 2022-02-17
Functional connectivity of the inferior frontal gyrus: A meta-analytic connectivity modeling study 2022-02-17
A call to rethink the cognitive benefits of physical exercise: An umbrella review of randomized controlled trials 2022-02-17
Bioinformatic analysis of B and T cell epitopes from SARS-CoV-2 Spike, Membrane and Nucleocapsid proteins as a strategy to assess possible cross-reactivity between emerging variants, including Omicron, and other human ... 2022-02-17
Variational phylodynamic inference using pandemic-scale data 2022-02-17
Pro-resolving lipid mediators within brain esterified lipid pools are reduced in female rats chronically exposed to traffic-related air pollution or genetically susceptible to Alzheimer's Disease phenotype 2022-02-17
Structured and disordered regions of Ataxin-2 contribute differently to the specificity and efficiency of mRNP granule formation. 2022-02-17
An electrophysiological and behavioral model of Paramecium, the "swimming neuron" 2022-02-17
Decision formation in parietal cortex transcends a fixed frame of reference 2022-02-17
Sleep duration and brain structure - phenotypic associations and genotypic covariance 2022-02-17
2-Arachodonoylglycerol-mediated endocannabinoid signaling modulates mechanical hypersensitivity associated with alcohol withdrawal in mice 2022-02-17
Contribution of individual excitatory synapses on dendritic spines to electrical signaling 2022-02-17
Inferring monosynaptic connections from paired dendritic spine Ca2+ imaging and large-scale recording of extracellular spiking 2022-02-17
Effects of auditory sleep modulation approaches on brain oscillatory and cardiovascular dynamics 2022-02-17
Brain regional identity and cell type specificity landscape of human cortical organoid models 2022-02-17
Single-nucleus transcriptomic analysis reveals divergence of glial cells in peripheral somatosensory system between human and mouse 2022-02-17
Structural insight into the individual variability architecture of the functional brain connectome 2022-02-17
Targeting the fronto-parietal network using multifocal personalized transcranial alternating current stimulation to enhance motor sequence learning in healthy older adults 2022-02-17
Predator odor (TMT) exposure potentiates interoceptive sensitivity to alcohol and increases GABAergic gene expression in the anterior insular cortex and nucleus accumbens in male rats 2022-02-17
Botulinum neurotoxin accurately separates tonic vs phasic transmission and reveals heterosynaptic plasticity rules in Drosophila 2022-02-17
Dissociable misconfigurations of striatal functional connectivity profiles in smokers 2022-02-17
Oligodendrocytes form paranodal bridges that generate chains of myelin sheaths vulnerable to degeneration with age 2022-02-17
Conflict- and error-related theta activities are coupled to BOLD signals in different brain regions 2022-02-17
Synaptic basis of a sub-second representation of time 2022-02-17
Awake responses suggest inefficient dense coding in the mouse retina 2022-02-17
Perinatal Oxycodone Exposure Causes Long Term Sex-Dependent Changes in Sensory and Reward Processing in Adult Mice 2022-02-17
A five-fold expansion of the global RNA virome reveals multiple new clades of RNA bacteriophages 2022-02-17
Transition to siblinghood causes substantial and long-lasting physiological stress reactions in wild bonobos 2022-02-17
#PeerReview from @PeerRef_ of ???????? Senescence of multicellular individuals: imbalance of epigenetic and non-epigenetic information in histone modifications 2021-09-21
Autism is associated with inter-individual variations of gray and white matter morphology 2022-02-17
Postnatal environmental enrichment enhances memory by shaping hippocampal-prefrontal theta and gamma rhythms in diploid and trisomic female mice 2022-02-17
Tissue-wide Effects Overrule Cell-intrinsic Gene Function in Cortical Projection Neuron Migration 2022-02-17
Hypothalamic astrocyte control systemic glucose metabolism and energy balance via regulation of extra-synaptic glutamate signaling 2022-02-17
Purely enzymatic incorporation of an isotope-labeled adenine into RNA for the study of conformational dynamics by NMR 2022-02-16
#PeerReview from @EMBOPress of ???????? Aire-dependent transcripts escape H3K36me3 and Raver2 induced alternative splicing to sustain central immune tolerance 2021-04-09
GWAS in the Southern African context 2022-02-16
Urinary single-cell sequencing captures intrarenal injury and repair processes in human acute kidney injury 2022-02-16
Reconstructing cell interactions and state trajectories in pancreatic cancer stromal tumoroids 2022-02-16
#PeerReview from @eLife of ???????? TMEM120A/TACAN inhibits mechanically activated Piezo2 channels 2021-06-30
#PeerReview from @eLife of ???????? Rapid, Reference-Free Human Genotype Imputation with Denoising Autoencoders 2021-12-02
#PeerReview from @eLife of ???????? Completion of neural crest cell production and emigration is regulated by retinoic acid-dependent inhibition of BMP signaling 2022-02-13
#PeerReview from @eLife of ???????? COMPARE, an ultra-fast and robust suite for multiparametric screening, identifies phenotypic drug responses in acute myeloid leukemia 2021-01-18
#PeerReview from @eLife of ???????? Non-uniform distribution of dendritic nonlinearities differentially engages thalamostriatal and corticostriatal inputs onto cholinergic interneurons 2021-12-06
Extension of bacterial rDNA sequencing to concurrent epigenetic analysis and its application to 16S meta-epigenetics 2022-02-16
ScRNA-seq Identified the Metabolic Reprogramming of Human Colonic Immune Cells in Different Locations and Disease States 2022-02-16
Novel ERR pan-agonists ameliorate heart failure through boosting cardiac fatty acid metabolism and mitochondrial function 2022-02-16
A Simple and Reproducible In-Vivo Rabbit Phonation Model for Glottic Insufficiency 2022-02-16
Genomic Surveillance of Salmonella spp. in the Philippines, 2013-2014 2022-02-16
TraDIS-validate: a method for curating ordered gene-replacement libraries 2022-02-16
Understanding West Nile virus spread: Mathematical modelling to determine the mechanisms with the most influence on infection dynamics. 2022-02-16
Xist expression impacts chromatin structure and YY1 mediated transcription of X-linked genes in hematopoietic progenitor cells 2022-02-16
Pathogen profiling of Australian rabbits by metatranscriptomic sequencing 2022-02-16
High-throughput profiling of natural acquired humoral immune response to a large panel of known and novel full length ectodomain P. falciparum merozoite vaccine candidates under reduced malaria transmission. 2022-02-16
The invasive land flatworm Obama nungara in La Reunion, a French island in the Indian Ocean, the first report of the species for Africa 2022-02-16
Creating De Novo Overlapped Genes 2022-02-16
Antigen-dependent inducible T cell reporter system for PET imaging of breast cancer and glioblastoma 2022-02-16
Ingestible capsule for detecting labile inflammatory biomarkers in situ 2022-02-16
Targeting OLIG2 increases therapeutic responses in SHH medulloblastoma mouse models and patient-derived medulloblastoma organoids 2022-02-16
Clustered transposon insertion via formation of chromatin loops 2022-02-16
Proteomic network analysis of bronchoalveolar lavage fluid in ex-smokers to discover implicated protein targets and novel drug treatments for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease 2022-02-16
Monitoring the quality of eggs depending on the hens breeding systems by Raman spectroscopy. 2022-02-16
The Genetic and Evolutionary Basis of Gene Expression Variation in East Africans 2022-02-16
Modeling exercise using optogenetically contractible Drosophila larvae 2022-02-16
A model of functionally buffered deleterious mutations can lead to signatures of positive selection distinguishable from an evolutionary conflict model 2022-02-16
Hoisted with his own petard: how sex-ratio meiotic drive in Drosophila affinis creates resistance alleles that limit its spread 2022-02-16
Optimal resistance management for mixtures of high-risk fungicides: robustness to the initial frequency of resistance and pathogen sexual reproduction 2022-02-16
A single 2'-O-methylation of ribosomal RNA gates assembly of a functionalribosome 2022-02-16
Target-enrichment sequencing yields valuable genomic data for difficult-to-culture bacteria of public health importance 2022-02-16
Mechanoregulation of biofilm architecture promotes Pseudomonas aeruginosa antibiotic tolerance. 2022-02-16
Multi-state occupancy model estimates probability of detection of an aquatic parasite using environmental DNA: Pseudoloma neurophilia in zebrafish aquaria 2022-02-16
Experimental infection of mink with SARS-COV-2 Omicron (BA.1) variant leads to symptomatic disease with lung pathology and transmission 2022-02-16
International spread of emerging multidrug-resistant Rhodococcus equi 2022-02-16
Bacterial community dynamics explain carbon mineralization and assimilation in soils of different land-use history 2022-02-16
Lin28b specifies an innate-like lineage of CD8+ T cells in early life 2022-02-16
Immune cell regulation in stem cell niche contacting glioblastomas. 2022-02-16
Mathematical model of a cytokine storm 2022-02-16
The impacts of anesthetic regimens on the middle cerebral artery occlusion outcomes in male rats 2022-02-16
A simple self-decoding model for neural coding 2022-02-16
Improving functional recovery after severe spinal cord injury by a noninvasive dual functional approach of neuroprotection and neuromodulation 2022-02-16
Functional and effective connectivity between dorsolateral prefrontal and subgenual anterior cingulate cortex depends on the timing of transcranial magnetic stimulation relative to the phase of prefrontal alpha EEG 2022-02-16
The development of receptive field tuning properties in mouse binocular primary visual cortex 2022-02-16
Therapeutic resistance to FLT3 inhibition is driven by a novel ATM/mTOR pathway regulating oxidative phosphorylation 2022-02-16
A possible way to relate the effects of SARS-CoV-2 induced changes in transferrin to severe COVID-19 associated diseases 2022-02-16
GMMchi: Gene Expression Clustering Using Gaussian Mixture Modeling 2022-02-16
Microbiome Toolbox: Methodological approaches to derive and visualize microbiome trajectories 2022-02-16
Unbiased pangenome graphs 2022-02-16
SciViewer- An interactive browser for visualizing single cell datasets 2022-02-16
Time-dependent Role of Bisphosphonates on Atherosclerotic Plaque Calcification 2022-02-16
Metabotropic purinergic receptor profiles and calcium signalling in primary mice myoblasts differ depending on their muscle origin and are altered in cells with mutated dystrophin gene (mdx mice) 2022-02-16
Gut Microbiome Contributes to Cold-climate Adaptation in Lizards 2022-02-16
Behavioral signatures of Y-like neuronal responses in human vision 2022-02-16
Utilising TMS-EEG to assess the response to cerebellar-brain inhibition 2022-02-16
Clonally heritable gene expression imparts a layer of diversity within cell types 2022-02-16
A new pterosaur from Skye, Scotland and the early diversification of flying reptiles 2022-02-16
Robust statistical evaluation of tumor incidences in long-term rodent carcinogenicity studies: the reformulated poly-k trend test 2022-02-16
'4-Aminoquinazoline-6,7-diol' derivatives for enhanced EGFR binding (as inhibitor) against Lung cancer 2022-02-16
SARS-CoV-2 Omicron BA.2 Variant Evades Neutralization by Therapeutic Monoclonal Antibodies 2022-02-16
SARS-CoV-2 variants show a gradual declining pathogenicity and pro-inflammatory cytokine stimulation and an increasing antigenic and anti-inflammatory cytokine induction 2022-02-16
Lung evolution in vertebrates and the water-to-land transition 2022-02-16
Non-productive exposure of PBMCs to SARS-CoV-2 induces cell-intrinsic innate immunity responses 2022-02-16
Sequentially-reduced representation of artificial neural network to determine cardiovascular intrinsic frequencies 2022-02-16
Improved fluorescent proteins for dual-color post-embedding CLEM 2022-02-16
Neural Representations of Self-Generated Thought during Think-aloud fMRI 2022-02-16
Impaired dendritic spine development in a zebrafish model of Fragile X 2022-02-16
BK channel properties correlate with neurobehavioral severity in three KCNMA1-linked channelopathy mouse models 2022-02-16
MicroRNAs are deeply linked to the emergence of the complex octopus brain 2022-02-16
The connectional anatomy of visual mental imagery: evidence from a patient with left occipito-temporal damage 2022-02-16
Prolactin-induced AMPK stabilizes alveologenesis and lactogenesis through regulation of STAT5 signaling 2022-02-16
The impact of hyperglycemia upon BeWo trophoblast cell metabolic function: A multi-OMICS and functional metabolic analysis 2022-02-16
Vascular mimicry by VE-cadherin enables trophoblast endovascular invasion and spiral artery remodeling during placental development 2022-02-16
The Drosophila melanogaster enzyme glycerol-3-phosphate dehydrogenase 1 is required for oogenesis, embryonic development, and amino acid homeostasis 2022-02-16
Canonical Wnt signaling promotes formation of somatic permeability barrier for proper germ cell differentiation 2022-02-16
Single-cell transcriptional profiling reveals cellular and molecular divergence in human maternal-fetal interface 2022-02-16
A gradient border model for cell fate decisions at the neural plate border 2022-02-16
Endometriotic Organoids as an In Vitro Model of Endometriotic Lesion Development. 2022-02-16
Centriole growth is not limited by a finite pool of components, but is limited by the Cdk1/Cyclin-dependent phosphorylation of Ana2/STIL 2022-02-16
AreTomo: An integrated software package for automated marker-free, motion-corrected cryo-electron tomographic alignment and reconstruction 2022-02-16
Versatile patterns in the actin cortex of motile cells: Self-organized pulses can coexist with macropinocytic ring-shaped waves 2022-02-16
The exchange rates of amide and arginine guanidinium CEST in the mouse brain 2022-02-16
Septins mediate a microtubule-actin crosstalk that enables actin growth on microtubules 2022-02-16
Destabilization of F-actin by Mechanical Stress Deprivation or Tpm3.1 Inhibition Promotes a Pathological Phenotype in Tendon Cells 2022-02-16
Mapping Protein-Protein Interactions Using Data-Dependent Acquisition Without Dynamic Exclusion 2022-02-16
Nisin G is a novel nisin variant produced by a gut-derived Streptococcus salivarius 2022-02-15
#PeerReview from @eLife of ???????? C-type natriuretic peptide facilitates autonomic Ca2+ entry in growth plate chondrocytes for stimulating bone growth 2021-09-17
#PeerReview from @eLife of ???????? Simultaneously regulating many properties requires that neurons adjust diverse ion channels 2022-02-12
#PeerReview from @eLife of ???????? Atmospheric particulate matter aggravates CNS demyelination via TLR-4/NF-κB-mediated microglia pathogenic activities 2021-08-10
Active site structure of the Shigella flexneri effector OspI 2022-02-15
Pushing the limits of HiFi assemblies reveals centromere diversity between two Arabidopsis thaliana genomes 2022-02-15
Diversity begets diversity under microbial niche construction 2022-02-15
Single-cell Bayesian deconvolution 2022-02-15
Polysome-CAGE of TCL1-driven chronic lymphocytic leukemia revealed multiple N-terminally altered epigenetic regulators and a translation stress signature 2022-02-15
RNA targeting with CRISPR-Cas13a facilitates bacteriophage genome engineering 2022-02-15
Microbiota-derived aspartate drives pathogenic Enterobacteriaceae expansion in the inflamed gut 2022-02-15
Strong phylogenetic and ecological effects on host competency for avian influenza in Australian wild birds 2022-02-15
Expression of fatty acid synthase genes and their role in development and arboviral infection of Aedes aegypti 2022-02-15
Is it the same strain? Defining genomic epidemiology thresholds tailored to individual outbreaks 2022-02-15
Oral administration of S-217622, a SARS-CoV-2 main protease inhibitor, decreases viral load and accelerates recovery from clinical aspects of COVID-19 2022-02-15
Milk of cow and goat, immunized by recombinant protein vaccine ZF-UZ-VAC2001(Zifivax), contains neutralizing antibodies against SARS-CoV-2 and remains active after standard milk pasteurization 2022-02-15
Reduced antigenicity of Omicron lowers host serologic response 2022-02-15
The BASP1 transcriptional repressor modifies chromatin through lipid-dependent and lipid-independent mechanisms 2022-02-15
Accurate models of substrate preferences of post-translational modification enzymes from a combination of mRNA display and deep learning 2022-02-15
Optimization of conditions for conjugation of outer membrane vesicles of Salmonella Typhimurium with oral delivery systems using response surface method 2022-02-15
Replication-associated inversions are the dominant form of bacterial chromosome structural variation 2022-02-15
Transcriptional and functional consequences of alterations to MEF2C and its topological organization in neuronal models 2022-02-15
Flower visitation of alien plants is non-linearly related to phylogenetic and floral similarity to native plants 2022-02-15
A model of persistent post SARS-CoV-2 induced lung disease for target identification and testing of therapeutic strategies 2022-02-15
Diverse innate immune factors protect yeast from lethal viral pathogenesis 2022-02-15
A live-attenuated SARS-CoV-2 vaccine candidate with accessory protein deletions 2022-02-15
ATPase activity of B. subtilis RecA affects the dynamic formation of RecA filaments at DNA double strand breaks 2022-02-15
Strain-dependent induction of primary bile acid 7-dehydroxylation by cholic acid 2022-02-15
Linking CFTR modulators to opportunistic bacterial infections in cystic fibrosis 2022-02-15
Revisiting the origin of interleukin 1 (IL-1) based on biological activities of IL-1 in anamniotes and their sub-functionalization in amniotes 2022-02-15
Increased low-frequency brain responses to music after psilocybin therapy for depression 2022-02-15
Translaminar Recurrence from Layer 5 Suppresses Superficial Cortical Layers 2022-02-15
Glutamate indicators with improved activation kinetics and localization for imaging synaptic transmission 2022-02-15
Faster growth enhances low carbon fuel and chemical production through gas fermentation 2022-02-15
Interpretation of southern hemisphere humpback whale diet via stable isotopes; implications of tissue-specific analysis 2022-02-15
Designing human Sphingosine-1-phosphate lyases using a temporal Dirichlet variational autoencoder 2022-02-15
R-based method for quantitative analysis of biofilm thickness by using Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy 2022-02-15
uniPort: a unified computational framework for single-cell data integration with optimal transport 2022-02-15
Efficient Bayesian inference for mechanistic modelling with high-throughput data 2022-02-15
Experimental and analytical framework for ''mix-and-read'' assays based on split luciferase 2022-02-15
Characterization of altered molecular mechanisms in Parkinson disease through cell type-resolved multi-omics analyses 2022-02-15
Clock Work: Deconstructing the Epigenetic Clock Signals in Aging, Disease, and Reprogramming 2022-02-15
Predicting vertical ground reaction forces from 3D accelerometery using reservoir computers leads to accurate gait event detection 2022-02-15
Exploring volume mediated bystander-inhibition in a neuron model of the Locus coeruleus 2022-02-15
Salinity induces discontinuous protoxylem by a DELLA-dependent mechanism promoting salt tolerance in Arabidopsis seedlings 2022-02-15
BinSPreader: refine binning results for fuller MAG reconstruction 2022-02-15
SARS-CoV-2 Omicron-specific mRNA vaccine induces potent and broad antibody responses in vivo 2022-02-15
Virological characteristics of SARS-CoV-2 BA.2 variant 2022-02-15
Characterization of TR-107, a Novel Chemical Activator of the Human Mitochondrial Protease ClpP 2022-02-15
Introducing CARATE: Finally speaking chemistry. 2022-02-15
A novel consensus-based computational pipeline for rapid screening of antibody therapeutics for efficacy against SARS-CoV-2 variants of concern including omicron variant 2022-02-15
Increased Potency and Breadth of SARS-CoV-2 Neutralizing Antibodies After a Third mRNA Vaccine Dose 2022-02-15
Omicron-Based Vaccine Candidate Elicits Potent Neutralizing Antibodies in the Animal Model 2022-02-15
Epilepsy-associated increase in gonadotropin-releasing hormone neuron firing in diestrous female mice is independent of chronic seizure burden severity 2022-02-15
Rapid Knowledgebase Construction and Hypotheses Generation Using Extractive Literature Search 2022-02-15
SpecDB: A Relational Database for Archiving Biomolecular NMR Spectra Data 2022-02-15
Uncertainties of cell number estimation in cyanobacterial colonies and the potential use of sphere packing 2022-02-15
Quantifying the economic impact of Peristenus relictus establishment on host Lygus hesperus populations in California organic strawberry 2022-02-15
KIBRA Regulates AMPA Receptor Expression, Synaptic Plasticity, and Memory in an Age-Dependent Manner 2022-02-15
PyZebrascope: an open-source platform for brain-wide neural activity imaging in zebrafish 2022-02-15
Insulin/IGF Signaling Regulates Presynaptic Glutamate Release in Aversive Olfactory Learning 2022-02-15
The V-type H+-ATPase is targeted in anti-diuretic hormone control of the Malpighian (renal) tubules in Aedes aegypti 2022-02-15
Microsecond Melting and Revitrification of Cryo Samples - Protein Structure and Beam-Induced Motion 2022-02-15
Dynamic S-acylation of STIM1 is required for store-operated Ca 2+ entry 2022-02-15
Mineralized coleoid cranial cartilage from the Late Triassic Polzberg Konservat-Lagerstätte (Austria) 2022-02-15
Neural correlates of multisensory enhancement in audiovisual narrative speech perception: a fMRI investigation 2022-02-15
The calcium channel Orai1 is required for osteoblast development: studies in a chimeric mouse with variable in vivo Runx-cre deletion of Orai-1 2022-02-14
Climate Change Impacts on Broussenetia papyrifera Pollens - Metabolome Investigations and Prospects of Allergy Prevalence 2022-02-14
#PeerReview from @EMBOPress of ???????? Low membrane fluidity triggers lipid phase separation and protein segregation in vivo 2021-09-22
#PeerReview from @eLife of ???????? Kv3.3 subunits control presynaptic action potential waveform and neurotransmitter release at a central excitatory synapse 2021-11-03
#PeerReview from @eLife of ???????? hei-tag: a highly efficient tag to boost targeted genome editing 2021-06-10
#PeerReview from @eLife of ???????? Early lock-in of structured and specialised information flows during neural development 2021-10-24
#PeerReview from @eLife of ???????? Epigenetic reprogramming by TET enzymes impacts co-transcriptional R-loops 2021-04-27
Genome assembly of the numbat (Myrmecobius fasciatus), the only termitivorous marsupial 2022-02-14
Scalable and deep profiling of mRNA targets for individual microRNAs with chimeric eCLIP 2022-02-14
TiDeTree: A Bayesian phylogenetic framework to estimate single-cell trees and population dynamic parameters from genetic lineage tracing data 2022-02-14
Single extracellular vesicle analysis in human amniotic fluid shows evidence of phenotype alterations in preeclampsia 2022-02-14
Single-cell transcriptomic and proteomic analysis of Parkinson's disease Brains 2022-02-14
Architecture and self-assembly of the jumbo bacteriophage nuclear shell 2022-02-14
Genome Enrichment of Rare, Unknown Species from Complicated Microbiome by Nanopore Selective Sequencing 2022-02-14
Octopaminergic/tyraminergic Tdc2 neurons regulate biased sperm usage in female Drosophila melanogaster 2022-02-14
Nitric oxide signaling controls collective contractions in a colonial choanoflagellate 2022-02-14
Quantitative fate mapping: Reconstructing progenitor field dynamics via retrospective lineage barcoding 2022-02-14
Comparative miRNA Transcriptomics of Mouse and Macaque Reveals Cytoskeleton is An Inhibitor for C. neoformans Invasion into Brain 2022-02-14
Saccharibacteria harness light energy using Type-1 rhodopsins that may rely on retinal sourced from microbial hosts 2022-02-14
Variation in Plasmodium falciparum sexual commitment rates and responses to environmental modification 2022-02-14
The Transcription Factor Bach2 Negatively Regulates Natural Killer Cell Maturation and Function 2022-02-14
Bile Acid Restrained T Cell Activation Explains Cholestasis Aggravated Hepatitis B Virus Infection 2022-02-14
Genetic load in incomplete lupus erythematosus 2022-02-14
Arid5a mediates an IL-17-dependent pathway that drives autoimmunity but not antifungal host defense 2022-02-14
Development of methylation-based biomarkers for breast cancer detection by model training and validation in synthetic cell-free DNA 2022-02-14
Engineered high-density lipoprotein particles that chaperone bioactive lipid mediators to combat endothelial dysfunction and thromboinflammation 2022-02-14
Oligodendrocyte origin and development in the zebrafish visual system 2022-02-14
Omicron Spike protein has a positive electrostatic surface that promotes ACE2 recognition and antibody escape 2022-02-14
Vector competence and transcriptional response of Aedes aegypti for Ebinur Lake virus, a newly mosquito-borne orthobunyavirus 2022-02-14
SARS-CoV-2 Permissive Glioblastoma Cell Line for High Throughput Antiviral Screening 2022-02-14
Pilotins are mobile T3SS components involved in assembly and substrate specificity of the bacterial type III secretion system 2022-02-14
Microbial dysbiosis and metabolic disorders promote rheumatoid arthritis progression across successive stages 2022-02-14
Next-generation intranasal Covid-19 vaccine: a polymersome-based protein subunit formulation that provides robust protection against multiple variants of concern and early reduction in viral load of the upper airway ... 2022-02-14
Distinct upper airway epithelium interferon-stimulated and profibrotic gene expression between adult and infant rhesus macaques infected with SARS-CoV-2 2022-02-14
Remodeling of human colon plasma cell repertoire in ulcerative colitis 2022-02-14
Molecular dynamics simulations of the Spike trimeric ectodomain of the SARS-CoV-2 Omicron variant: structural relationships with infectivity, evasion to immune system and transmissibility 2022-02-14
The Yeast Lifespan Machine: a microfluidic platform for automated replicative lifespan measurements 2022-02-14
Spindle reorientation in response to mechanical stress is an emergent property of the spindle positioning mechanisms 2022-02-14
Functional diversity and evolution of the Drosophila sperm proteome 2022-02-14
SMN promotes mitochondrial metabolic maturation during myogenesis by regulating the MYOD-miRNA axis. 2022-02-14
Syncollin secreted by activated human neutrophils targets bacteria 2022-02-14
The integrated stress response remodels the microtubule organizing center to clear unfolded proteins following proteotoxic stress 2022-02-14
Probing protein ubiquitination in live cells 2022-02-14
Optical Control of Membrane Fluidity Modulates Protein Secretion 2022-02-14
Oligodendrocyte-lineage cell exocytosis and L-type prostaglandin D synthase 1 promote oligodendrocyte development and myelination 2022-02-14
FiNN: A toolbox for neurophysiological network analysis 2022-02-14
Glutathione in the nucleus accumbens regulates motivation to exert reward-incentivized effort 2022-02-14
Residual force enhancement within the human quadriceps is greatest during submaximal stretch-hold contractions at a very long muscle length 2022-02-14
A pili-driven bacterial turbine 2022-02-14
In silico drug design of benzothiadiazine derivatives interactingwith bilayer cell membranes 2022-02-14
RNA triplex structures revealed by WAXS-driven MD simulations 2022-02-14
Improved structural variant discovery in hard-to-call regions using sample-specific string detection from accurate long reads 2022-02-14
Getting Personal with Epigenetics: Towards Machine-Learning-Assisted Precision Epigenomics 2022-02-14
Computer vision for assessing species color pattern variation from web-based community science images 2022-02-14
An evolutionarily conserved mechanism for control the translation of long proteins 2022-02-14
An optimized method to infer relatedness up to the 5th degree from low coverage ancient human genomes 2022-02-14
hibayes: An R Package to Fit Individual-Level, Summary-Level and Single-Step Bayesian Regression Models for Genomic Prediction and Genome-Wide Association Studies 2022-02-14
Patterns of item nonresponse behavior to survey questionnaires are systematic and have a genetic basis 2022-02-14
Density dependence generates spatial overdispersion in adult tropical trees 2022-02-14
Conserved basal lamina proteins, laminin and nidogen, are repurposed to organize mechanosensory complexes responsible for touch sensation. 2022-02-14
Intercontinental movement of H5 Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza A(H5N1) to the United States, 2021 2022-02-14
Ghrelin receptor signaling contributes to fasting-induced suppression of conditioned avoidance behavior and neural circuit activation in male rats 2022-02-14
In-vivo estimation of axonal morphology from MRI and EEG data 2022-02-14
Decoding Dynamically Shifting States of Parkinson's Disease: Tremor, Bradykinesia, and Effective Motor Control 2022-02-14
Ventral motor thalamic input to prelimbic cortex, but not to striatum, mediates cost-benefit decision-making in rats 2022-02-14
In vivo calcium imaging identifies functionally and molecularly distinct subsets of tongue-innervating mechanosensory neurons 2022-02-14
Semaphorin 3G exacerbates joint inflammation through the accumulation and proliferation of macrophages in the synovium 2022-02-14
Control of protein-based pattern formation via guiding cues 2022-02-14
Scalable sequence database search using Partitioned Aggregated Bloom Comb-Trees 2022-02-14
WlzWarp: An Open-Source Tool for Complex Alignment of Spatial Data 2022-02-14
Examining clustered somatic mutations with SigProfilerClusters 2022-02-14
Comparative single-cell transcriptional atlases of Babesia species reveal conserved and species-specific expression profiles 2022-02-14
Optimisation-based modelling for drug discovery in malaria 2022-02-14
DILIc: An AI-based classifier to search for Drug-Induced Liver Injury literature 2022-02-14
A Self-attention Graph Convolutional Network for Precision Multi-tumour Early Diagnostics with DNA Methylation Data 2022-02-14
Molecular Characterization in 3D Structure of MicroRNA Expressed in Leprosy 2022-02-14
Characterization of the Interaction of Nanobubble Ultrasound Contrast Agents with Human Blood Components 2022-02-14
Divergence amid recurring gene flow: complex demographic processes during speciation are the growing expectation for forest trees 2022-02-14
Zoogeographic patterns on very small spatial scales in rock-dwellingPlectostoma snails from Borneo(Gastropoda: Caenogastropoda: Diplommatinidae) 2022-02-14
Differential adaptive potential and vulnerability to climate-driven habitat loss in Brazilian mangroves 2022-02-14
The global exposure of species ranges and protected areas to forest management 2022-02-14
Investigating the effect of obesity on adipose-derived stem cells (ASCs) using Gottingen Minipigs 2022-02-14
Neurophysiological Measures Of Auditory Sensory Processing Are Associated With Adaptive Behavior In Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder 2022-02-14
Locomotion-induced gain of visual responses cannot explain visuomotor mismatch responses in layer 2/3 of primary visual cortex 2022-02-14
Xlnc1DCNN: An Explainable Long Non-Coding RNA Identification Tool 2022-02-14
An attempt of using public ambient temperature data in swine genetic evaluation for litter size traits at birth in Japan 2022-02-14
Proprioceptive and visual feedback responses in macaques exploit goal redundancy 2022-02-14
#PeerReview from @ReviewCommons of ???????? A trans-acting long non-coding RNA represses flowering in Arabidopsis 2021-11-16
Distinctiveness and continuity in transcriptome and connectivity in the anterior-posterior axis of the paraventricular nucleus of thalamus 2022-02-14
Historical contingency drives compensatory evolution and rare reversal of phage resistance 2022-02-13
Whole-genome resequencing reveals the population structure, genomic diversity, and demographic history of American chestnut (Castanea dentata) 2022-02-13
A novel Bayesian factor analysis method improves detection of genes and biological processes affected by perturbations in single-cell CRISPR screening 2022-02-13
Improved Metagenomic Binning with Transformers 2022-02-13
Multi-modal single-cell and whole-genome sequencing of minute, frozen specimens to propel clinical applications 2022-02-13
Genetic analysis of C. elegans Haspin-like genes shows that hasp-1 plays multiple roles in the germline 2022-02-13
Strength of stabilizing selection on the amino-acid sequence is associated with the amount of non-additive variance in gene expression. 2022-02-13
Reversions to consensus are positively selected in HIV-1 and bias substitution rate estimates 2022-02-13
Speciation in Nearctic oak gall wasps is frequently correlated with changes in host plant, host organ, or both. 2022-02-13
Cross-modality Synthesis of EM Time Series and Live Fluorescence Imaging 2022-02-13
Relevance study of vector competence and insecticide resistance in Aedes aegypti laboratory lines 2022-02-13
Bacterial outer-membrane polysaccharide export (OPX) proteins occupy three structural classes with selective β-barrel porin requirements for polymer secretion 2022-02-12
Fitness costs of pfhrp2 and pfhrp3 deletions underlying diagnostic evasion in malaria parasites 2022-02-12
Discovery of Flaviviridae-derived endogenous viral elements in shrew genomes provide novel insights into Pestivirus ancient history 2022-02-12
The evolution of colistin resistance increases bacterial resistance to host antimicrobial peptides and virulence 2022-02-12